Date: 8/29/2002


.............Is George Bush the only man who knows?


Is "Lebensraum" now getting "eng" for the followers of Islam?

Muslims have increased disproportionately with an OPEN agenda to spread across the world creating Islamic republics all over, one after the other, demolishing civilisations like the two WTC towers in New York in September last, and without any regret or remorse.

Since they concentrated on REPRODUCTION and CONVERSION, they failed to do any education and construction.

Give them a beautiful country like Afghanistan that could have rivalled Switzerland in beauty and affluence by now, and then see it destroyed inch by inch by great Mujahideen and see it go submerged under DRUG CULTURE.

Constant warfare among themselves is forcing millions of Mohammedan males to flee in all directions, leaving their wives and daughters behind.

Thus the scope of seducing the others' wives and daughters is immensely great and alluring, a gift from Allah. But it is alarming to the rest of us who take girls from own communities but NEVER a Muslim female.

Within a few years, their numbers have swollen on all continents since their offspring carry the same ideological baggage and RELIGION across the globe.

The new country of adoption, or domicile, is immediately put on a SELF DESTRUCT path by the newcomers whose Belief, Ideology and spiritual aspirations are in conflict with those of the secular and tolerant host society. It starts "evolving" differently. On the day Pakistan was born there was no difference between life in Karachi and Bombay, Lahore and Amritsar, or Dacca and Calcutta. Today these cities are poles apart, having evolved differently. The former have acquired a different culture through feudalism, separatism, kidnapping, hijacking, intimidation and assassinations and have reverted to the 'ways of life' of Arabia in the 7th century AD. One will hardly see a woman's face in the bazaars and city squares. Economy has gravitated towards drugs, crime, gun culture and sex trade. Western tourists fear the fate of Daniel Pearl and congregations in churches fear for life.

Different people from different backgrounds and beliefs bring a different culture and way of life. Sometimes it is startling to the host communities who are not the same as their own "political correct" transient governments.

Local laws stand in conflict with the Islamic Law of the newcomers, e.g., two or more wives and marriage with minor girls. In bars and discos not one Muslim female is to be seen where Muslim men flirt with non Muslim girls. Sometimes these innocent souls pay a very heavy price for their ignorance like the Dutch girl Marguerite Van Campenhaut, 24, who was relentlessly pursued by an Albanian and eventually killed at Euston Tube station in London. Newspapers do not go on to explain the dire need of the asylum seekers to marry a EU citizen in order to avoid deportation. They also would not say that the killer was a Muslim of Turkish origin from Albania who was keen on a Dutch Christian girl in preference to all the girls in his own native Albania. Occasionally we come to know of these foreigners kidnapping their British born children, leaving their mothers distraught. They have to spend a fortune to travel to those alien worlds, where a woman's face is not to be seen in public, in order to bring the children home, often unsuccessfully.

The host community also gets a shock reading news headlines like, "Muslims defend Saddam", or "Muslim radicals in Britain issue 'holy war' warning."

Warning to whom? It is not to the rulers back home whose policies made them flee to these foreign shores, but to the decent and gentle British people, me included, who are paying for the upkeep and well being of most of them!

How many of them? That is a well guarded secret known to the government alone. We can guess by the headline on one day, "10,000 asylum seekers allowed to disappear". (The Daily Telegraph, August 11, 2002, page 11).

"More than 10,000 asylum seekers who were sent to a detention centre set up to deport unfounded claimants have been sent back into the community despite having their applications rejected." Please read that again. Ten thousand, may we say, 99% Muslim, who were meant to be sent back to their ISLAMIC countries have been allowed to vanish among the British people!

Now which reporter is going to note down their addresses to see the number of children they will produce from British wives in ten years' time who will be going to mosques to read Arabic and Koran?

Can we blame any native whose grandfather fought in two World Wars to save democracy in this country now resigned to see people who do not believe in democracy and secularism but issue warnings of holy war and pledge to defend Saddam?

Some do worry about the future of this multicultural Britain. Since no one has heard of a Sikh fundamentalist or a Hindu terrorist in Britain, we may conclude that the prefix "multi" in "multicultural" only means Islamic.

We all ought to question such multi-culture, if life in London might eventually resemble that in Lahore.

Given the immense funding and the petro dollars at their disposal, the separatist Muslims can prove in any court of law that they are secular. Due to their economic muscle, western government are making concessions and "towing their line". They have highly paid and well qualified legal experts to prove that sending an illegal immigrant to his own ISLAMIC republic is like sending him to Hell.

One needs to read the arguments advanced by the Muslims from Albania to Bangladesh to gain the right of stay in a Christian country.

The insular and safe British people have never had to confront such issues at home. But I believe that it is time to take interest in the newcomers to see what kind of societies they are fleeing. The bet is that they will recreate the same kind here, too, if given a free hand or pampered for the sake of "political correctness". We are not all millionaires in Britain. Not everyone lives in a bungalow. There are those living in council flats and there are a lot of poor pensioners who desperately need a rise in their meagre incomes. Having fellow citizens who can explode bombs in streets, take on the police, attack churches and the old, hijack planes, warn the government against supporting American action in Irak and shout slogans in support of Bin Laden is like living in a nightmare.

What do the vast majority of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in this country, fleeing landsd as far afield as Bangladesh, Turkey, Albania, Irak, Afghanistan and Iran have in common? ISLAM.

Most noticeable among them perhaps are the Pakistanis. In 1947 the best and the most fertile part of India was carved out to create the new Islamic republic. It was visualised at that time that, given the wealth of natural resources, Pakistan would rival Italy in prosperity within 40 years. But it turned out to be a disaster. Pakistan was no Germany or Japan to rise above the dust to become a prosperous country.

So, let us ask, "Why are millions of them fleeing a country that could be ten times more prosperous than Austria or the Czech Republic?" The answer: intolerant Islam and rejection of secularism as we see from bombing of churches, murder of Daniel Pearl, support for Bin Laden and lurch towards fundamentalism that produced the Taliban.

No Pakistani elder, who took part in the struggle to create that new State out of nothing in 1947, can happily say today, "Islamic Pakistan is like the paradise on earth". Does anyone wish to escape from heaven?

The real answer is, "LEBENSRAUM is getting very "ENG" for the Muslims all over the world. In a way the world is back to 1939 when the Germans found their "Lebensraum" very "eng", and lashed out in all directions.

For the same reason boats, planes, trains, and even container lorries are bringing in the new "invaders". If we can think, and if we are free, and if we are educated, then we don't need the government to feed us with their version as they do in the Islamic republics.

Now it may not seem like the NAZI invasion of Europe and Russia since the cowardly, and opportunist "democratic" governments in the West are not telling us of the growing number of Muslims, many of whom neither believe in Secularism nor Democracy but in seduction, abduction, conversion and REPRODUCTION.

Who will pay the price of this ongoing demographic change? Our great grandchildren, of course, if they have not converted to Islam in the meantime. There is every likelihood that they will witness the same fate of London what befell LAHORE in 1947.

THEY NEED LEBENSRAUM. So, unhindered, they are heading for soft targets like the Christian West. But in their own Islamic havens the devil of Intolerance does not wish to see a single church or temple. What they are doing to churches and congregations in Pakistan, Sudan and the Philippines, is a pointer to the future of mankind where Islam boasts of being global.

The sad fact is that EVERY ISLAMIC REPUBLIC IS BURSTING AT THE SEAMS and they need "Lebensraum". Global Islam which claims to be a solid monolith, might be getting ready to do what Nazi Germany did despite some very good Nazis who were living in Germany at the time.

Is George Bush the only man on earth who knows?