Date: 9/7/2002



". . . . I know you are carrying a very deep scar perpetrated by fanatic muslims (Partition). It is absolutely hard to console (sic) you with empty words. I am not even attempting anything like that. ("Empty words"? Where is the ACTION?)


Dear friend,

That "deep scar" is not only the blight of one. It ought to have been the tragedy felt by ONE BILLION more if we claim to be a nation.

Today we are fortunate to be seeing the blight of those two towers being FELT and SHARED by the whole Western World. If you are fortunate to be in the USA or the UK, you can feel the whole body, with the rulers, the media and the PEOPLE all included, heave powerfully in a solidly UNITED view of September 11.

On August 15, 1947, the equivalent of ONE BILLION WTC towers came down crashing- from Khyber to Chittagon. Today the Hindu nation does not even recall the blight.

The reason behind Abdul Kalam's appointment is POLITICAL. It is a VULGAR joke over which the nation laughs instead of crying.

It is indicative of the COLLPSE of the mainstream, majority community, the HINDUS.

The idea in simple terms for the Hindu "infants" (with a moron's IQ) is this: "This is the man who made the BOMB. So Pakistan will be afraid and keep off Kashmir. The world will put a seal of approval on our Secularism. So our image and ECONOMY will not suffer, and so on.

We must take the world for fools to go along with this.

The reality is that the President has to be a man or WOMAN, preferably with a spouse of great dignity, who spent DECADES in public service and social uplift, and showed marked PATRIOTISM all his life.

With regard to the nightmare of Pakistani bomb, the fact is that it is just a nightmare not a reality. Otherwise America would have concentrated on it rather than on Irak. We all know that Islamic militancy flows like petrol across frontiers. The Pakistani bomb can be used against Israel or India as easily as the Iraki. Let us not fool ourselves into believing that the Paki bomb is only meant for Delhi. Don't we see Bangladeshi "warriors" turning up from Chechnya to Afghanistan and Kashmir?

With regard to the Indian bomb, rest assured, that all the secrets are already with Pakistan via America, or directly vis the Islamic link, and even the trigger may be in the hand of Gen. Musharraf. The joke of Indian " top secrets" is also with Italy through its glorious daugher, Sonia Gandhi. Who could object if we lull ourselves into deep sleep over such matters?

The Hindus being APOLIICAL (but highly spiritual) creatures, some might be yawning right now, reading thus far.

I cannot understand the concept of "defence" in the Hindu nation that does not dare to stand up in AYODHYA or repudiate Partition. Guts are missing from the whole collective body though any smart Hindu can prove that the crow is a swan.

With regard to the "First War of Independence" in 1857, we are repeating the ISLAMIC line.

It was the MUSLIMS; "War of Independence" agains the British who threatened to put an end to their Mogul Empire. They hoped and aspired to REVIVE that empire, unknown to the Hindus. The Hindus have always lived in ignorance. So it is no surprise that they thought then that the Muslims were with them!

The soldiers of the EAST India Company who revolted and their Hindu "camp followers", simply did the Islamic bidding at that time. There was NO announcement by any Hindu stalwart, general or chief then, that the final aim was the REMOVAL of the MOHAMMDEAN EMPEROR, Bahadur Shah Zafar.

All the Muslims in India were solidly behind him. Had that MUTINY succeeded, the Muslims would have gone for the throats of the Hindus to strengthen the MOGUL (MUSLIM) rule. There would have been a bloodbath much bigger than the one in 1947 since at that time it would have engulfed the whole of northern India.

The Hindu has NO concept of "WAR" of Independence if he still calls PARTITION "Independence". The Hindus' war of independence is not even in the conception stage yet.

It will come with the first announcement of the final GOAL OF establishing a "HINDU RASHTRA" in view of PARTITION. At present the Hindu, again doing the MUSLIM BIDDING, has swept the word "Partition" under the carpet to please Abdul Kalam.

Once that goal is declared by the leaders of the Hindu mainstream, the Hindu MAJORITY community in public, we will see the FIREWORKS, the same that would have engulfed the Hindus had that mutiny succeeded in 1857.

Those fireworks are still silent since the Hindus are doing the MUSLIMS' bidding.

North Kashmir is not disputed any more. India does not challenge that bogus Act of Partition which was simply a license to hand over one third of her area to ISLAM, and watch the extermination of Hindus in Pakistan.

India, a secular State, recognises ISLAMIC flags over Lahore and Dhaka.

India has killed off any aspiration to insist on that "Akhand Bharat" for which many patriots sacrificed their lives.

India will not give the muscle and resource to her native Hindu religion that both Islamic states on either side spend on their foreign imported Islam and pour the huge surplus into the mosques in India.

India watches Hindu hands tied behind their backs while Islamic zealots and Christian missionaries go on converting the Hindus, weakening the main stem further.

The Hindus are satisfied that No. 1 Woman in their land is an Italian born Catholic. "Thank God," so the sigh from the terrified Hindu soul, "she is neither Indian nor Hindu."

It is the sigh of relief from the barely breathing Hindu body, mutilated and tied to floor like Gulliver in Liliput, that repeats the sigh, "Thank God, we have a MUSLIM President. It guarantees our safety."

Hindus do not have the courage to put down names like Lord Krishna, Guru Gobind Singh and NANAK SINGH ("MARTYR OF MULTAN" who gave a spirited call to the nation to RESIST partition at all costs) in their Constitution that emerged as the biggest champion of Secularism.

But like the "King is naked!", this Secularism was suddenly discovered ONLY AFTER THE SURRENDER OF LAHORE and Sylhet!

Real and genuine Secularism called for ITS DEFENCE in Lahore, Chitral and Chittagong, the areas we had to surrender UNCONDITIONALLY.

C.f.l. is the final frontier between North and South Kashmir. Hindus are not returing to South Kashmir. There is NO backing for "Sri Ram Temple" in Ayodhya, NO demand to get Nankana Sahib back in Bharat and NO voice for conferring the same SOVEREIGN status to the City of Mathura that The Vatican enjoys in Italy, and, last but not the least, the President is a MOHAMMEDAN and we shall not "ennoble" him but the rest of the world.

Dear fellow Hidnus, let us have the courage and conviction in ourselves, to start the debate on "Should PARTITIONED INDIA have a MUSLIM Supreme Commander?"

Hindu Jawans protect him day and night instead of escorting him to Wagah and beyond- bands playing "Auld lang syne". Or, better still, they could do to him what his fellow Muslims in Lahore DID TO ALL THE HINDUS LIVING IN THAT CITY in 1947. The debt is overdue by 55 years!

I want to see some sign that the Hindu (COLLECTIVELY) is breathing. The chest of the body stretched on ground is flat, NOT HEAVING.

The proof of the pudding is in its eating. The proof of Hindu SHAKTI in Hindustan is in seeing a committed Hindu in the Rashtrapati Bhawan with a spouse of great DIGNITY on his side.

I am sure 100% Hindus will RELATE to him. Now most Hindus, and ALL THE SIKHS, have to control their disgust and vomit, while naming "ABDUL KALAM", the greatest, the the most successful, "secret agent of Islam" history has ever seen.

Brainwashed, intimidated, terrorised, subservient and crushed HINDU BODY cannot shake him off.

The MUSLIM mutiny of 1857 was Hindus' first "WAR of Independence".

Partition of 1947 is final and irrevocable. Sri Ram Temple is the mischievous idea of some trouble making Hindus bent upon provoking BANDIT NEHRU's MUSLIM "vote bank" in order to unleash a bloody civil war in Bharat.

We can have NO objection to the GREEN flag flying over Red Fort if is flying so beautifully over LAHORE.

So what if the HINDU females have NONE to relate to in Rashtrapati Bhawan or the Prime Minister's household. We have gladly taken the idea of women from the Taliban who used to read Koran five times a day.

..........Thank God they have BANNED Gita in Mecca.