Date: 10/5/2002


..............Appeal to all Hindu organisations.

The political situation in Bharatt is taking a downward turn. Hindu body is bleeding in South Kashmir. ISI agents now freely roam the streets of Bharat, planning new attacks and explosions. Gunmen can simply walk into country's main temple and open fire to kill dozens of worshippers. To go to sacred Amarnath Cave in South Kashmir or Naina Devi Temple near Jammu is like inviting death.

Each time innocent Hindu lives are lost in this brutal manner, the nation feels a shudder of demoralisation going through its spine. Hindus' manhood is dented, spirit gets a knock and morale shattered. We begin to perceive ourselves as ducks or rats.

The time has come to turn the tide, to rejuvenate the flagging Hindu soul that is reconciled to having a Muslim Supreme Commander. The prime minister has no decent spouse on his side to inspire the noble Hindu girls and women across the land. A childless Mr. Vajpayee, dubbed "eunuch" by the world and most NRI's, offers the substitute of First Lady of Land in the shape of cheap poetry and Urdu ghazals, instead.

No other people on earth have become mental orphans to such an extent. The dream to re-build Bhagwan Sri Ram Temple is farther away than ever before.

As a part of this spiritual re-juvenation we strongly commend to all the Hindu institutions, bodies and educational establishments, to sing the soul stirring hymn by Guru Govind Singh ji, entitled, "DEH SHIVA BAR MOHE EHI , . . . " Puja, Havan and Arti in every mandir ought to conclude with the singing of this hymn.

Contrary to all the propaganda offensive by Bandit Nehru's Party and Dynasty, this particular hymn is not for the Sikhs alone. It was composed and sung across Bharat as a call to the entire HINDU nation to become strong, smash the chains of slavery and stand up to defend our territory and dhamra.

The nation has waited far too long, hoping for peace to return to the sub contieent. It has proved in vain.

Now dangerous times call for radical measures. Adopting and singing "DEH SHIVA BAR MOHE . . . . " across Bharat is one of those "radical" measures that we commend.

Seeing the limp decomposing Hindu body in our Bharat, a lot of foreign (Italian and Islamic) "vultures" are seen hovering overhead, hoping for the Hindu's death. Once the notes of this hymn are struck, they will all fly away.


Institute of Hindu Ideology (