Date: 9/6/2002


Times are changing. Hundreds of muslims have realised the true political intentions of 'Islam' and are trying to expose the intolerant teachings of Quran.

Their number is increasing at a steady rate. Dr. Ali Sina, Syed Kamran Mirza, Dr.Abul Kasem, Adnan Khalid, Taslima Nasrin are some of the names I can remember.

Some of them, although born in Islamic faith, are supporting Hindus in a big way. Shoiab Nasir, Raqta, Haleem, Baghya Bharati are some of the people I can think of, who are inspiring hindus in this forum everyday. Jenny, Robin Macarthur although born in the christian fold, are writing here encouraging Hindus.

When I am sick and tired of the back stabbing hindus, these wonderful people always give me the solace and encouragement. All these people love hindus, so, support hinduism(Except Haleem who likes Hinduism, so, supports Hindus). Kuruji, Please encourage them. As a hindu, we should see all the people irrespective of religious background, as a human being first. Like I said, the times are changing, Hindus are not going to take injustices lying down as happened in 1947.

The second Dr.Abdul Kalam touched 'Srimad Baghavad Gita' with reverence, he ceased to be a Mohammadean. He also Read Gita, and recommends all to read Gita. He is an undecleared 'Apostate'. Abdul Kalam's presidency, must have swayed atleast few million 'rational thinking' muslims towards the strengthening of Bharat. It certainly shut the western media's propagandas against hindus. They stopped calling India as a 'Hindu Majority' country. I personally welcome Dr.Abdul Kalam as a president of Bharat- Because he is more hindu at heart than many back stabbing hindus 'by birth'.



You have given a very logical comment and we respect it a lot. We also respect the Indian Muslims who are now seeing the value of Secularism though many of them still prefer to remain Muslim so that their offspring might have the choice of staying secular, neutral or even join the anti Hindu war at some time in the future. Among the murdering, looting, raping and rampaging Muslims of 1947, surely there were many whose great great great grandmother was one of the HINDU Rajput princesses conceded to Emperor Akbar to placate him. And may one ask, "Where have THESE good Muslims come from?"

However the love of Hinduism that these Muslims are showing is not the point in issue for us. We are waiting for ONE of them to speak up for the BREAK UP OF PAKISTAN so that India reverts to her original frontiers that Gandhi called Akhand Bharat.

Having a Muslim President can be consolation to the Hindus but to the Muslims he can be a FLAG, a cover, a shelter, even a factor of great safety and encouragement.

While praising Hinduism (that EVERYONE EXPECTS of him) he has not said a word against Islam (that must reassure the 120 million Muslims in Broken Bharat).

He can praise Hinduism all his life, THAT IS NOT MUCH OF TOIL OR HARD WORK FOR THE HUGE SALARY AND LIFE OF LUXURY HE GETS, but one word against Islam will cost him his life.

There are 120 million potential suicide bombers in Hindustan, if India is not on a distant star.

We know his mind. If there is Green Flag over Red Fort, he will be allowed to retire in luxury. But if he converts to Hinduism, his end will be that of Prithvi Raj Chohan or Banda Bairagi. So, he is a clever guy. Only we need our own heads to be examined.

Abdul Kalam sees the Muslims as the ultimate masters of Hindustan. Hence he will stick to his Mohammedan name and be known as a Muslim, NOT AS A HINDU. He perceives Hinduism to be "leprosy" just like Sonia Gandhi, another TOP leader who will not touch Hinduism with a barge pole but praise it sky high.

We Hindus do not comprehend the need of IMAGE since we do not have any. News of repeated disasters and massacres (not only in South Kashmir, Fiji, Uganda, East Bengal and South Kashmir) leave nothing of Hindu IMAGE.

Having a Muslim president, however nominal, is very bad for Hindu image.

What's there in a name? Abdul Kalam or VIRENDRA GUPTA OR AMAR SINGH, or George Verghese, there is a vast difference of what message the very name can convey. That is why MADRAS is CHENNAI today.

We are waiting for at least ONE of them to say, "That Partition must be undone." But at present even the Hindus do not dare to say so. So we can only marvel at the Muslims making a fool of us in broad daylight.

It is amazing Abdul Kalam is MORE Hindu than most but he will not say, "I embrace Hinduism."

That is HIS victory and OUR defeat. And of course, we Hindus have to make our defeat AS SWEET AS WE CAN.

Even if by the faintest definition he is a Muslim, then as per "ACT OF PARTITION, 1947," he MUST BE EITHER INTERNED, EXPELLED, CONVERTED OR EXTERMINATED.

That Act was NOT ambiguous in dividing India into HINDU INDIA and MUSLIM INDIA. There is thus no need for us to turn our INDIA into MONGREL INDIA where Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam can order his HINDU troops to shoot dead thousands of Hindu Ram Bhaktas trying to resurrect their Sri Ram Temple.

Abdul Kalam knows his Mecca is safe from the shadow of a Hindu.

He is the man who AS PRESIDENT sends out ambassadors. Please look out when he sends a HINDU as ambassador to Riyadh where a Hindu is a "nigger" or a "dog". So, why should Abdul Kalam join our INFERIOR Hindu ranks?

This is no more cruel a thought or statement than the ACTUAL extermination or Lahore and a thousand other towns and cities from the map of India.

Finally it is not Abdul Kalam who will say "AKHAND BHARAT AMAR RAHE". He is most reconciled to a reduced PARTITIONED India with broken backbone and bleeding body.

It is WE. And we shall continue to do this duty towards Akhand Bharat VISIBLY and from any PUBLIC PLATFORM as long as we live.

This website <> is visible to the WHOLE WORLD including Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan who make a fool of Hindus, consider us INFERIOR and fatten themselves and strengthen their own Faiths and Ideologies at the cost of simple Hindus.

India is not negotiable nor an object of discussion. Her defence is not for the faint hearted "HIJDA HINDU CHICKENS".

Her frontiers in 1947 were clear. She was attacked. We were DEFEATED and we have "lumped" it. We need to ask, "WHY?"

Now we need to COUNTER ATTACK and inflict defeat on Islam. How do we do it?

Abdul Kalam is not on our side. Nor is he on India's.

He is saving the skin of his fellow Muslims who must face retribution for the HIGH TREASON of Partition. In a country where the Hindu/Muslim divide is most clear, Abdul Kalam in on the side of the MUSLIMS.

As a MUSLIM, however nominal, and since he has NOT discarded his separatist KORAN, he is the ideological ENEMY of Hindus, and an EXTREMELY CLEVER one, too.

We cannot be among those who became sworn secular only after the surrender of Lahore. To us Secularism to be valid in Delhi HAS TO BE ENFORCED IN LAHORE. Where does Abdul Kalam appear in this logic? He is irrelevant to the very idea. So is he to the Hindus and their Hindustan.

We hope I shall INSPIRE one more, and then we shall inspire two more, and so on, and taking these "good" Muslims along, we intend to make it a STORM that will carry away Pakistan and BOGUSdesh (the unnoticeable rock of ISLAMIC granite between decomposing Hindu India and the soft Buddhist world to the east) off to oblivion.

That is the vision. If they could break India, we can surely MAKE it like the Temple in Ayodhya. NO HINDU can look up to ABDUL KALAM to support this idea or the idea of Akhand Bharat to bring peace to the soul of Mahatma Gandhi that is ON FIRE in Hell due to his cowardice in 1947.

When he had to overlook all the Abdul Kalams, and give a call to RESIST THE "BULLIES AND BASTARDS", he collapsed and saw the frontiers of his India cut and chopped.

What did Abdul Kalam, or his father, do then? We ought to look beyond the smoke screens of "good Muslims". That is how the Hindus have PERISHED in the past. OUR FUTRUE IS OUR PAST.