Date: 10/7/2002


.....................LEECHES ON HINDU BODY

Leech is simply BLOOD SUCKER in the German language ("BLUTSAUGER").

Thus there is no explanation needed to tell the Hindu what is stuck upon his BODY, drinking his blood day and night.

This BLOOD SUCKER is the All-India Congress Party which could be translated into "ITALY & ISLAM" instead of "the party that gave us independence from the British."

There was a knock on the door and Father enquired, "Who is it?"

............."Congress candidate of your area."

............."What do you want?" shouted Father.

........."Some donation for RAJIV GANDHI FOUNDATION."

.............."What good did he do for India?"

.........."His grandfather got us Independence."

That is where Father went for the Congress man like a ferocious BULLDOG digging into the man's legs.

"You mean that BLOODY BASTARD JAWAHARLAL NEHRU? He signed the unconditional surrender of my MULTAN and my wife's GUJRANWALA."

Father continued, "He got us PARTITION, you Son of a Blind Bitch. Vanish or I shall punch your head into pulp."

I quickly opened the door and saw the Con Man take to his heels. I saw his "dhoti" dropping.

Father had been a Sergeant Major in the pre-PARTITION British Indian Army and was always known for his fearless attack on anyone who spoke of independence instead of PARTITION.

His loud voice was like the thunder of ten 25-pounder guns firing simultaneously. He had drilled his squad for years, shaking the earth beneath his feet.

He was still "mopping up" in Borneo when the news of PARTITION came. When he returned, he found us in a refugee camp near Amritsar instead of at home in Lyallpur.

It's a mystery what Father did the first night after arrival. He was not seen till the next morning. We are still not sure if he had anything to do with the shooting DEAD of seven Congress men in the district that night. The police is still trying to apprehend the killer.

Sometimes we hear father speak in his sleep, loud enought for us to hear, "If I could get hold of that Jawaharlal, the Son of a Musalman, I will WRENCH HIS NECK like a chicken's."

I know Father had been a fearless warrior and he could tell the ENEMY from the FRIEND even in the thick jungles of Burma and Borneo at midnight.

.............He never abused JINNAH but only NEHRU.

He used to say, "Jinnah was a Musalman linked to Mecca. So what he did was "natural" for a Musalman, to piss in the plate out of which he had his dinner.

"But what the Son of a BITCH Nehru did was beyond belief. One day he took the Oath of Loyalty to India that stretched up to KHYBER and the next day he agreed to the frontier come down to WAGAH near Amritsar."




I had plenty of time to reflect on the collapse of all the professors, doctors, writers, editors, journalists and political stalwarts in India who still celebrate the DEFEAT and DEATH of India on August 15 every year.

The Indians must be the MOST IGNORANT people on earth, the despicable lot MINUS all self esteem, and bereft of all traces of patriotism.

In fact due to the way they have dumped the memory of West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal, I have come to regard the INDIANS a genetically inferior race whose genes are closer to those of dogs than to the other humans on earth. I have still to be convinced that it is otherwise.

I recall the sign on The Mall, SHIMLA, "NO INDIANS AND DOGS." Did the British know something in 1902 what we Indians still do not know in 2002? I was looking for the answer.

The meaning became clear AFTER Partition when I never saw any commemoration of the surrender, any memorial to the dead, any mention of Lahore, East Bengal and North Kashmir from the leaders' speeches.

In fact, I heard one HINDU stalwart declare from public platform, "We ACCEPT Partition," and the crowd did not LYNCH him, did not hang from the nearest tree and do what the Italians did to Mussolini. I simply wanted to explode a BOMB under everyone's BUM.

And what about the man who knocked on our door? He was collecting funds for the BOFORS CHOR FOUNDATION!

Hindus being committed to earning money like no one else on earth, do have a lot of wealth, but not a penny for their OWN cause.

They shed money like the snakes shed their scales and like trigger happy lunatics, they write off cheques for large sums for this Foundation or that Foundation set up by Nehru's PARTY of PARTITION and go on feeding the leeches stuck on their body.

If a caller says, "Please donate a few rupees for All India HINDU Maha Sabha," the Hindu trembles with fear. "Is there a catch?", he wonders and shrinks back horrified.

But if the caller says, "I am collecting funds for the Congress Party that won us all Independence from the British, the Hindu promptly runs up to his cheque book and hands over a large sum."

The caller tells him, "Your son has a better chance of securing a job despite his Third Division in B.A."

Today India is being run and ruled by the lot who had THIRD DIVISION degrees. In fact MOST of the rules in India have NO degree at all.

What degree does Rabri Devi, Chief Minister of Bihar, a state as large as France, have?

What will YOU do if a man approached you for donation for INDIRA GANDHI FOUNDATION?

Tie a string of FIRE CRACKERS on his back, pushing some right in, and strike the match.

While he is on fire, seen vanishing out of sight, you SHOUT, "He calls his Party, "Party of Independence!"

"Don't worry, every Supreme Court judge and army general in PARTITIONED India (BROKEN Bharat) will be on YOUR side. They will LOVE to hear what they always yearned for, the TRUTH about that BOGUS independence of India that is minus Sialkot and Sylhet but full of Mohammedans."

With ABDUL KALAM on top of all, we notice the Hindu's breathing getting fainter and fainter.



What heppened to Lord Krishna' advice to Arjun at Kurukshetra?

The Hindus have gone for the appeasing, surrendering GANDHI, and have pushed the knife into their own body, instead. They are bleeding in South Kashmir.

....What happened to the SPIRIT of Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

The SPIRIT has flown away from the body. Only SYMBOLS are left. They are being worshipped and adored day and night.


Unless a miracle takes place, the future of the Hindu is what his past was, under Emperor Babur, the Barbarian, and the future of the Sikh is what his past was under Aurangzeb, the Terrible.