Date: 9/13/2002



Dear Mr. Segaller,

I am an Indian Christian residing in US and regularly watch most of the programs on PBS. I was simply shocked reading on PBS web page on India and especially the Hindus!

First of all I would like to ask you a few questions since I believe you are an intelligent man.

1. Do you know Indian History?

2. Have you tried to read at least a bit of it if you don’t know it?

3. Have you contacted the reliable people on it before giving a green signal to air the 19th of September Program called the ‘Soul of India’?

4. Can we also have a program called ‘Soul of America’ on a famous channel like yours?

5. How many real Hindus are participating in Soul of India?

6. Do you know most of them would be Muslims, Christians, Communists and the people from the vote starved political party, the Congress party of India?

7. I repeat ‘How many real Hindus are there in that forum? And if there aren’t any, how come you allow that program to be aired? Is this American democracy? Divide and rule?

8. What are you trying to do? Are you really interested in the Soul of India? So why don’t you go to India and work for the ‘Poor Indians’?

1. I am married to a Kashmiri Pandit! We have become refugees in our own country. These very Indian Muslims that are trying to fool you have mercilessly massacred my family members in Kashmir or you want to be fooled by them. Would you like to air a program on the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits and call it ‘Soul > of India”?

2. What makes you believe the very Christians who are funding and giving arms to the separatist movement in NE India which is funded by the very American Baptist Christians? Did you air any program on the plight of the Hindus massacred by the militants in NE India and call it the ‘Soul of India’?

3. Why don’t you have a show on the human rights violation by the Christians all over India who want the Hindus to convert to Christianity? If I pester you and tell you that if you don’t accept only true and great Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) or you will go to hell. Would you accept that? Since religion and convictions are personal, these Christians are violating the human rights and insulting the Hindus day in and day out just like what you are doing now!

4. Yes, my forefathers were forcibly converted to Christianity – The Portuguese! They invaded our land just like the British and the other Europeans, insulted the Hindus, burned them alive if they did not convert, they demolished their temples and forced them to be Christians. And now the very people like you are teaching us on our ‘Soul of India’?

5. Again read Indian History. The Hindus tolerated every race that came to India from all over the world. Due to their goodness and tolerance they were called backward whereas as you fully well know that ‘India is the only cradle of civilization’.

I call all the invaders barbarians! Christians came nearly 2000 years ago as refugees. Jews came as refugees and only, only Hindus did not persecute them! Muslims came to India and there is no comparison of the genocide they have committed of the Hindus! Do you know the meaning of Hindukhush? Ask the very Muslims in that forum to give you the meaning. Then you Christians came to India and treated the Hindus like the slaves and dogs and keep on insulting the way they lived, the way they worshipped, the way they did anything and till date you haven’t stopped doing it!

And you are still planning to do it on the 19th of this month and you expect all the Hindus to watch your lies!

Now lets go to the ‘Soul of America’!

1. How did you treat the slaves? You brought them in chains and treated them like animals beat them with whips? Should we have the same ‘Soul of America in Indian channels?

2. How did you treat the native American Indians that gave you shelter when you came to this land and later invaded it?

3. Now what on earth is that KKK? Isn’t this the ‘Soul of America?’ You want us to forget how they massacred Jews, Hindus, African Americans?

4. The very Muslims that you are having the program on the 19th of this month killed 60,000 Hindus?

5. Did the Hindus ask the Muslims to burn the train at Godhra? Not even once in history Hindus have caused any trouble to anyone or have initiated the riots. If there weren’t riots, the burning of the train would have continued relentlessly all over the country by the very Muslims you are having the program on the 19th of this month!

6. Ask the very Muslims on that forum how many Hindus were killed all over India after the Gujrat episode! Or ask the Indian embassy and they will give you the exact figures.

7. BTW, why did the Americans wage war in Afghanistan? You know very well how many innocent people were killed over there! According to the Christians, wars are ‘JUST’ and innocent people get killed by the way!

Just like that in Gujrat innocent people got killed – Muslims as well as the Hindus! Just as the Muslims burned down the World Trade Center they burned down the train in Godhra!!!!!!!! What right did you people have to go and level Afghanistan? Why don’t you say, ‘Love your enemy as thyself’? You can go and massacre people in another country saying it is a JUST war and when it comes to the riots in Gujrat, you remember INDIA’S SOUL! How cool!

I could go on and on but I just want to cut short now.

BTW, there is another addition to the ‘Soul of America’. You can take some help from this website