Date: 9/24/2002


The share prices of commodities depend on supply and demand. But there is another kind of price. It is how a citizen is valued, the price on his/her head.

Those denied dual nationality by their lands of birth drop in value and those whose pension rights are protected in any country on earth rise in value.

By such a yardstick, the price of a Hindu's head can be calculated very easily.

Let us say that in 1192 when he was sovereign in Delhi, the price of a Hindu's head was Rs. 100. The price of a Sikh's head during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was Rs. 500 in view of the potential they had to capture the whole of Hindustan, a feat that was accomplished by EAST INDIA COMPANY from Britain with relative ease.

While the British were getting more and more of the Indian territory under their feet, the Sikh territory was "evaporating".

In 1947 when the Hindus suffered a most crushing defeat and had to dump their cherished Secularism while surrendering five provinces unconditionally to the Muslims, the price of a Hindu's head dropped down to Rs. 10 each.

It slightly rose during the initial rule of Pandit Nehru when his Socialism promised to improve the economy of India.

But when his Socialism degenerated to suffocate the breath out of free enterprise, gave rise to rampant corruption and lawlessness, and set a pattern of DYNASTIC rule, the price of the Hindu's head dropped down to Rs. 40.

During Emergency declared by Indira Gandhi to seal the Indians' mouths, the price of a Hindu's head dropped down to 25 rupees.

The thrashing received by the Indians in Uganda and Fiji dropped the price of a Hindu's head still further.

Calculating the ongoing slaughter of the Hindus in South Kashmir the price dropped to mere Rs. 2 per head. The reason? It was unthinkable that the MAJORITY community in any country would get a sound beating by a minority.

The Hindus were being traded at Rs. 2 per head when election to the highest office in land became imminent.

Had the new incumbent been a committed Hindu with a decent spouse, the price of a Hindu would have shot up. In the event when they elected a MOHAMMEDAN Abdul Kalam, the price of a Hindu's head went below one rupee for the first time. The Hindu was being traded at 25 paise per head.

What other disasters hit the Hindu? One was the imposition of a bogus secular Constitution despite Partition when the Rest of India ought to have become HINDU RASHTRA, and later when BOFORS CHOR brought a female from Italy and ordered all the Hindus to call her the "Bride of India".

After his assassination when she became the "Mother of Nation," the price of a Hindu's head dropped drastically.

It crashed down to one kaudi per Hindu when the Pope, who arrived as State guest, told the Hindus, "Your souls are doomed." It recovered slightly when India managed with great difficulty to dislodge the Pakistani troops from the heights near Kargil.

So at present the price of a Hindu's head in Hindustan fluctuates within a bracket close to zero.

It comes down to five paise per head when Muslim militants manage to kill dozens of Hindus in South Kashmir and goes up to 25 paise when Sonia smiles at a dust clad semi naked Hindu Sadhu. His emaciated sight tells her the wealth of Hindustan belongs to her.

Please join in this "Stock Exchange" where the commidities are the heads of the Hindus and the Sikhs in Bharat. Send in suggestions about the prices. What do YOU think is the current price of a Hindu's head in Hindustan?

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