Date: 10/8/2002


The Indian state of Tamilnadu has brought an Ordinance banning religious conversion by "force, allurement or fraudulent means."

The Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2002, stipulates a prison term extending up to three years and a maximum fine of Rs 50,000 for forcible conversion.



Brave TAMIL NADU, the size of FRANCE, is not a chicken in Sonia's kitchen.

...............Dear Tamil Bandhu,

We are from NORTH INDIA but while we are ashamed at the total collapse of the HINDU in the North (defeat in Ayodhya, defeat in Rashtrapati Bhawan and even defeat in All-India Congress Party) we are mighty proud of your Tamil Spirit.

Your boys ROSE against the deceitful and tyrannical collusion between ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY in Northern Sri Lanka.

Your boys gave a BLOODY NOSE to the mercenary Army of RAJIV KHAN, sent to crush you, not liberate you (just see Turkey's role for fellow Turks in CYPRUS and despicable HINDUSTAN'S ROLE IN SRI LANKA!)

Now while the Dalits and Muslims are being ENCOURAGED to split the heads of any high caste (educated) Hindu, and conversion is taking place from Hyderabad to Assam with the Hindus ON THE RUN FROM SOUTH KASHMIR, it is YOUR Chief Minister with the guts to challenge the missionaries, the mullahs and the god fathers right up to Mecca and Vatican.

In contrast to her guts and spirit, the only SIKH Chief Minister in India is sitting on UNION TERRITORY, hoping for a smile from the female import of BOFORS CHOR.

At one time it was the RAJPUTS, the SIKHS and the MARATHAS who were the guardians of our HINDU Dharma, Wealth, Temples and Daughters.

Today that TORCH OF HINDU DIGNITY AND FREEDOM has gone SOUTH and is being held aloft in the hands of TAMIL NADU.

.........We salute you, O Tamil Nadu.

May you inspire the Rajputs to go to SOUTH KASHMIR to defend the HINDU DHARTI. May you inspire the MARATHAS to go to AYODHYA to contract Sri Ram Temple, and may you inspire the SIKHS to liberate their own Chief Minister from his UNION TERRITORY, the joint capital of two states (Haryana and EAST Punjab).

We should now all pray for "HIJDA" VAJPAYEE'S chair to go to JAYALALITHA.

Please pass this message around with a clarion call of the revival and re-juvenation of the decomposing, disintegrating and dying HINDUSTAN from the South.

The capial of India should shift to CHENNAI from Delhi, the city of subservient slavish scum, much POLLUTED by the Moghuls and the Italians.

In 1911 the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.

In 1947 the frontier of India shifted from Khyber to WAGAH.

Now it is about to shift from Wagah to Delhi.

..............We should ACT before that.