Date: 9/2/2002


Tomorrow is the 3rd of September, 2002, the day World War 2 started in 1939 when a fundamentalist SEPARATIST and DIVISIVE "BUTCHER OF THE WORLD" AND HIS RULING NAZI PARTY in Germnay attacked the free world.

That war ended in 1945 with the loss of FIFTY MILLION HUMAN LIVES.

Two years later another version of that NAZI PARTY, he SEPARATIST, DIVISIVE Muslims of India attacked the free society in order to create the new State of PAKISTAN where they could exterminate the minorities in order to please their bloodthirsty uncouth and savage Allah.

It is remarkable to note the SUPERIORITY of the European race and the INFERIORITY of the Indian race at the same time.

In the case of Germany, the whole world rallied around and united to defeat Germany.

In the case of INDIA, the country completely collapsed and lay in dust for the Muslim "BUTCHERS" to cut and chop her as they pleased.

Thus West Punjab went to Islam but Assam came to India after losing the disctrict of Sylhet.

East Punjab came to India while Chitragong and Chitral went to the Islamic devils.

There is another observation to be made. Those lucky INDIANS who happen to be living in the UK and the USA can see the media involvement with the forthcoming anniversary of SEPTEMBER 11 attack in New York.

Several documeatary and feature films are being made and several books will come out shortly while the newspapers are full of accounts of that day.

In India there is an official blackout on the news of PARTITION.

A single city like LAHORE was the equivalent of a THOUSAND TOWERS like those WTC towers in New York, but not a word from ABDUL KALAM, the Moahmmedan, who should be interned or KICKED OUT, if not KILLED, as per ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947.

That is the difference between the American "MEN" and the INDIAN "MICE".

One would like to SALUTE George Bush on the one hand but SPIT ON THE HEAD OF ABDUL KALAM on the other.

The INDIAN Musalman is not going to encourage even the slightest news of Partition that went to the advantage of the separatist, divisive MUSLIMS.

Coming to THINK of it, there are a mere 350 million Americans as compared to over a BILLION Indians. Yet in guts and PATRIOTISM the latter are no better than the sheep that can be driven from one pen to another, from Lahore to Amritsar, from Karachi to Delhi, from Dhaka to Calcutta (call it by its original name "KAALA-KUTTA" since you don't recall that Dhaka was once in INDIA.)