Date: 9/9/2002


SEPTEMBER 9, 2002.

Question: "Are you worried, Mr. Abdul Kalam, over the heavy loss of life in Nepal and Sri Lanka?"


"Not in the least. Things are going our way. We wish to eliminate the Tamils in Sri Lanka and behead the Hindus in Nepal."

"What do you mean by "we", Mr. President?"

"That is Sister Sonia, ITALY, ISLAM, and, of course, me!"


What is happening on ground is the fulfilment of strategy of Italy and Islam in South Asia. That is, the tightening of noose around the neck of Hindustan, gradually and inmperceptibly.

While America can see danger to her in disttant Irak, BROKEN Bharat under the grip & terror of Muslims and Italians is not aware of anything wrong in neighbouring Nepal.

HINDU "JAWANS" of Indian Army expend more energy and man hours defending ABDUL KALAM than their fellow Hindus in NEPAL.

While Islam is GLOBAL, and attack on one Muslim is like attack on all of them, the average Hindu is not in the least bothered over what happened to Lahore in 1947 or what is happening to the Hindus in EAST Bengal, South Kashmir, Nepal, and even in "RASHTRAPATI BHAWAN" right here in New Delhi.