Date: 8/29/2002


By all counts and logic and the entire weigth of history, amarinder singh, affectionately called maharaja by his ignornat and compliant subjects, ought to have raised the awareness of his people on the significance of the nation's defeat in 1947 and the surrenders of lAHORE, NANKANA SAHIB and the whole of West Punjab to the Muslim predators, and raisedd the flag of independende.

More so, upon seeing the Dignity of Hindu nation go under the foot of a MOHAMMEDAN Supreme Commander and the Destiny of India go under the foot of an imported female from ITALY.

And even more se upon seeing the collapse of all the Rama Bhagtas in AYODHYA where they cannot even stand up to breathe.

Instead, he is among the most loyal "dogs" of ITALIAN BORN Sonia Gandhi who in reality is Sonia KHAN.

But who is to teach the present chief minister of EAST PUNJAB history that he could project into the future? None except his own final end on earth like that of his Gurus, Arjan Dev and Tegh Bahadur ji.

When will he realise that the present lull in the centuries old war between the Hindus and ht Muslims in India is temporary and the battle has to mve on beyond the dispute over Kashmsir and the temple in AYODHYA.