Date: 8/29/2002


The worst mohammedan is the Punjabi "Pig".

He is proud of his "Islam from Arabia" but ask the Arabs if one would like to see his daughter marry a "HINDU" as all the Pakistani and BOGUSdeshi Muslims are called in Arabia.

Those post graduates of Punjab University in Lahore, who went to the Land of Rasulallah, were given a broom to sweep the roads or serve the guests in hotels and restaurants. They did not find their paradise in Arabia where the proud Arabs have it all to themselves. PROUD PAKISTANIS TO THEM ARE LIKE THE PROUD INDIANS SERVING THE BRITISH DURING THE RAJ.

The Arabs defend Islam like none else on earth. It is because Islam is NATIVE to Arabia. No copy of Bible, Granth or Gita is allowed in the kingdom.

We cannot have anything against it. Can we? One can do what one likes in his own home. Why should the Arabs, who are so proud of Islam, let it be diluted by an army of missionaries as one sees in Eastern Europe these days or hordes of swamis, pandits and preachers from India as we see in the United States and Europe?

But who was to tell them of the greatest martyr of Punjab itself, Guru Arjan Dev ji, or of the greatest patriot and secular soldier, Bhagat Singh Shaheed, or about the Martyr of Multan who sacrificed his life defending Secularism in 1947?

It was the job of the Indian rulers and the Sikh leaders of the past and today.

But the COWARDLY HINDUS AND SIKHS did not spare a thought to their own EXTERMINATION in Lahore in 1947, and the army attack on Golden Temple in 1984.

In the meantime, the WORST MUSLIM ON EARTH is not allowed to pray to God, One God, in the language of his own noble PANJABI SPEAKING mother. Nor can she sit beside him under the same roof while he is at prayer.

The fool is thirsting for spiritual peace which the KORAN cannot provide. IT IS A BOOK OF THE ARABS, FOR THE ARABS, AND IN ARABIC.