the  voice  of  the  punjab  is  gagged.  what  about  the  voice  of  west  bengal  orissa  &  karnataka?

date: 10/5/2002

part time job during grad school

..........the voice of the punjab is gagged.

what about the voice of west bengal, orissa & karnataka?

hindi, the national language of bharat is being neglected through state design and the hatred of the powers that are misruling and manipulating india.

betrayal of hindi and sanskrit will have lethal consequences for bharat.

please read the tragic story of the punjab below carefully, to accurately forecast the doom of hindustan.


punjab, a case study in the decomposing and disintegrating "partitioned india"

........strength of nations through mother tongue

there is a small country in eastern europe called lithuania. the population is under four million. but they love their language so much that even if george bush turned up there, the local ministers and officials from the president down to the chaprasi (office boy), will speak to him in lithuanian.

therefore the world's most powerful man will have to employ local interpreters to communicate.

now come to punjab. the punjabis hate their own mother tongue so much that the same punjab which could have remained united with lahore as its capital, is now divided into five fragments and the punjabis from all these fragments are running around the world as "beggars" and gypsies.

not that the punjabis were not addressed or warned on the subject. we have a vital evidence on the subject. it is a printed tract in urdu (the state language during the british raj), entitled, punjabio, awwal punjabi".

it was written in 1943 by a great patriot and visionary called nanak singh.

it is amazing, beyond belief, that nanak singh could fore-see the wretched plight of the punjabis as early as that in case they betrayed their common language at home.

nanak singh was a leading lawyer and civil rights campaigner of multan who, four years later (on march 5, 1947) laid down his life defending "akhand bharat" that was to be dumped by india within days of his attaining martyrdom.

had the punjabis heeded nanak singh's historic call, the course of history of punjab, and of india, too, would have been quite different.

punjab, the frontier state of india, has always been the bullwark of india's defences. with the fall of punjab the rest of india crumbled in no time like the dominoes.

the fall of punjab came about due to no other reason but the betrayal of the panjabi language by the punjabis themselves.

the first to attack punjabi was the muslim son of soil.

he declared his love for urdu and arabic far above anything else he could think of.

so he parted company, taking three fourth of the punjab with him back to 7th. century ad when his mohammed sahib ji was born in arabia.

he at once swapped his political slavery under britain for ideological & spiritual slavery under arabia. great leap forward, dear mr. khan!

(mr. khan was my fellow citizen in 1946 when we used to live in multan, the city of bhagat prahlad.)

then came the hindu son of punjab. suddenly the language of the province seemed poison to him and, yelling the slogan, "hindi in danger!" he separated, in order to create his own hindi speaking states called haryana and himachal pradesh where he could speak hindi and also love urdu more than the hated panjabi.

what was then left was the fragment, too cursed and hated by centre even to enjoy its own capital.

the city of chandigarh, where the chief minister of the last fragment, that is still called punjab, is located, lies on union territory.

lucky lithuania, on the other hand, retained her unity that putrid punjab threw to the winds.

the sikh spirit, all the visible symbols and the strict way of life as per "rehat maryada" has proved absolutely useless in bringing the punjabis under the one common umbrella of either religion or politics.

the muslims in nankana sahib spend vast sums of money to fly off to alien mecca in saudi arabia for hajj, refusing to enter the sacred janam asthan in their own town for the joys of "sangat & pangat".

at present that punjab is cut and chopped into the following parts and none sees eye to eye with the other.

1. west punjab under "allah hu akbar". none can pray to god in the noble language of the soil. the elite prefer to speak in urdu, a language born in the brothels of lucknow in u.p., hindustan.

2. east punjab under general jacob, the man who governs, without any right of self defence against "operation blue star" and "operation blue thunder" when the hindustani "eunuchs in uniform" (the "cease-firing" indian army) kill own fellow citizens and win medals and awards for "bravery in the battlefield".

3. haryana, that remains at loggerheads with punjab over river waters.

4. himachal pradesh that has robbed punjab of cool hill stations in hot summers and all that scenic beauty of the mountains, and that in turn is deprived of all the lucrative punjabi investments.

the punjabis are now condemned and confined to their dust bowl in the sweltering heat of the plains.

5. union territory of chandigarh. two chief ministers are kept here like the two horned rams confronting each other with suspicion while both (one from punjab and the other from haryana) remain ever ready to drink the "urine" of any italian born "mem" of the bofors chor, arriving from delhi.

here on union territory the dignity of punjab meets with the dust of degradation.

someone returning from bharat gave me a shopping bag with the words:

.........."india, duty free, a shopper's paradise".

under "shops at arrival and departure," it lists india's international airports.

these are-

delhi, mumbai, kolkata, chennai, thiruvananthapuram, goa, bangalore, hyderabad, calicut, ahmedabad and varanasi.

in vain your eyes are looking for sri amritsar or jalandhar.

the bottom line reads, india tourism development corporation.

so now you know the hindustani "bastards & bitches", serving the will of italy & islam, who have taken punjab completely out of the tourist map of india.

you get the message? the whole of india is regarded a land for tourists but punjab and amritsar are deleted like the word "partition".

the word "partition" is firmly stamped on the hindu's bottom which all those walking behind him can clearly see but not the hindu.

the hindu's bottom was stamped with this word when the muslim boot landed hard on it in 1947.

but the hindu does not know, or dare not say (if he knows), who hit him so hard.

thus totally confused and disoriented, the hindu takes it out on the punjabis while voluntarily going under an abdul kalam once more.

thus we begin to see the hilarious, yet extremely tragic, "monkey circus" that is india today.

it all started from punjab on march 5, 1947, when the punjabis discarded the love of their own "ma boli" (mother tongue). from single file they branced off into three columns hurling abuse and curses on one another.

one column was led by jinn, the whisky drinking pork eating, barrister from bombay, and the other two columns were led by traitors "gandu & bandit".

some "punjabi" aqal. we all worshipped false gods and bled to death and impoverishment.

the irony is that the hindu still cannot see his red hot bottom with the word "partition" imprinted on it. so the so-called hindu fundamentalist government in new delhi cannot see sri amritsar as one of the international airports of india.

now look at lithuania whose people love their language more than their lives. they live in peace and glory. tomorrow belongs to them.

the small country is independent and sovereign just like east bengal that escaped partitioned india's secular death grip.

lithuania, the small country of four million inhabitants, has its own state-owned airline called lithuanian airlines.

lithuanian airlines has direct flights to: amsterdam, berlin, copenhagen, frankfurt on main, stockholm, paris, prague, london, moscow, warsaw, helsinki, kiev, tallinn.

it has its own web page: <>

please do click on it and see the glory of four million citizens of lithuania who run their own air line. its planes fly out in all directions without taking permission from berlin or moscow.

when will east punjab have its own air line to fly direct from sri amritsar to ludhiana?

(perhaps when the hindus have a sri ram temple in ayodhya, return to their homes in north kashmir and sylhet, and the indians can stand tall in fiji, east bengal and uganda.)

lithuania's defence budget is not being spent on catching or confronting militants and saboteurs from the neighbouring countries. its budget is spent on education, health, roads, agriculture, forestry and industrial development.

it is also spent on encouraging and developing local talents and fine arts, including theatre and opera. above all, it is spent on the teaching of the lithuanian language to the russian and polish minorities to help them integrate with the lithuanians.

finally, one could say that kicking and bashing one's "ma boli" (mother tongue) has scattered the punjabis, both from india and pakistan, across the globe as "beggars" and gypsies, while honouring the ma boli has enabled the lithuanians to have a permanent seat at the united nations organisation where the world can hear the independent voice of lithuania directly and clearly while the voice of punjab (india) has to pass through so many filters of abdul kalam and sonia khan, censor boards and government offices that it is totally lost even before it can jump over the state borders on all sides. the voice of punjab is gagged.


how free is u.p., the size of germany and france put together?

the people of the state are so crushed and collapsed due to large urdu speaking "pakistanis" (nb: all muslims in india are "non resident pakistanis" as per the "act of partition, 1947") in her body that she cannot even stand up for sri ram temple in ayodhya.


part time job during grad school