Date: 10/4/2002


One was shocked to read that in England a man is being convicted of "insulting" Islam, as if something as THICK SKINNED as Islam can ever be insulted!

Call your fellow Muslims in PARTITIONED India "behen-chod" for the crime of massacring ONE MILLION non Muslims and call them all "MAADER CHOD" for killing united India in 1947, and go on abusing ISLAM till Pakistan and BOGUSdesh set FIRE to their Islamic constitutions and revert back to India and accept to live under SECULAR Law.

If secularism is POISON to Abdul Kalam so should his MOHAMMED be to all the free world where the women are not beaten up for showing their faces in public, nor are the sacred statues of the others destroyed.

Here is the letter to the editor by a reader who has kindly fofwarded a copy to be posted on this web page.



The Daily Telegraph



The news of an English man convicted under the Governmetn's Anti-Terrorism Crime and Security Act, which came into fire last December, is a serious blow to the freedom of speech. ("The Daily Telegraph, October 4, 2002, p. 10).

According to the news item, Mr. Alistair Scott, 33, was provoked into saying a few adjectives about Islam when his Mohammedan neighbour hailed September 11 as a "great day", poraised Osama Bin Laden as a "great hero" and thought all Americans "deserved to die".

We should all speak up against such a slavish pro Islamic law by a government that seems to be the concubine of Islam, before another nail is driven in the corrin of free speech in our country that is still called United Kingdom.

The right to criticise is the most desirable one since without criticism there can be NO improvement in any field of life. Slow trains have to be criticised. Dangerous drivers have to be criticised. the practice of having four wives has to be criticised, and so on. Whatever is beyond criticism becomes a decomposing cesspit of human waste from brain.

How has Christianity come to be so liberal and attractive today since the days of Inquisition and the reign of the Queen "Bloody" Mary? Crticism of Christian convictions and doctrines once held dearly, was at the heart of improvement.

Today Christianity is a much improved version of earlier centuries while Islam has remained a "fossilised" religious. It has no appeal to many outsiders.

Islam is also a most terrible affliction for the Believers themselves. One need to ask the women in Afghanistan who dare to walk with faces exposed. The men who beat them up quote an ISLAMIC law and since that law is beyond criticism, it will stay on to afflict the lives of women in Islamic countries for ever.

Hence unlike Germany that enacted a totally NON Nazi constitution after World War 2, Aftghanistan has gone back to its Islamic constitution. So did Bangladesh within five years of being liberat4ed by SECULAR India in 1972. Bangladeshi women like Taslima Nasreen have fled the Islamic land, fearing murder.

In Pakistan many non Muslims have been hanged and beaten to death for criticising Islam.

The sensitivity of the Muslims about criticism reminds me of the scene in an Infant School where small children keep running to the teacvher, "Miss, he called me a cow," or, "Sir, he called me a pig," and so on. If is good that the teachers are tolerant and don't send the little offenders to jail or beat them up. Children do grow up. When will the MUSLIM grandfathers grow up?

The present government which has enacted such a partisan PRO ISLAMIC law so quickly may not know that someone whose father was killed in Pakistan for being an Infidel and someone whose wife died of cancer, will equate both as curses from heavan. To these victims, praises of Islam amount to praising the cancer cells.

I am speaking of hundreds of millions of people who were adversely affected when the sword of Islam struck their kith and kin or even country.

A Hindu ex refugee from Lahore and a Sikh who had to flee Rawalpindi in 1947 consider Islam worse than cancer since there is no hope of Pakistan being cured of her Islamic constitution, letting them come back to live under secular law.

One ought to ask, "Why are the Musims so sensitive to criticism?"

What is it that they wish to hide or keep under cover? Why aren't the Christians, the Hidnus and the Sikhs crying for such STATE protection?

Surely there is a delinquent among us and the laws of land are being bent to accommodate his brain IQ. One better not critise him for his four wives, for the practice of stoning a young mother to death, for cutting off the hannds of a thief, for his trigger happy and stone throwing disposition, and even for his privilege to call George Bush an Infidel, Tony Blair a Kafir and a Hindu a loathsome creature. One better watch out. The law is on the donkey's side.

One ought to criticise Islam day and night for the good of the Muslims themselves. The Muslims plea of hurt is sheer nonsence and can be rejected outright. They do fly their flags over Northern Cyprus, Lahore, NANKANA SAHIB and EAST Bengal without caring two hoots for the feelins of non Muslims. Their complaints are a sham, meant to intimidate the rest. The larned judges trying Mr. Alistair Scott need to know that Islam, with 42 ISLAMIC republics on earth, is too thick skinned. One could't hurt an Islamic stone with a Christian heather.

Great Britain of 2002 need not emulate the Saudi Arabia of 702 AD?


What about YOU, dear reader? Are the Muslims terrorising you or your fellow citizens in any way? Here is the address to write to-

We can all speak up FEARLESSLY against a predator who only knows to kill and conquer, but not secularism.