Date: 10/2/2002


2 Oct 02

.........................MUD & SPONGE

...................What is the difference?

If you press down mud it stays FLAT on ground.

If you press down sponge, it reverts back to its original form after the pressure is lifted.

In 1947 three communities in India were pressed down. The Muslims, the Hindus and the Sikhs.

The MUSLIMS felt that the British did not return India to them since they took it from the MUSLIM Emperor in Delhi in 1857. They retain the tendency and motivation to recover the lost territory eventually. The killings within the precincts of the holy Temple of Swaminarayan in Gandhinagar (Tuesday September 24, 2002) demonstrated to the world that they have the resilience of a SPONGE, the guts of a TIGER and the motivation of a BULL chasing a cow on heat.

What about the resilience of the other two communit4ies? We are afraid, they have stayed pressed down like MUD.

Not a word about Partition, not the slightest aspiration to return to North Kashmir and East Bengal.

Now would you classify the HINDUS and the SIKHS as sponge or mud?

While the indigenous Muslims of India have stuck to alien KARBALA where two Arabs, Hassan and Hussain, were killed in battle, fighting for a nasty cause (to conquer Hindustan eventually), the Sikhs dumped LAHORE where their Divine Guru was martyred and the great patriot Bhagat Singh was hanged to death.

They say the Hindus fought the First War of Independence in 1857. It ended in crushing DEFEAT for the Indians because it was not meant to lead to the creation of Pakistan or to retain the ISLAMIC flag over Red Fort in Delhi.

But when that prospect became crystal clear in 1947, the Hindus WON their VICTORY hands down.

Pakistan was born at the moment when the Second War of Independence, fought by warrior Bapu MK Gandhi and Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru ended in resounding victory for the MUSLIMS of India.

All-India Congress Party claimed all the credit for attaining Independence from the hated British and Bandit Nehru won the right to establish a ruling dynasty to misrule, plunder, bash, brainwash and terrorise the nation well into the 21st. century.

As a result today (2002 AD) the HINDU is still a "sitting duck" in South Kashmir, Gandhinagar and Ayodhya, an object of utmost contempt and abuse in West Punjab and East Bengal, and "game" in Uganda and Fiji.

It was during that "glow of freedom" that BANDIT Nehru, embraced MAULANA ABDUL KALAM in front of the movie cameras, and the still, cameras, and said, "We have won the Second War of Independence!"

Had the "Father of Nation" Bapu Gandhi not unconditionally surrendered five provinces to the PRIMITIVE SCHIZOPHRENIC PRIMATES in order to create the "profane & filthy" ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan on the sacred soil of India, the Second War of Independence in 1947 would also have ended in defeat as in 1857.

Hindu blood would have covered the "dharti" from Kashmir to Kerala, all the native males would have been circumcised, all the native females would have been impregnated by Khans, Alis, Mohammeds, Hussains, Kalams, Musharrafs, Sharifs, and Messrs. Hindukush, and the bloodthirsty separatist Muslim "devils" would have established their ISLAMIC Pakistan across the whole of India, including all the Swaminarayan temples, not just on the other side of Wagah.

Seeing Nehru and Kalam in close embrace, looking happy, while grieving Sikh widows were pouring in from Lahore and bleeding Hindus were arriving from Karachi, Sialkot and Jhelum, the entire HINDU nation and many Sikh sardars, like their Chief Minister on UNION Territory, sang and danced, in reality celebrating the Independence of Lahore rather than Amritsar that was lying in wait, legs up, for Operation Blue Star and Operation Black Thunder, etc.

(Some more attacks are planned by "KALAM, SONIA & Co." for the "imbecile" who are not replacing the five cumbersome controversial "K's" for ONE convenient "Kay" for Komputers despite the anguished cry of Guru Nanak Dev ji, the far seeing Divine Guru, who, 500 years ago, addressed today's SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee), in the following words,

"Eti maar paee kurlane, tain kee AQAL na aee!" ("You have been thrashed, kicked, tortured, beaten and martyred so much and so often, yet you have not learnt a single lesson, and even today sit under an ABDUL KALAM, the Supreme Commander of Hindustan!")

The beaten and defeated Hindus and the the Sikhs ought to apologise to Lord SWAMINARAYAN, "We have FAILED. We have LOST the Second War of Independence!"

One could also be honest and brave enough to say, "We HINDUS have still to start our own First War of Independence to raise the "Bhagwa" over Ayodhya and Red Fort, and to remove the "Koranic dung" from Rashtrapati Bhawan.