Date: 9/17/2002



"Please forgive me; What beats me the most is, the people of Bharat had so much warning in advance, at least 4 years in advance about the calamity that was to hit India hard."


Sadly not just four years but full FOURTEEN years advance knowledge to us all that the Muslims intended to disembowel our common land of birth, INDIA, and go berserk in destroying Hindu homes and expelling us all from Karachi to Gilgit in the West and from Chittagong to Sylhet in the East.

UNO did not lift a finger to stop that ethnic cleansing. Nor did Bandit Nehru whose head was in the clouds of his own personal glory.

In the book "FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT", there are two photographs on one page (279).

The caption under the top photo reads, "Pakistan, a nation of 90 million people, grew out of the formal dinner beginning (above) with oysters and chablis in a London hotel in 1933. Fourteen years later, on August 14, 1947, Mohammed Ali Jinnah (3rd. from the camera on the right) was able to proclaim what had seemed to him that evening in London, 'an impossible dream', the borth of an independent Islamic nation on the soil of the Indian sub-continent."

Now coming to think of it, our top leaders (Nehru and Gandhi) were both barristers at law. They were so renowned as lawyers that it was said that they could save even a murderer from gallows by their clever arguments and defence.

Yet the same two barristers did not even demand REFERENDUM on the subject ot Partition. And they put NOT ONE condition to Mohammed Ali JINN as to what might happen to the Mohammedans he was going to leave back in Hindustan.

The reason? Both did not know who Lord Krishna was. So how could they know what he advised Arjuna at the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

They did not know the meaning of Guru Gobind Singh's sword. But they did know jolly well what Christ said, "offer the other cheek."

So when damned Mohammed wanted Lahore, they offered him Dhaka and Chittagong as well.

But what beats one is that our ALL INDIA Hindu organisations like VHP and RSS, even BJP, do not see the danger in having an ITALIAN and a MOHAMMEDAN at the very top of Hindustan.

One is FOREIGN by birth, and the other an ALIEN by Faith.

So where does a Hindu stand and who in the "Rashtrapati BHAWAN", and in the house of PRIME MINISTER, does the Hindu's wife or mother relate to?

One can say that in one there is KORAN and in the other there is the BIBLE. Gita is nowhere at the top, only in an ordinary's Hindu's house, hidden in the bedroom.

It is time to SPREAD AWARENESS of the deception and defeat of 1947. It is vital to MILITARISE the Hindus since our fellow citizens, the Muslims, can draw out the GUNS and DAGGERS any time and the Christians are doing their bit sweetly, gently and constantly.

.......Both are weakening the Hindu body by the hour.

At this rate what we will soon find is the SKELETON- like the Sikh skeletons in RAWALPINDI and LAHORE. Once they used to be numerous there, quite happy, reciting "akhand paths", doing "nishkam sewa", and serving "langar" to all, including the Mohammedans who were waiting to GIVE THEM A BOOT.

The same SIKHS, once unchallenged Sardars of the Punjab, right up to the KHYBER, scattered like the chickens before a fox. The HINDUS, known as the MAJORITY COMMUNITY of India, dumped their Gita, and FLED before the savage onslaught of MOHAMMED.