Date: 9/30/2002


.........Give the Sikhs their historic role.

For the following INITIATIVE we don't need permission from the HINDU BASHING Congress Party or Ms. Sonia Khan (a.k.a. Gandhi), the Prime Minister in waiting, or ABDUL KALAM, the Supreme Commander, who simply do not wish the Hindus to show any INITIATIVE but to DIE piecemeal here and there, now and then, while doing service or "sewa".

We Hindus have the right to survive and must think for ourselves. The following INITIATIVE is proposed:

In the light of attack on Swaminarayan Temple in Gujarat last Tuesday, the VHP need to approach the noted Sikh body, the SGPC in Amritsar (also not known for any INITIATIVE since 1947), to post sword bearing SIKH "nihang Singh" guards in front of EVERY major temple in our terror stricken vulnerable, defenceless and helpless India.

We ought to have seen or known by now (we have had 55 years to see or know!) that PARTITIONED India has dived back into the same deep and murky pool of confusion and insecurity as during the Mogul Era.

The sparks flying from the simmering fires in SOUTH Kashmir will be landing on many more temples and government buildings, later even on gurdwaras.

"BROKEN" Bharat is back to the DARK & SAVAGE Islamic Era of Emperor Abdul Kalam and Prime Minister Sonia Khan in waiting.

There is NO independent, enlightened, patriotic or intelligent HINDU input into the Ideology and Politics at the top in India except selfless service and unquestioning obedience and trust ("nishkam sewa").

We also expected the SGPC in Amritsar not to remain sitting in "burqa" waiting for events to unfold. The events will unfold to our detriment if there are NO new INITIATIVES by the HINDU leaders or organisations.

In 1947 we were taken by surprise. Another surprise hit us last Tuesday. Yet another surprise is round the corner, and by now, VISIBLE to many of us.

There will be NO guidance or protection in sight from the RULERS of Hindustan. All they will tell the Hindus, when approached for advice or counsel is, "DON'T MOVE".