Date: 9/10/2002


To BBC, London.


We wish to make two points-

Today the Islamic world, from Indonesia to Libya, is UNITED to grab more territory from Israel.

Many of these impoverished starving Islamic "martyrs", who cannot even afford to buy toilet paper and wipe their bottoms with earth or sand, do not even know where Israel is. But it is Israel that every Muslim on earth wishes to see gone!

Their anger against the United States is the MISPLACED frustration at the failure of the ISLAMIC civilisation itself as we see so vividly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and as we see from the sentencing of Muslim women condemned to death by stoning, while the men are allowed to go scot free.

With regard to more territory, the free world gave them ONE THIRD OF INDIA in 1947 to pur it all under ISLAMIC rule. The homeless warriors of PLO can easily be re-located there. But that will not be acceptable to the Muslims.

What they want is more and more territory to cover the whole earth under their POISONOUS ISLAMIC GREEN.

There is one more thing we have to throw back at the world of Islam. By definition every ISLAMIC republic ought to be a PARADISE for every Muslim.

So how is it that every Muslim is making a bee line for the Christian lands in Europe, Australia and North America?

Why don't they stop en route and settle down in one of these ISLAMIC republics?

How is it that NONE is heading for Pakistan, or staying on in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bangladesh?

The free world must turn round and say, "YOU EITHER HAVE THE CAKE OR ISLAM."



............Re.: Revisiting the Sept 11 Ė tragedy

I wonder what kind of sympathies I should have for the Muslims / Arabs of the world as advised by many friends to read more history and not condemn the entire Arab / Muslim world, have a strong odor of ill-feelings.

Yes, but it is hard to be humble to the people who have been practicing hatred to begin with and considers non-Muslims to be Kafirs - infidels.

What more history should I read, knowing, read and heard all about the:

∑ Muslims killing nearly half a million fleeing Sikhs (since they were more visible) during the 1947 partition war when they cleaned out the Sikhs/Hindus from Western Punjab and took away perhaps the same number of young Sikh/Hindu girls forcibly from their parents (including 2 of my aunts and killing my Dr. uncle.

Did the government of Pakistan ever intervene to return these girls or to safeguard them. Many of them were reportedly auctioned off in the markets of Lahore.

∑ Pakistan army killing a million of their own people (mainly professionals) in East Pakistan during their liberation struggle around 1971 and raping another million of their young women before the mayhem was stopped by the Indian army, lead at the time by a Sikh general.

∑ During the Iran/Iraq war they killed million of their own Muslim brothers. They donít seem to have sympathy for their own people, would they ever have sympathy for the Sikhs in Punjab, if they ever had the opportunity to occupy that state again should it become independent?

∑ Iraq occupied Kuwait and plundered the nation before the Americans rescued it and gave it back. Iraq has killed many of its minority Kurd people in the past.

∑ Hundreds of terroristsí attacks by the Palestinians on Israelis during the last thirty years blessed all by the father of terrorism Yasser Arafat and his bloodthirsty team. Why doesnít he or his terrorist leaders tie a bomb around their belly and blow themselves up instead of brainwashing poor and the young people to do that? That will be martyrdom not exploiting the young boys or the girls. Where should the Israelis go, for those sympathetic to the Palestinians, who donít want to peacefully coexist with the Jews?

∑ Why have Bin Laden and his immediate ringleaders of cowards gone into hiding if they are so brave and believe in the Arab causes. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and other world leaders also endured much pain to liberate their nations. Surely there are other ways to bring to the attention of oppressors Ė pen is mightier than the sword they say and I must commend Dr. Aulakh for that.

∑ Afghans cleansed their nation of Sikhs and Hindus settled there from centuries during the Taliban rule.

∑ Kashmiri militants have nearly wiped out the Sikh and Hindu community settled in Kashmir from thousands of years.

∑ Many Muslim countries do not allow Gutka or Sikh religious artifacts; S-Arabia would not give visa to Sikhs.

∑ I think the rightwing Hindus (RSS, VHP, Jan Sangh, BJP, etc) are smart and have realized that the policy of appeasement is not working for India and that is why they have started retaliating in Gujarat recently against the Muslims or in Delhi against the Sikhs in 1984, and the right wing Hindus would not accept loosing Kashmir without turning out the Muslims in Gujarat or declaring India to be a Hindu state.

∑ America is our home and charity begins at home. America has been very kind to the immigrants by opening itís doors to all but many Muslims have been ungrateful to America by providing covert help to all the Arab militants / Al Queida / Bin Ladenís people by attacking the WTC towers or innocent targets in Israel and Kashmir.

∑ Sure I would say again, Muslims want to eat their cakes and have it too for demanding the right to live in non-Muslim countries of the world as equal citizens and making life extremely difficult for non-Muslims in their own countries.

∑ It is time for the Arab world to show the rest of world the good side of Islam by practicing the kindness that we have been hearing so long about.

∑ Until then, we would be living a foolís paradise to believe that we should not follow the policies of the Arab countries.


Thanks. I am just a small bubble, riding the hype of news from America about tomorrow and cannot take my mind off the massacred Sikhs of Rawalpindi, March 1947, who were consigned to forgetfulness and condemned to oblivion FOR EVER.

..............Once we were a Panth.