Date: 9/24/2002


................PRICE ON YOUR HEAD





...................But what are the criteria?

What are the criteria for buying a cow for milk or a pig for pork? The farmers and the butchers know it very well how to work out the price just by looking at an animal. But what about the animals on two legs who walk upright, the homo sapiens? Has anyone worked out the criteria to put the price on a human head?

We shall be expecting to hear from scholars on the subject. In the meantime we suggest that the price on a Hindu's head depends on its place within the whole Hindu nation. The price on a Sikh's head depends on its place within the whole community, or "Panth".

The Moguls, perceiving the Sikhs to be a thorn in their side, put a very high price on a Sikh's head. That was a good incentive to hunt them down. Even the impoverished Hindus betrayed many a fine Sikh to obtain monetary reward from the local Governor, invariably a Mohammedan.

Obviously when the Sikhs extended the frontier of their kingdom, BY FORCE OF ARMS, to KHYBER Pass, the value of a Sikh head increased enormously. At Partition when they were seen fleeing West Punjab, the same price dropped drastically. In Lahore one could have a Sikh killed for just two rupees. In front of all those butchers with sharp knives, the Sikhs were unarmed and defenceless like the sheep in the pen.

So a criterion is suggested whereby the price on a head depends on the COLLECTIVE STRENGTH OF A PEOPLE. Thus an impoverished Italian is highly prized in India whereas an Indian scholar or millionaire is still looked down upon as a "coolie" or "nigger" in Italy. What chance of an Indian becoming the Prime Minister, or Leader of Opposition in Rome? The Hindu is cheap; the Italian is dear (expensive).

This ratio can be worked out quite easily. The son of Prime Minister of India going from a palace begs for the hand of an impoverished Italian maid shows the co-relation of relative values that can be used to indicate price on a head.

Like an economic index, there has to be a starting point in time. For ease of comprehension let us use the well-known monetary unit of an American dollar to measure the price.

Let us begin our study from the year 712 AD. There was the world of Islam to the West of Iran and Iraq and here was the world of the Hindu from Kabul to Chittagong with not one Mohammedan in it.

It could be assumed that had either side taken the INITIATIVE to advance, it could have annihilated the other quite easily. In the even the MUSLIMS advanced and gradually conquered the Hindus from Kabul to Chittagong.

So let us fix the starting PRICE ON A HINDU'S HEAD (HH) in 712 AD as $1000.

After the defeat of Raja Dahir of Sind, given that NO Hindu king or ruler came to his assistance, the price fell to $950.

So let us now tabulate the curve, or graph, of the price of a Hindu's Head (HH) since then.

After 712 AD, the price started going up gradually while the Arabs got busy with warfare against Turkey and Palestine.

In 1192 the Turks defeated the Hindu King of India and occupied his entire kingdom including the capital Delhi. The price of HH fell to $500.

Thereafter there was some rise like the sudden jump of a seismograph due to warfare and resistance by warriors like Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh. But then came 1857 when a "War of Independence" was fought by the forces loyal to the Muslim emperor who foresaw the end of Islamic rule over the Hindus. The Hindu soldiers of EAST India Company joined up in revolt in the spirit of "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai".

Luckily for the Hindus the subsequent defeat meant the end of Muslim dream of Islamic revival on the sub continent. The Hindus' daughters and temples were safe for the first time in centuries.

Emperor of Hindustan, Bahadur Shah Zafar, was exiled to Rangoon where he lived, never to return to resurrect the "rule of Taliban" in Hindustan.

The British moved quickly before the Hindus could call it their own War of Independence. The Hindu flag did not fly over Red Fort even for a day. By the way, the Hindus have still to start their own War of Independence. That will begin when they demand extradition of their PRESIDENT Abdul Kalam to Pakistan in accordance with the Act of Partition, 1947.

With the Hindus again pushed to the sidelines after 1857, the price of HH fell down to $400.

The Muslim victory over the Hindus in 1947 when they did the total ethnic cleansing of the Hindus in Western India, and chased them out of five provinces meant further fall in the price of HH. The Hindus could not muster guts to expel or exterminate the Muslims who defiantly stayed behind after the birth of Pakistan. The Hindus lost over ONE MILLION heads to the SWORD OF ISLAM. This despicable performance by the Hindus brought down the price of HH to $200.

The Hindus could have made a quick recovery by (a) rejecting Partition pending Referendum; (b) Insisting on a complete transfer of population in case Pakistan was to be IMPOSED on them from above; (c) establishing at least one Hindu Holocaust Museum to recall and honour their dead.

Failing to do so sent a powerful wrong signal to the market and the price of HH fell down to $100. Now the HH was worth ONE TENTH of its value in 712 AD.

When Nehru took over PARTITIONED India from the British, there was some hope of recovery of guts and economy. But he showed his contempt of the Hindus in many subtle ways. He was interested in his own personality cult and lived a lavish life of a Viceroy. He neglected the economic recovery of India and Education badly. He never replaced English by Hindi. Rampant corruption soon took deep roots. He shunned the company of Hindus and kept Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad constantly on his side. The market took note and the price of HH fell down to $80.

India watchers and observers were keenly looking forward to seeing the new Constitution of free India to see any sign of Hindu status or revival. But they were totally disappointed. The Constitution did not mention any divine or spiritual Lord, Guru, Mahatma or Swamy of India but flattened them all with the sledgehammer of bogus Secularism, and equated the native lot with the alien Mohammed of Arabia. The Constitution did not mention Partition at all. Lahore and Dhaka, Sylhet and Sialkot were as foreign to India as Italy and Colombia. The new flag was the same MONGREL tricolour of Nehru's Congress with the Charkha replaced by a Buddhist wheel. It was neither saffron nor did it have Trishul or Khanda Chakra on it.

This was again a powerful signal to the observers that the Hindu will be totally eliminated in due course of time. The price of HH fell down to $50.

The Stock Market noticed the collapse of Hindustan over North Kashmir, sending the price curve downwards. People were soon to discover Indira's love of democracy when she declared Emergency and sealed everybody's lips in her democracy. Since she adored all the Mohammedans more than any Hindu, and hen launched a devastating attack on the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar instead of going for recovery of North Kashmir, the price of HH plummeted downwards. It hit the price tag of $30.

Readers would have noticed that we have not made a similar Price Graph for the Muslims in India. Every Hindu defeat meant their victory. Thus ever fall in the price of HH meant a corresponding rise in the price of a Muslim's head in Hindustan. Thus at the time of attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar when the Hindu price stood at $30, the MUSLIM PRICE HAD SHOT UP TO $3000.

At the same time seeing the Hindus queuing up in front of American embassy and British, Canadian, Australi9an and New Zealand high commissions in India and abroad for visa to live and work there, sent the Hindu price tumbling down while raising the price of the CHRISTIAN head correspondingly. So, given the news that the Allies have crushed the Al Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan the price of Christian head may well have risen to $300,000 a piece. But let us not lose sight of the price of Hindu head. It now stood at $30.

When the Hindu businesses were devastated in Uganda and hey got a kick there and also in Fiji, the price of HH sank and came down to $20.

When Rajiv Gandhi despatched India's HINDU soldiers to go to Northern Sri Lanka to kill TAMIL Hindus of Indian origin, the world refused to buy a Hindu. The price of HH was now at $10 each.

From 1989 the plight of the Hindus in South Kashmir and the callous disregard of Hindu life there on the part of India's cabinet and Prime Minister, has lowered the price of HH to $2 per head. Today the Hindus are refugees in their own country and no one cares a damn for them.

In 1992 the Hindus tried to raise the Temple to their Supreme Lord. But the police and the security forces intervened on behalf of the MUSLIMS and shot dead scores of Hindus. Coming to think of it, Sri Ram's status in Ayodhya ought to be ten times more than that of Mohammed in Mecca since Sri Rama was true to his wife all his life, he did not use force to convert anyone, he did not set upon conquering the neighbouring countries nor did he take female slaves and concubines in his harem. Seeing the Hindus scattered in that despicable manner, the market lowered the price of HH down to $0.50 apiece.

Two other factors affected the Hindu price adversely. One was the imposition of the Hindu Hater Italian born female and the other was the State visit by the Pope who denounced Hinduism standing on the soil of Hindustan. As soon as he talked of the "doomed Hindu soul", the price of HH fell down to 10 cents each. At this stage a Hindu was no more worth than a fistful of mud or sand.

The market crash came at last when the Hindus elevated a MOHAMMEDAN to the post of SUPREME COMMANDER. As soon as ABDUL KALAM became the President of India, the price of HH fell through the floor and was in fact ONE CENT PER GTEN HINDUS. One Hindu is now equal to one tenth of a cent.

The market has stopped trading in Hindu commodity. Encouraged by this a group of three Mohammedans entered a fully packed HINDU temple and fired on the congregation, killing over 35 ON THE SPOT.

Indeed, the writing is on the wall. Hindus cowardice and negative equity on earth means there will be more and more savage attacks on Hindu life and property in Hindustan.

At least one adversary is already foreseeing the GREEN ISLAMIC FLAG over RED FORT in DELHI while there is NO sign of BHAGWA even over AYODHYA.