Date: 9/23/2002



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1. Here is a technique that can complete the total destruction of Islam in India, without spilling a single drop of blood. Besides being a store-house of Hindu-Power, this technique not only cuts into the solid rock of Islam, but smashes it into bits. Virtually invisible to the Sullas, this technique assures a "TOTAL Circulatory Shut-Down Of Islam In India."

No technique comes even close to this one, neither in effectivenss nor in potency. Sullas are totally powerless against its lethal grip. Its sounds, sights, and sensations, are all broadcasting the same message to us Hindus:

"Please give me a chance, put me to work, and I will do the rest."

2. This technique is a formula, not only for Hindu-Survival, but also for Hindu Power, and for shrinking Islam to nothingness in India. Hindus would be extremely smart to put this powerful technique to work, and start striking at the Sullas with reckless abandon. The Sullas would start disappearing so fast that it will surprise the heck out of you.

3. Here below are the details of this technique.

..................THE BOYCOTT-TECHNIQUE

...................By S. P. Attri (USA)


1. Here is a technique that can kick the program of Islam-Eradication into Over-Drive, without spilling a single drop of blood. Based on sound principles of economics, it enables the Hindu to operate from a position of power, strength, and control. By upholding the inherent worth of the Hindu, his liberty, and his self-respect, it assures the defense, survival, and success of Hinduism.

All that this technique requires is courage, discipline, determination, and steadfast-pursuit of a purpose, on the part of Hindus. Hindu's Determination should be such as to allow nothing, to stand in the way of the employment of this highly potent technique.

2. Background Information. Boycott is an economic action, it is also a concerted action, it has the power and vigor of a potent weapon. If applied properly with team-work, it can work wonders, and can change everything in the life of millions of people. What it requires is a decision on the part of the boycotters to refuse to do any business or co-operation with the target group. Boycott has been applied chiefly in labor disputes with the management, but labor has no monopoly on the usage of boycott-technique. It can be employed by consumers, business, political and other groups, in fact by just about anybody. In the Hindu context, the boycotters would be the Hindus, and the target groups would be the Moslems.

What this technique means is this, that the Hindus would refuse to purchase the goods or services of Moslems (by puchase of services is meant the refusal of Hindus to hire Moslems as their employees). Hindus would refuse to patronize firms and shops of the Moslems, the Hindus would also refuse to deal with Hindus firms or shops that deal with the Moslems (or hire them as employees). The idea behind the latter move is to put pressure on these Hindu firms and shops, to quit dealing with the Moslems, and to join the other Hindus in their boycott.

3. Hindus must not beg, quibble, compromise, or argue to defend Hinduism. These worthless approaches are defeatist and defensive techniques, these have never worked for the Hindus, and are never going to work. We Hindus have reached a point where there is no other recourse left to the Hindu, other than to catch the bull by the horns, and fight back, via the Boycott-Technique. Do ends justify the means? Before we evaluate the morality of the boycott-technique, and label it as a mean-business, it behooves us Hindus to ask ourselves a simple and sacrosanct question:

Was the slaughter of hundreds of millions of our Hindus, and the demolition of thousands of our Hindu Temples by the Moslems, justified, moral, or dignified? If we Hindus understand the nature of our enemy, then we would recongnize immediately, that if we conduct Dharma-Yudha against the Barbarian-Moslems, then we cannot expect to come out alive. Now-a-days, Dharam-Yudha is the most ridiculous item of the day.

We Hindus need to discard Dharam-Yudha quickly, and instead rapidly become adept and accomplished in total-wars, rather than waste time arguing endlessly, on the morality or lack of morality, of the boycott-technique. The boycott-technique is part of the Hindu Arsenal, it is part of Hindu's Total War against the Sullas and Kharistas. The world does not care whether Hinduism lives or dies, the Non-Hindu World could care less. In order for the Hindu to survive and stay ahead of the game, the Hindu has to use the boycott-technique, as a weapon of choice. This technique will unify and fortify Hindus, and assure the survival of Hindus and their Hinduism.

Because a Moslem is a cheat by definition/training, his Quran sedulously instructs him to cheat the Non-Moslem Kafirs, to cheat back the Sulla therefore, is no Vice, it is a Virtue. It is a smart move to even the scores, it is also an attempt to Flatter the Sulla by Imitating Him, no Sulla can logically object to this kind of grand-flattery.

4. The usage of the Boycott-Technique by the Hindu, is supported by principles of liberty. The principle of Liberty gives every man the absolute right, to deal with any other man, or refuse to deal with any other man, the freedom of this choice comes from his basic right of liberty. No body can question his right of liberty nor complain about it. No body has a right to question any individual, to force him to give reasons for his boycott. The complaints usually come when several people get together, and compell others to join the boycott. But if the boycott is done in a private ( and sneaky ) manner, and is given the appearance of a Private Action, rather than a Group Action, this complaint also holds no water. The boycotter, even though he is part of a boycotting group, simply says that boycott is his individual decision, and that is the end of the complaint. This stock-phrase demolishes the complaint, of a conspiracy against the boycotted-group, and the boycotter stands clean.

5. A Moslem ( or a Christian) is not the intellectual equal of the Hindu, nor is the Moral Equal of the Hindu, but still both Moslems and Christians have been winning over the Hindus for 1200 years, because both Moslems and Christians exceed the Hindus in aggressiveness, and because the Hindus use defensive techniques, that are outdated. Hindu nearly always chooses Low-Cost defensive techniques, which eventually end up as High-Cost techniques.

In order for the Hindu to succeed, the Hindu has to transform his mind, discard his good-for-nothing defensive approaches, and go on the offensive.

Hindu does not lack the resources, either educational, intellectual, financial, or of any other type. What is lacking is Hindu's Determination to take charge of his life, and go after the Sullas ( and Christians) in earnest, to take revenge and punish the Jehadi Barbarian of Islam. If the Hindu can get away from his defensive approaches, and switch over to Aggressive Approaches, then he has more than enough power to blast the Holy-Hell out of both Islam and Christianity.

The Hindu can administer a Deadly Revenge on the Barbarian Moslems and Christians, who have pillaged and plundered our sacred land of Bharat Varsha for 1200 years plus, and have murdered hundreds of millions of our Hindu Brethren. It would become easier for the Hindu to make up his mind, if he becomes aware of the evil nature of Islam ( and of Christianity), and of its GOSPEL OF HATE, which goes by the name of QURAN, and understands the double-dealing, treachery, barbarism, and the brutal and perfidious nature of these two Creeds, that originated in Arabia, the two Creeds whose history is written in letters of Blood.


The Boycott-Technique has two components, Hindu-Employers and Hindu-Consumers:

a. Hindu Employers (more than 95% of the business in India, is owned and controlled by Hindus): No Hindu Employer should hire any Sulla-Employee. The Hindu-Employer needs to be reminded that any time he hires Moslem employees, he is keeping food out of the mouths of Hindu-Employees who are out of work (There are millions of our own Hindu-Employees, our own Hindu Brothers and Sisters, who are out of work and are starving. Why should we Hindus feed the Sullas, rather than our own Hindu People?). We Hindus should feed our own Hindu people, rather than the Sullas, who want to bury us Kafir-Hindus.

NOTE: The Hindu-Employers need to be very watchful, because many Sullas conceal their Moslem-Names, and use a Phoney Hindu-Name for themselves, in order to fool the Hindu Employers, to get a job from them. Thus Karim becomes Kiran, and Rashid becomes Roshan, and so on. Because the Sullas use this cheating-technique day in and day out, they have become masters of this cheating-craft. The only way the Hindu-Employer can beat the Sulla-Cheats, is to check out the prospective job-candidates thorougly. A few Sullas would still be clever enough to get through the Hindu-Employer's screening system. But once these cheats are discovered, the Hindu-Employer should dismiss them immediately.

We Hindus work hard for our money, we should not give our hard-earned money to Sulla-Traitors, who only want to bury us Kafir-Hindus.

b. Hindu-Consumers: No Hindu should buy any product ( goods or services) from a shop owned or operated by a Sulla. No Hindu should buy any goods that have been manufactured or procured by a Sulla. No Hindu should see any movie that has been produced, directed, or acted in by any Sulla. The same principle applies to other goods or services, in which any Sulla has a part, either in owning, or producing or marketing of the product or service.

7. Is there a Monkey-Wrench in this Boycott-Technique? Yes, there is.

The biggest Monkey-Wrench is in the "Implementation Of This Technique." Most Hindu Employers, especially those who are inclined toward Phoney-Liberalism (or Pseudo-Secularism), will not go for it, they would cite all kinds of absurd and ridiculous reasons, these reasons are not valid, they are bogus. These Phoney-Liberals would even cite piety, and make reference to Hindu Dharma, against the practice and discrimination involved in this technique (some Pseudos would even call it Adharma and against Hindu Dharma).

But this is not Adharma at all. Punishing or Destroying Asuras is Not Adharma, it is Dharma. This technique is a must if we Hindus know what is good for us.

Is there a way out of this Monkey-Wrench?

Yes, there is. Many Hindu Employers will not do it on their own, therefore, they will need to be motivated and pushed by strong elements of Hindu Society, particularly the Hindu-Outfits, such as VHP and Bajrang-Dal, RSS, Shiv-Sena, Arya Samaj, Hindu Mahasabha, and other Hindu Outfits, who are in the business of defending Hinduism. They all will need to come out with their boxing-gloves, and have the courage to push the Hindu employers into implementing this technique. It is also their job to monitor the Hindu Employers, and see to it that Hindu Employers are actually implementing it, and not bypassing it.

8. If any governement activity enquires or raises questions to any Hindu Employer about the practice of ethnic-discrimination by him, in his outfit, all that the Hindu Employer has to do is to flat-out simply deny it. There is no need nor any reason for a Hindu Employer to be honest with Moslems (nor is it his duty to tell the government what he is upto, it is strictly his private business to decide who he hires or fires), who are a degraded, disgraceful group, who are bent upon eliminating us Hindus from India.

Their Quran tells them that they don't have to be honest with Kafirs (Non-Moslem Infidels). Therefore, there is no reason in the world for us Hindus to be honest with Sullas. It is completely-correct on the part of the Hindus to do a Reverse-Jehad on the Sullas, and pay them back in the same coin. Their (Sullas) destruction should be at the top of our Hindu priority. An Overwhelming Majority of employers in India is Hindu, and the power of this technique should not be under-estimated. But it would take a good deal of "courage and determination "to put this great technique into practice.


The consequences will be a Total-Rout of Islam in India. Initially, there will be a local retreat of Islam. The Retreat will become a Rout, as more and more Hindus start instituting the technique of boycott. The Sulla will have only three simple choices:

a. Starve to Death

b. Move to Pakistan

c. Convert to Hinduism

No Sulla would choose to starve to death. Practically no Sulla ( no more than 1%) would chose to move to Pakistan. Why? Because Pakistan is a Bigger-Hell for Moslems migrating from India, and besides Pakis don't want them over there. More than 99% of the Sullas would choose the line of least resistance, and choose to become Hindus. Even the most proud Sulla would see the " Color Of Hindu's War" and make the smart decision of converting to Hinduism. Only those Sullas would be employed by Hindu-Employers, who convert to Hinduism, and swear to Total-Secrecy. Thus the Boycott-Technique, as well as the Conversion-Process, would be conducted in total-confidence and total-secrecy.

10. This technique will begin the disintegration of Islam's House of seven gables. Those Sullas who refuse to convert to Hindus, their employment with the Hindu-Employer either does not start at all, or if already started, would be terminated soon after the application of the boycott-technique. These Sullas cannot expect any mercy, and they shall receive no mercy.

The faster the Boycott-Technique is instituted, the faster shall be the Retreat and Rout of Islam in India, and will bring to an end for ever, the Islam's Career of Hell and Havoc in India. All the Moslems of India shall be reduced, to something outside the "Semblance Of Islam." And this great result can be achieved without spilling a single drop of blood.

Believe you me: No amount of Islamic-Indoctrination can protect the Sulla from the Gut-Wrenching Fear of EMPTY BELLY, and the so-called Invincibility of Islam in India, will SNAP LIKE A DRY-TWIG.

11. Here is how this technique, will take practical shape in the life of the Sulla. Every day the Sulla goes without food, the annoying uncertainty and nightmare of fear of starvation and dying, will drive him towards insanity.

All his consciousness, pride, and arrogance about his Islam, Quran, and Allah would be lost. This numbing of perception, would compell the Sulla to do anything, that is demanded of him. The idea of Islam's Jehad would begin to fade in his memory. The only thing that the Sulla would remember for certain, is the sight of food.

The Boycott-Technique, would test the morale of the Sulla to the breaking-point, and the Sulla would for sure, reach the breaking-point pretty damn-fast. Panic-Stricken, the Sulla would lose his grip on Islam, and fast-learn that his survival is assured only in conversion to Hinduism. He will forget all about the lovely gardens of Janat (Moslem's Paradise) where 72 houris are waiting for him, with their sexual favors, and where Allah is waiting, to sprinkle rose-petals on the Sulla. He will forget all this Islamic Non-sense, and would be more than willing to spend the rest of his life, as well as of his children in Hinduism. He will discover that his decision to become a Hindu, is far far better than being beaten to death by hunger.

12. Those Hindus who are inclined towards showing compassion to the Sullas, need to be reminded that, if we Hindus do not get rid of the Sullas, then these Sullas would make the life of the Hindu a Living-Hell. It is either US or THEM, but not Both.

Islam is bent on eating the Non-Moslem Kafirs. Moslems are not supposed to live in peace ( because they are supposed to conduct Jehad against the Non-Moslems Kafirs), and they will not live in peace. Peace is a suffocating cloud for the Moslems. That is why the Sullas proceed with murdering speed to kill and get killed, to eat and get eaten. That is the fastest way for them to reach their Janat (Moslem's Paradise). Moslems are Distant-Relatives of Pigs and Hazrat Mohammad is the TOP-HOG.

13. At this point in time, the US is thinking of developing small, tactical nuclear weapons, to act as Bunker-Busters (known as Bunker-Nukers), to demolish the deep caves of Al-Quaida and Talibans in Afghanistan. Majority of Americans support this proposal of the US government. The Hindu technique of Boycott does not approach the magnitude of ferocity of the US technique. Compared to the US technique, the Hindu approach of Boycott, is much more benign, and much more humane. We also know this for a fact, that 99% of the Sullas are ready to Rapidly Roll-Over into Hinduism, if Boycott technique is applied with full Hindu Efforts (Note: All talks of invincibility of Islam are a Big-Bluff).

By not using the Boycott-Technique, we Hindus are being our worst enemies. The effects of the Boycott-Technique are much more drastic (and draconian) than those of any Reverse-Jaziya, that we could ever impose on the Sulla.

14. No Hindu should believe that Islam is a religion of peace. That Islam is a religion of peace, is the "longest burning joke." The commonsense thing for us Hindus to do right now, is to un-leash the Hindu's Economic Warfare (the Boycott-Technique) against the Sullas...and Islam shall be wiped out of India.