Date: 9/21/2002




If you confront a Hindu LEADER of top quality and grade, or a Hindu MAHATMA of utmost holiness, and say, "You are meant to be wiped out in decomposing Hindustan," he will give you a donkey grin. He wouldn't comprehend you at all.

Then you remind him, "The Muslims stayed back despite carving out their Pakistan, and their Koran tells them to kill the Kafirs," the Hindu leader of top quality and grade and the Hindu Mahatma of utmost holiness will neither be impressed nor be moved. He may even laugh in your face and make an excuse to go away.

That was the top Hindu leader in 1946, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, who, as we are discovering now, was not a Hindu at all, but an agent of Islam and the bosom friend of JINN, and that was the Hindu mahatma in 1946, MK GANDHI, who, as we are discovering now, was not a mahatma at all but a FUNK and a COWARD who "DIED" as soon as the JINN fired his pistol (in Rawalpind District, March 1947).

The top Hindu leader and the holiest Hindu mahatma today, in 2002, are the same- TRAITORS THROUGH TREACHERY AND COWARDICE. The word "PARTITION" is already deleted from their vocabulary and they don't mind an ABDUL KALAM and a SONIA KHAN riding them day and night.

When the Muslims threatened civil war in 1946, the majority community (the HINDUS) saw no other way out but to surrender-surrender Lahore, Karachi and EAST Bengal, and RUN FOR LIFE.

Not only did they surrender Secularism and TERRITORY to the indigenous MOHAMMEDANS but also accepted their utmost degradation and total ethnic cleansing in all those parts of India which became Pakistan.

Now in BOGUSdesh (Bangladesh) the clueless Hindus expect to be treated as equals, "as per Constitution", they protest.

Little do the fools realise that in an ISLAMIC country, the Constitution is the KORAN, and the "way of life" and the level of tolerance of the INFIDEL is that of Mohammed Rasul Allah.

The questions, "Why WERE the Hindus unprepared in 1946?", and, "Why ARE they unprepared in 2002, and cannot even sit up in Ayodhya?", need not be asked.

Not one Hindu leader or mahatma or maharishi or Sri Singh Sahib (a Sikh) dare ask ABDUL KALAM, "What are YOU doing here?"

As the whole world KNOWS, Abdul Kalam belongs to Pakistan as per that "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947".

It is FUTILE to expect a Hindu warrior to muster guts to recall the creation of Pakistan.

Today (September 21, 2002), without establishing a clear identity of PARTITIONED India, several Hindu scholars are demanding a permanent seat for India at the Security Council.

They have NO clue as to what this "India" is, under whose terror and BOOT she lives and breathes, and who is the MAN on top of her. ONE BILLION of them call her "Mother India", and cry, "BHARAT MATA KI JAI!"

Supposing DECOMPOSING MONGREL "HINDU" India suddenly becomes the SIXTH permanent member of the Security Council. Who will be the man or woman to go to NEW YORK to represent her?

.......It will be either ABDUL KALAM or SONIA KHAN.

As far as the clever glass eyed HINDU SCHOLARS are concerned, that will guarantee peace upon earth.

Earlier, we HINDUS & SIKHS living in the UNITED Kingdom, saw a Catholic "bull" called PC ALEXANDER and later a MOHAMMEDAN "bull" called SALMAN HAIDAR in London representing the one billion "gentle Hindu cows" of Mother India ("BHARAT MATA").

Not one good Hindu, leave aside a simple "nishkam sewak" Sikh, comprehended the IMPLICATIONS of that preposterous representation of Hindustan abroad.

The Indian ambassador to the UNO is already known as the tail of His Muslim Master.

......You can say that again, "The Hindu is unprepared."