Date: 8/29/2002


On the day of PARTITION of India, that was tentamount to inflicting a most devastating and crushing DEFEAT by the INDIGENOUS Muslims on the land of their birth, and her Secularism, the constitutional experts in the fragment still deceptively called "India" had to declare the Muslims ALIENS, if not ENEMIES.

But it is now clear that just as Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru was either bought over by the British and the Muslim League, or was too eager to grab the power as the Prime Minister, the attention of the nation was completely diverted from PARTITIKON and focused on "independence".

The people of India were either Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Sikh.

The Sikhs were crused OUTRIGHT, and their leadership wiped out within weeks of Partition.

The Buddhists were too scattered, and few, to show any sign of patriotism. They remained silent and effortlessly went under the JACKBOOT of Islam in areas like Chitrreal, Gilgit, Balitstan and Chitagong.

The Chrfistian had NO heart in a united India. Their views were the same as those of the British masters. Most of them, being a privileged minority, had better jobs and status than the downtrodden native Hindus who existed at the level of animals.

The Christians, many falling in the categfory of ANGLO INDIANS due to mixed marriages and rape and abduction by the European soldiers and civil servants of the past many decades, were assured of their physical safety on both sides of the newly created lethal frontier, the great ideological separator, which was shovelling off millions of mutilated, maimed, looted, plundered, penniless dishevelled and bedraggled natives this and that side of the border.

The Muslims were jubilant. They were the lucky cocks. The expression Global Islam which is now commonly understrand and feared due to their devastating attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, was first realised by the wretched Hindus of Hindustan.

They say how the Muslims ACROSS THE SUB CONTINENT had united to decimate the Hindus and exterminate the Sikhs in areas which suddenly became East Pakistan and West Pakistan out of nowhere.

They felt their POWER surge across their veins and celebrtated more the defeat and degradation of the Hindus than the birth of Pakistan.

A prophecy in Koran was being fulfilled and no Muislim on earth could mourn the death of Seculairsm, shrinkage of Indian territory or defceat of the Hindus.

Even today (2002) there is NO Muslim voice anywhere on earth that is in favour of uniting the divided nad bleeding India which is in reeal chaos due to that bogus partition that left KASHMIR and over a hundred million Muslims in HINDU India.

Lastly we have the Hindus. They are so cowardly even today that they shrink from the phrase "HINDU India" despite Partition. They are reconciled to disgrace and degradation and fear that using the phrase will annoy, anger nad infuriate the Muslims still living in Inda who in realy have no business to be in India at all.

The biggest cover and protection to the treacherous Muslims is the Hindu silence over Partition. This denial of defeat by the Hindus themselves suits the Muslims most who are left undisturbed to relish the creation of an ISLAMIC republic in South Asia which is the size of half Europe.

Having looked at the communities and the peoples that form today's India one can be certain that the MAJORITGY COMMUNITY is too intimidated, terrorised and ruined to be a factor worth considering.

None will mention Partition. The Muslim President today is also the MOHAMMEDAN SUPREME COMMANDER OF INDIA'S ARMED FORCES. THEY ARE DOOMED.

Who would like to bet on the survival of the clueless slaves called the Hindus, or the simpleton "nishkam sewaks" called the Sikhs in PISS (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE)? No wonder all the FARSEEING Hindus are packing off to America and Europe, Australia or Canada.