Date: 8/29/2002


Get out of the way of Gujarat and let the state progress by leaps and bounds.

Get out of the way of Maharashtra, that is a grand name for the "coolies" who must accept a PC Alexander as GOVERNOR and must consider themselves inferior to HOLLAND OR BELGIUM that can fly a sovereign flag.

Get out of the way of West Bengal who under Delhi's intimidation must accept millions of illegal immigrants from BOGUSdesh.

Get out of the way of EAST Punjab which is not less than Austria in size with double the number of inhabitants who regard themselves half as virile and good. Why should their defence be in the hands of a minister from Karnataka or Kerala or a SUPREME COMMANDER who prays to MECCA?

What have the two in common except slavery under the British and delhi?

Get out of the way of Karnataka, you rogues in Delhi. Let the Head of State of Karnataka sit at United Nations along side the men from Malaysia and EAST Bengal.

What is so special or dignified about the Lebanese, the Iraki or the Malaysian that the man of Karnataka does not have?

The rogues of Delhi signed off the surrender of Sindh to the devils without laying down a single condition. THEY DO NOT WISH THE NATION TO EVEN RECALL THAT DEFEAT.

The rogues of Delhi are crushing the Kashmiris without realizing that they must go by the same criterion that let Lahore escape the dedcomposing stinking Hindustan.

Get out of Orissa where the people can not even dream of the status enjoyed by the people of Mexico. What is so special about Mexico whose representative stits at UN while the head of Orissa sits at the feet of Sonia Khan.