Date: 10/8/2002


After the Coimbatore bombing, which was conducted with the aid of a rotten political party, Jayalalitha had neumerous persons arrested. In Tamil Nadu, police questionings have a very different meanings.


-The Tamil spirit of a large numbe of Tamils joining INA behind Subash Candra Bose?

-The Tamil spirit of the large number of Jawans in the Indian army? (Just one village with a population of about 1500, has sent more than 50 jawans to the Army?)

-The Tamil Spirit for putting up with the action of complete drying of the 'Jeeva Nadhi', river Palar?

-For putting up with the further attempt of drying of the last life line, River 'Kauveri'?

When all of Bharat fell under the Mughal sword, Tamils did not fall. Not because the other parts of Bharat protected us, but, because, we know how to fight.

When Catrapati Sivaji wanted support, he obtained that support from Tamils. If you look at the map of Sivaji's lands, you can find blips of land in Tamil Nadu, allying with Sivaji. You will also find a very small place called 'Vellore' supporting Sivaji.


One important question still remains unanswered:

> If all the Tamil groups and lists, Tamilians in TN and abroad > want to avoid talking about realities and sing the music of the pseudo-secular wallas and communists, what is prompting them to behave so, when the realities of the world keep reminding us about the growing dangers to Tamil Nadu, Tamilians and India?

Why do Tamilians, who often cry loud and big about "tamilian spirit", "tamilian ethos, culture, tamil literature," blah blah blah fail to understand the growth of Islamic terrorism in TamilNadu ? And why do they do NOT want to realise it as well ?

Dhimmitude ?????

A war is half won, when the mindsets are won over.

The media and the psecs are waging one kind of war against > Indians. The Islamic jihadi terrorists and Missionaries are > waging another kind of war against Indians. The Macaulytes and the marxists are further complicating this scenario.

When will Indians and PIOs wake up to realise the realities ? >

> When will Tamilians rise above petty politics and realise the dangers that are growing in TN ? >

> The Mumbai + Coimbatore bomb blasts should have been a reminder.

The media still plays it down, much to the horror of many.

> The western media, for all its shortcomings, plays its tunes to > the interests of their nations and their governments first and foremost. >

> When will India wake up to realities ?

> > What will force Indians to wake up to realities ? >

> Never before, in a nation as large as India, have the lives of so many (been) ignored and uncared for, by so few. >

> This lack of awareness is a much bigger tragedy - for the inability of the human mind to realise the dangers is far worse > than anything. >

> The first step is to realise the dangers. >

> The second step would be to mobilise minds, soldiers and ammunition against these enemy forces. >

> The third step is to wage the war and defeat the enemy. >

> Why is that Indians are failing ... ?!!!

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> Another clear signals for more danger can be read from http://www.vikatan.com/jv/2002/oct/09102002/jv0401.shtml > >

Another signal that came some time ago is at

http://www.vikatan.com/jv/2002/jan/06012002/jv0601.htm >

http://www.hinduonnet.com/2002/10/06/stories/2002100605570400.htm >

> The 2 links below on SIO and SIMI should help you all realise the dangers and the realities a little better. >

> SIO - http://www.sioindia.com/sio/constitution.shtml >

> http://web.archive.org/web/20010925172648/http://www.simofindia.org/ > > ...............===============================

> > http://www.sulekha.com/redirectNh.asp?cid=250696 >

> http://www.sulekha.com/hoppercomments.asp?cid=250696 >

> http://www.saag.org/papers6/paper526.html >

> South Asia Analysis Group >

> Paper no. 526 -------- 03. 10. 2002 >


> ISLAMIC TERRORISM IN INDIA: The Hydra-Headed Monster >

> > Islamic terrorism in India is a bye-product of > the US-inspired and orchestrated jehad of the 1980s against the > Soviet troops in Afghanistan. To make the Soviet troops bleed, the USA's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) encouraged Islamic fanaticism and incited unemployed Muslim youth all over the world to go to Afghanistan to carry on a jehad against Communism. Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was entrusted by the CIA with the task of religiously-motivating, training and arming the jehadi mercenaries from different countries and sending them into Afghanistan for fighting against the Soviet troops.

> > 2. It is estimated that between 6,000 and 10,000 mercenaries thus participated in the anti-Soviet jehad. The majority of them were Arabs, but a small number came from India,

> Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, the southern Philippines, Chechenya (Russia) and Xinjiang (China). Some unemployed Muslim youth from the South Asian Muslim diaspora in West Europe and the USA and Afro-American youth from North America and the Caribbean also joined. >

> 3. The majority of the Muslims from India (about a > hundred) who went to Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet > troops came from Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). A smaller number (hardly a dozen) came from other parts of India. They became the > hard-core of the now banned Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). The ISI motivated them against India, gave them jehadi inolculation in Afghanistan and sent them back to India for starting a jehad. >

> 4. The CIA was aware that the ISI was diverting > part of the funds and arms and ammunition received by it from > the US, Saudi Arabia and other countries for use against the > Soviet troops to India to instigate a jehad there. It did not stop it; nor did it alert the Government of India to it. >

> 5. However, the Government of President Najibullah of Afghanistan, which was then in power in Kabul, alerted the Rajiv Gandhi Government to the ISI's machinations and to the dangers faced by India from these elements.

The Rajiv Gandhi Government, then engrossed in Sri Lanka, did not pay serious attention to the warning signals from Kabul. India has had to pay a heavy price for it in the form of Islamic terrorism sprouting not only in J&K, but also in other parts of the country. >

> 6. In the early 1990s, warning signals also came > from Israel. The Israeli agencies picked up a Palestinian student studying in South India who had been sent to the occupied territories to organise acts of terrorism. His interrogation revealed the possible presence in South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu, of Ismalic terrorist networks.


CHRISTIANS IN INDIA ARE ON THE PATH OF DISHOENSTY AND DECEIPT 'cause I was brought up as a Christian where I learnt only hatred:

1. I was not allowed to read any Hindu texts.

2. They told me that all that are not baptised are damned to hell.

3. I was not allowed to eat prasad of the Hindus.

4. I was not allowed to go a temple.

5. They taught me about hell which made me terrified and lived in that state all my childhood thinking that if I commit a mortal sin I would go to hell. (This means there is no chance of coming out of it)

6. Do you want your offsprings to go through such a childhood?

7. Why do you think the Christians and the muslims are so cruel? This is the only reason. They are scared of the hell and they go through such horrors in their childhood that they won't hesitate to do any type of atrocities!!

8. Christians do exactly the same type of atrocities committed by the terrorists saying that they are waging just wars and kill millions of people centuries after centuries. If you want I will give you examples!!