Date: 8/29/2002


Wed 21 Aug 2002

The cricket players in India are on strike in protest against limiting their income.

Why do they want the cricketers, who bring laurels to the country's name, to be adversely affected?

Look at Imran KHAN, the cricket player of Pakistan. What restriction was there on HIS income? He not only brought home millions to found a hospital in his mothe's memory but also a billionaire's daughter to enrich himself and his country.

But in India the native "cooiies, serfs and slaves" have different fate simply because the country is still nominally Hindu.

Even a MOHAMMEDAN President of this POST PARTITION sheep called India does not help since the rulers wish to see the ISLAMIC flag over Red Fort and the Cross over the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The Hindu is receding fast on his shrinking patch. Out of that "patch", Sindh and EAST Bengal are now out and Nepal vanishging.

Why this crippling curb and demoralising check on the cricketers' earnings? Will someone post the reasons on this web site? Till we hear to the contrary, the impression is gathering ground that a certain ghost of Sita Ram Kesri, Sonia's servant, may have seen a criketer entering a mandir.

People of India are gagged and too intimidated to enquire if there is any restriction on how much cash can flow in to the coffers of RAJIV GANDHI ("BOFORS CHOR") FOUNDATION.


There is a precedence but where the memory cells of a nation are equal to those in a mosquito's head, people forget things in days. None can recall PARTITION, or the EMERGENCY or even the nationalsing of the banks by Indira KHANUM.

She nationalsied all the banks when she saw one, PUNJAB & SIND BANK, making spectacular progress under its Sikh General Managaer.

That was like a FIRE BOMB up Indira's bottom, and she ordered all assets to be seized or frozen and placed at the disposal of her government. In her government there was not one "hijda" who could object.

How many objections were heard AGAINST Abdul Kalam, the Mohammedan President, recently, though the country has still to INTERN, EXPEL OR EXECUTE every Muslims for the HIGH TREASON of attacking India in 1947 and leaving her in three fragments.

Indian "sheep's" behaviour is uniquely suicidal. How may NAZIS can one see roaming free in Germany today, leave aside one who could aspire to be the PRESIDENT OF GERMANY?