Date: 9/6/2002


Dear Channel 4,

I watched your film "ONE YEAR ON: THROUGH MUSLIM EYES" at 7.30 p.m. today, Friday 6 Sep 02.

I think it was totally biased against Israel. It was very unfair.

Here are some DANGEROUSLY FIXED AND DEEP FROZEN fallacies in the Muslim psyche.

The statement that "Attack against one Muslim is attack against all Muslims," is sheer nonsense. It is an expression of extreme HATRED of the entire non Muslim world. Please note, "ONLY NON MUSLIMS WORLD" that is secular, tolerant and civilised.

General Yahya Khan's troops raped Muslim women and killed Muslim men in EAST Pakistan LIKE FLIES (1971-72). I do not recall any Muslim in Sudan perturbed over it.

The Taliban whipped MUSLIM women in the open bazars. I do not recall any Mullah in Indonesia condemning them for that.

Iraq invaded IRAN in 1979. Do we recall any Muslim perturbed in Bangladesh?

Israel is a tiny state as compared to the earth surface under Mohammed's flags. How is it that the PLO cannot be absorbed by a much larger Islamic republic to end the slaughter and dispute?

Let us not forget that the MOHAMMEDANS forced 15 MILLION non Muslims out of their homes in West Pakistan and East Pakistan in 1947. There is no news about that!

Could we expect Channel 4 to make a documentary on the grand EXODUS in South Asia in 1947?

Then the Muslims killed over ONE MILLION non Muslims. How does THAT compare to the few thousand killed in Bosnia or Israel?

If the whole world expects India to RECOGNISE Pakistan and Bangladesh, why can't we also expect the Muslims to recognise Israel? At least Israel is a civilised democracy!

There can at least be one Jewish State if we do not object to 42 ISLAMIC REPUBLICS.

When could we expect the UNO to declare each and every Islamic republic in violation of its own Charter of Human Rights? May we know what right does a NON Muslim have in an Islamic repubic?

We need to recall the rights ot the HINDUS under the ISLAMIC Taliban. We do not recall any Muslim perturbed in the United States or the United Kingdom.

The narrator moaned the difficulty he had in visting Al Aqsa mosque. Now let us be fair. Firstly it was a Jewish Temple demolished and no Muslims even says "SORRY" about it. Secondly how many Muslims are perturbed over the SIMILAR shame and disgrace of a Sikh trying to visit the birthplace of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh Faith?

That Sikh holy city (no less holy to the Sikhs than Mecca is to the self-righteous savage Muslims!) was surrendered to the Muslims in 1947 without laying down even one conditon. We ought to note that Mohammed or any of his family members NEVER set foot on the Punjab. Yet more than half of that State is under his provocative flag today. Which Muslim in Nigeria is upset over the death of secularism or extermination of all the Hindus in WEST Punjab in 1947?

That the Muslims have slaughtered MILLIONS of Christians and the others in the past centuries, there is no doubt. But what is not realized is the fact that the Muslims have slaughtered ONE BILLION HINDUS on this earth.

The Hindu, who can say today, "That partition was a bogus imposition of Islam on Lahore and EAST Bengal without referendum or fight," is the one still living. The rest have been "KILLED" by the Sword of Islam.

.............A terrified Hindu is a DEAD Hindu.

Thus there are ONE BILLION MOVING CORPSES on earth today, that is, all the Hindus who, today, submit to the unprovoked, sudden and unwarranted MUSLIM ATTACK ON THEIR SECULAR INDIA IN 1947.

Even the President of India, one ABDUL KALAM, a Mussalmaan-Beimaan-Shaitaan (to appease the Muslim OVERLORDS of PARTITIONED INDIA) and Prime Minister Vajpayee ACCEPT the unconditional surrender at Partition, and RECOGNISE the illegitimate State of Pakistan that was founded upon the dead bodies of the non Muslim victims who were either EXTERMINATED (SOME ETHNIC CLEANSING!) or EXPELLED.

Dear Channel 4, now kindly let another documentary project the Truth about the "hurt feelings" of the NON MUSLIMS, since the Muslims have LETHALLY WOUNDED THE WHOLE HUMANITY.

There is also a bold and truthful need to tell the people right here in your own UNITED Kingdom (How long will she remain "united"?) of the RISE IN MUSLIM NUMBERS since 1970.

The over confident Britisih need not be surprised as in 1939, or like the sleepy Hindus in 1947, even like the Americans on September 11 last.

Dear Channel 4 Television, does anyone in your grand studios know what happens to a country when its Muslims cross the 50% limit? Please go and prepare a documentary on the FIRES THAT BURNT DOWN THE GRAND CITY OF LAHORE, THE CAPITAL OF THE UNITED PUNJAB, IN 1947.