Date: 9/12/2002


When the followers of Mohammed captured sri Nankana Sahib and wiped out the Sikhs throughout the district of Rawalpindi (1947) it was a crime against humanity, decency, patriotism, secularism and INDIA.

When the "MOHAMMEDAN BEASTS" hoisted their ISLAMIC flag over the very city where the Apostle of Universal Love and Tolerance and Secularism, Guru Nanak was born, they committed a heinous crime against God.

"Why didn't the Sikhs make a big hue and cry over that unconditiional SURRENDER by India to Islam?

"The Sikhs are a very gentle people, and they don't want to upset the Muslims," came the reply from all the Sikh leaders in the year 2000.

SHAME ON ALL THE SIKH LEADERS who have turned sheep. How could they be reconciled by such an attack by those professing an ALIEN religion?

How is it that their good Gurus FAILED to rouse their spirits, awaken their minds and revive their guts? They were on HOME GROUND, unlike the MOHAMMEDAN "bas****" who spoke to his mother in PANJABI but spoke to the God of Arabs in ARABIC?

The "beast" had no leg to stand on. Yet the Sikhs suffered their worst ever defeat in history and then TOTALLY FORGOT IT!

They have yet to declare August 15 a "BLACK DAY", "DAY OF SURRENDER AND SHAME," and mourn.


...Then something terrible happened to wake up the Sikhs.

The "beasts", true to their nature, suddenly attacked the United States and laughed at their "success".

America is not INDIA and there was threat of prompt retaliation. Earlier, no doubt, America had been behaving like the "mouse" of Gandhian Hindustan.

She did nothing when the beasts blew up a military barrack in Saudi Arabia, blew up American embassies in East Africa. bore a hole throughthe ship, SS Cole, in Gulf of Arabia, blew up the American embassy in Lebanon, and even when they exploded a bomb in the Trade Centre in New York, killing some and wounding many.

America did nothing when they killed the American hostages in the Philippines and the American journalist Daniel Pearl in Karachi.

So all that "HINDU" and "BUDDHIST" kind of behaviour encouraged the "beasts" more and more. In the end they sent FOUR flying missiles to raze to ground the two WTC towers, the Pentagon and even the White House.

Now the mood of Americans changed dramatically. They recalled the sudden attack on PEARL HARBOUR and got so angry that anyone who was a Taliban look-alike was abused and even shot dead.

That's where the SIKHS come in.

They were given the turban and beard at a time when the tettible "Taliban" ruled Hindustan and had made everybody's life HELL & MISERY. The new native warriors had to look like the tyrants to take on the latter with courage.

But whereas the Arab Muslims and the Talibans in America could quickly shave off their beards and throw away their turbans, the Sikhs stuck to turbans and beards since in the meantime they have made these sacred and part of religion.

Thus came the hurt to the Sikhs and in response the Sikhs started "educating" the Americans on their turbans and beards while trying to assure the people that they had nothing to do either with Islam or the Taliban or Al Qaida. It is a hard task since GOVERNMENT OF INDIA back home is under the foot or terror of those who wish all the Sikhs dead or converted.

No one can imagine in his dream that ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN wish the Sikhs well even at home, leave aside in Arabia or America.

That leaves the poor Sikhs themseles to "educate" the Americans.

So in this regard we have the following post from a Sikh source:


......................CONDOLENCE 9/11

My dear Americans, as a SIKH, national of Partitioned India (August 14-15, >1947, I send my heartfelt, condolence to the bereaved for the loss of >life injuries and sufferings and for the destruction of beautiful Twin Towers the symbol of the progress of the Great Nation and its advanced civilisation.

To-day, September 11, 2002, the Sikhs will be praying for you and will, in their ownway sympathise and support you. They will be providing free meals called Langer to the general public involved in the ceremony at Ground Zero and elsewhere.

We exactly know how you feel. You don't know, so did we in 1947, what hit you from behind. It was so sudden and brutal that your year has changed from September 11 to September 10 instead of January to December.

They were your Muslim friends who stabbed you in the back when you were least expecting, exactly as they did to us in 1947 From a friendly country like Saudi Arabia out of 19 Islamic Terrorist 15 were from there.

Yet you had saved them earlier from attack by Saddam Hussein. If you have Muslim friends like them you don't need enemies. Prime Minister of Egypt , closing the schools thatteach only Koran day and night said, 'after reading Koran they go mad.'

Exactly the same way, our millions of towers in India on August 14, 1947 were blown apart . The Indian nation has never recovered from the fright, terror shock, loss of life and limb, property, insult of females kidnapped, raped and murdered.

Muslims were our Uncles, Brothers, Aunts , but no more allof a sudden. We became refugees in our own Motherland and Pakistan was carved.

My grandfather lost 4 houses with marble tiles and land in Rawalpindi snatched away by the Muslims free of cost. They travelled on the refugee trains to India. The sudden and unexpected shock like the Twin Towers destruction, killed my old grandfather who was a doctor and grand mother. Their curse will always be on the enemies and the book they read.

I am still grateful to America for sending us food, dry milk, dry eggs and parachutes in 1947. I enjoyed the former and had a shirt made of latter, to wear.

Indian tragedy began when the Muslims said that they can not live with other religions so they must ethnically cleanse them.

On March 4, 1947, while India was still British Colony, the Muslim, hoisted their green flag on some public building in Lahore, the then capital of Indian Punjab.

Following Mahatma Gandhi's slogan "India will be cut on my dead body" , on March5, 1947 Sardar Nanak Singh a prominent leader of Minorities Federation in Multan was assassinated for standing up for Akhand Bharat (United India).

After that there was a hell let loose every where. We have fragmented India viz. Pakistan and Bangladesh.

I pray that USA is not fragmented, between the Americans and Nation of Islam and that you pull through this ordeal.

Yours is a great country on earth, I had the honour of serving your nation as a school teacher.

God Bless the Land of Free and Home of the Brave, One Nation under God.