Date: 10/4/2002



Truth cannot be suppressed, imprisoned, tortured or killed, nor tri-sected in the manner of AKHAND BHARAT in 1947.

Here is the Truth about Mother India through 20th century.


On January 1, 1900, "Mother lndia" was a concubine of Imperial British Masters. She donned and doffed her scanty clothes at their command and bidding.

She procured and served food, cleaned the house and dutifully looked after the Master's wives and children.

..................FIRST HALF OF THE CENTURY

English replaced Persian, Urdu and Hindi from higher social circles, courts and offices. Terror and awe of Europeans, loyalty to England, and hatred of fellow Indians was imbibed through "modern" education.

The Sikh was made to see "nishkam sewa" as the highest virtue in life and conditioned to put the visible symbols above the invisible SPIRIT.

Schools, colleges and universities taught one to frown upon native religions, customs and languages. Indians were educated and trained to be good servants, loyal soldiers and clever "babus" and accountants.

India, once a great civilization, now did everything at the bidding of her European masters. Union Jack flew over the colony.

The glory and power of HINDU were in dust. "Independence" movements were not a serious thing but more of "tamaasha". They were cleverly controlled and regulated to suit Imperial convenience.

Native stalwarts like the Mahatma, Pandit and the Sardar were, in reality, midgets and dwarfs in global terms- and all of them in dog co11ar.

The Mahatma, went naked and non violent. The Pandit, speaking His Master's Voice, became a "Brown Sahib", and the Sardar became Pandit's poodle. They all acquired a halo among the natives as super men, Messiahs & Saviours.

...................IN THE MIDDLE

It was in less than two years after the end of World War 2 which had claimed 50 million lives for the sake of democracy & secularism, and within three years of mid-century, when the Mohammedan JINN, never truly indigenous, secular or assimilated, with his spiritual and political loyalties tuned to Arabia and Iran, saw the master's grip loosen while he packed his bags to depart for England.

The Muslim beast saw Lady "Mother INDIA" beautifui like a goddess, lying naked on the floor, unattended and unguarded.

Inspired and encouraged by the teachings of his KORAN and quickly tempted by her weakness, beauty and fragility, he pounced upon her.

Violently holding her down he raped her to satisfy his carnal lust, and then, in order to silence her for ever, cut up her body into three parts, and ran away like all rascals and cowards.

Since the rape was forced and accompanied by violence, a lot of blood flowed from our gentle lady's body, enough to fill a million buckets.

Terrified, and seemingly helpless and 'shell shocked', the orphaned Hindus ran helter skelter in all directions- from West Punjab and East Bengal to the farthest corners of the globe, creating the second wave of gypsies. The first wave, too, was caused by the rape of "Mother" India by a MUSALMAN, Mahmud of Ghazni, who invaded India umpteen times in early 11th century AD, and scattered her terrified children in all directions.

Today their descendants inhabit far off lands like the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, only to be rejected, kicked and abused by the original inhabitants while their own land of origin, HINDUSTAN, is busy serving her new masters ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN curry and beef pulao on silver plates, and champagne in gold glasses.

Significantly, "Mahatma" MK Gandhi, the first "rat" in the profane "Trilogy Of Assassinated Gandhis", was promptly "despatched" by an honourable Maratha before a Sikh survivor from Rawalpindi could draw his sword.

Dirty Pandit shed crocodile tears and promptly activated all the "Dr. Goebbels" and propagandists at the disposal of his vast establishment, calling it "Murder of Mahatma" and "Murder of Secularism" etc.

Henceforth, all Marathas were regarded "dangerous Hindus". Soon, the warrior Sikhs were to become "traitors" and all the brave Tamils tarred as "terrorists".


Seeing some sign of life in "Mother India" and a bag of gold concealed under her body, Rascal Pandit, with Stalinist instincts of ruthless suppression and control, and colonial hatred of the natives, approached her, and, showing false sympathy, claimed the bleeding body, and the bag of gold under it, as his personal property.

For a major part of the second half of the 20th century, the Pandit, his daughter and the grandsons developed long hands and nimble fingers, to control, crush and brainwash the Hindus further, to collect money in countless scams, commissions, frauds and bribes, and to split & divide the Hindu family while inculcating Himalayan inferiority complex among top Hindu leaders.

Like Marshal Stalin's Communism, the Pandit created a new religion called Secularism for the cowards who lapped it eagerly like hungry dogs.

Thus a committed Hindu was considered a thief by the Hindus themselves but anyone with an imported wife became the best candidate for any top job.

Loyalty to India now demanded that the Hindus, though 85% of the population, all accept and adore the "First Lady" of Hindusthan, who is not only a NON Hindu but also Italian by birth and committed to evangelism. Admired by all, former Miss Maino has become Mrs. Gandhi.

To the brainwashed Hindus and Sikhs, this is Secularism, their new religion.

The entire film industry, second biggest in the world, churned out film after film lampooning Hinduism as ridiculous buffoonery or monkey circus.

Khans embrace and kiss Hindu maidens on and off stage while a Hindu actor touching a Musalmani fears assassination. So do brave writers like Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie.

Any book not approved by the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Mullahs in Iran is promptly banned in Bharat. Yasser Arafat of PLO is India's idol but all that splendid Buddhist world to the East is to be shunned.

Indians far and near, from SOUTH Kashmir and EAST Bengal to Uganda and Fiji, get ample spit and abuse and often get unceremoniously "kicked out", raped and killed with impunity. None relates to them. At any time there are thousands of young men and women begging for political asylum at foreign embassies and high commissions in Bharat.

None wants to know them. The entire nation, one billion strong and a fifth of all mankind, perceived great "honour" in honouring a planted nun from Albania and a worthless White Elephant from Italy.

In its cover story, "INDIA TODAY", January 31, 1995, lists the enormous wealth at the disposal of "Hindu hater/Sikh killer" Dynasty. It is to be contrasted with the impoverished Hindu institutions and mandirs and starving Hindu priests, Shankaracharyas and Sikh "granthis".

...................END OF THE 20TH CENTURY

The century closed in darkness just like the dark midnight hour when Dirty Pandit hoisted his own party's mongrel Tricolour with "Ashoka Chakra" over Red Fort instead of pure BHAGWA with Trishul, thus turning our thoroughbred race-horse Hindusthan into a miserable emaciated load-carrying pseudo-secular mule.

"PARTITION", that was India's worst ever defeat and surrender, is called "Independence" so that Indian coolies, serfs and slaves of Dynasty may sing and dance at Pandit Nehru's elevation and their own degradation.

Symbolically, for the "hi-jacked" India under Islamic terror and Papal force, the century actually ended with the hi-jack of an Indian Airlines plane flying from Kathmandu to New Delhi just before it landed at "Indira Gandhi International Airport"- named after the political "witch" of the 20th century.

Arrogant, autocratic and Imperialist Indira was "despatched" by a FIRING SQUAD at Halloween 1984, for the High Treason of attacking Golden Temple in June 1984.

A daring Tamil Catholic woman similarly "despatched" Indira's corrupt son, "BOFORS CHOR" Rajiv "Gandhi".

The final slap in the face of the one BILLION helpless demoralised Hindus was the Pope's visit to India as a State guest while native holy men and shrines depend on public charity for crumbs.

In Ayodhya, the ruins of Lord Sri Ram Temple tell the world another terrible Truth about dying Hindusthan.

In the closing moments of the century confused Hindus are seen trying to stand up while Congress sharp shooters, joined by the Muslim Fifth Column take aim and plan their next advance over the dead bodies of Hindus.

BANDIT NEHRU'S "glow" became the dawn of ISLAM in Bharat. There was NOT ONE native Hindu man or woman good enough for the top job and NO Sikh or Maratha was brave enough to assume the mantle of SUPREME COMMANDER.


The HINDU nation reserved the BIGGEST SLAP for its native women. There is neither a decent lady in the President's Bhawan, nor in the Prime Minister's House. The nearest you get to a "woman at the top" is ITALIAN BORN Sonia KHAN who would like to see Gita and Granth replaced by the Bible at the earliest, every Hindu become Antony or George and every Sikh shaved off.