Date: 9/10/2002



...............YOU MUST BE KIDDING.

The insistence by all sorts of Muslims everywhere on earth on the phrase, "unsolved PLO question" is a convenient tool for the otherwise failed and illiterate "nation of Islam".

It is the ONLY thing they can understand. It is the only thing that can unite them and give political power to their worthless leaders.

It is a handy tool of the Muslim gangsters, crowd pullers, assassins and suicide bombers.

In reality, it is a DEVIATION of the Muslim FRUSTRATION world-wide at the failure of ISLAMIC civilisation which has not raised the economic standards of Muslims but only increased their numbers through rapid reproduction, and conversions, in geometrical progression.

"Attack America!" is the handy tool even for the most illiterate and the most impoverished Muslims from Indonesia to Libya who cannot afford to buy even toilet paper and wipe their bottoms with earth or sand. But they do understand "kill", "explode", "destroy". Some clever guys can even fly aeroplanes and direct them straight to high buildings in city centres. Quite an "ISLAMIC" Olympic Gold Medal!

Thus today once again "the savage is confronting the civilised", and the cause is deep rooted. It is just not more territory from Israel.

Suppose Israel does cede more territory. Then what?

Will the Muslim world stop killing each other in Afghanistan?

Will there be peace in Kashmir and the Philippines?

Will Cyprus question be solved?

Will Bangladesh have enough to feed its own EXPLODING population?

Will the INDIAN Muslims remain satisfied with Secularism, surrounded by Hindu infidels and Kafirs?

Will all the Muslim asylum seekers escaping the ISLAMIC fires in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Algeria and Libya happily return to their lands of birth and Allah?

By definition every "ISLAMIC" republic ought to be PARADISE for every Muslims. Yet NONE is prepared even to contemplate life in one of them. Hence the continuous exodus of MUSLIMS from ISLAMIC republics for the CHRISTIAN West and the INFIDEL East.

Some 17 million Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India prefer life in HINDU INDIA to life in their own LAND OF MOHAMMED RASUL ALLAH.

So israel MUST not cede even an inch more of her territory. It will only WHET the ISLAMIC appetite for even MORE territory. The shameless and ruthlessly INCONSIDERATE Muslims are not even prepared to consider the tiny size of Israel and leave her alone.

In 1947 the Muslims of India promptly occupied the sacred Sikh city of NANKANA SAHIB (West Punjab). Not one considered, "How would they themselves feel if the Sikhs occupied MECCA and hoisted the Sikh flag over there?"

Similarly how would the Muslim brutes react if the Jews were to occupy the grand mosque KA'ABA in Mecca and turn it into a SYNAGOGUE? (Isn't that what they have done to Temple Mount in Jerusalem?)

So, there is NO use arguing with the beasts. They KNOW only one language, violence. They used violence to create Pakistan. They used violence agaisnt America on September 11 last and they have been using violence against the Jews and Israel since 1948.

The Muslims unfortunately do not believe in any agreement or treaty with their enemies. They are "conditioned" to wage perpetual war.

Will peace descend on earth after Israel gives them more land? NOT AT ALL.

The downward pull of Koran will continue. Its' divisive' message, like that of MEIN KAMPF, will stay alive since it is "dictated by God."

Muslim judges will let the men escape while sentencing pregnant women and young mothers to be stoned to death.

Muslim males will go for FOUR WIVES and UMPTEEN concubines, and seduce unwary girls, to produce more and more "Alis" and "Mohammeds".

The Muslims will remain Muslims and every State where they reach that magic number of 50% will tend to declare itself "Islamic Republic", and then go on to SLAUGHTER every non Muslim as they did in Pakistan in 1947.

If Koran is eternal then so is the BACKWARDNESS AND SAVAGERY OF THE MUSLIMS guaranteed to last for ever.

Based on the teachings of Koran, the Muslim God seems to be a monster for the Buddhists, a devil for the Sikhs, a beast for the Hindus, the enemy of Christians, and a JINN for the Jews. He feels mighty sick and great revulsion over Secularism, Tolerance, Respect for Women, and Forgiveness.

He has NO compassion for the non Muslims. He is HUNGRY FOR LAND. He is a "LAND GUZZLER".

Alas, free world is shrinking. Today the limit has been reached like at BERLIN before 1989.

Then the free world said to the Soviet Union, "That far and NO MORE!" That is where frontiers FROZE. That is where Communist advance was halted.

Similarly the frontier, or the LIMIT, was reached when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. The FREE world declared, "NO MORE," challenged Hitler, and went to war.

With ONE THIRD OF INDIA gone (Pakistan), with NORTH KASHMIR gone, with NORTHERN Cyprus gone, with World Trade Centre towers gone, the free world has reached the frontier of tolerance. The free world has discovered the ROGUE at the common table, wearing a Saville Row suite.

The FREE world has now declared war on the BEASTS who want nothing but cover the globe in their own POISONOUS SMELLY GREEN COLOUR.

All the PLO refugees can be settled down in ANY Arab country. India settled her 15 million refugees without a groan in 1947.

They can be absorbed in Pakistan which expelled 15 million Hindus in 1947.

Arab insistence on squeezing Israel further is nothing but a declaration of war on the smallest Jewish country on earth.

The shameless Muslim "beasts" only have to look at the map of earth and see how much of surface they call ISLAMIC without any regard to, or respect for, the feelings of the NON Muslims living on that territory.

The world must know that giving further say to ISLAM is to seal our own lips in terror. Simply look at the clever, but TERRIFIED, INDIANS.

They are so afraid of the Muslims due to repeated defeats and surrenders of the past, that they have all become terrified MORONS. They call the unconditional surrender of one third of their India to Islam as their "independence" and actually celebrate the day on August 15, every year.

Islam has reduced and DECOMPOSED THE GENETIC QUALITY OF THE ENTIRE HINDU RACE to such an extent that PARTITIONED India has appointed a MOHAMMEDAN as her PRESIDENT now.

In reality the Muslims ought to have been KICKED OUT OF INDIA on August 15, 1947 when they got their Pakistan.

So let the free world not buckle under the Islamic BLACKMAIL and pressures and then become decomposed like the Indians, or THE EXACT REPLICA OF THE "HINDU SHEEP" who dare not remember!