Date: 10/10/2002



Fundamentally, the case for HINDU RASHTRA are the ISLAMIC republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Anyone living next to a tiger's den on one side and a wolf's lair on the other can not afford to go off guard or name a road or city as Gandhi Nagar unless he doesn't mind his slavery and extinction. (You will be amazed at the number of such DAMN FOOLS on earth who simply don't mind their daily slaughter and keep on walking straight into the tiger's den and the wolf's lair.) Those who have not done a post mortem on PARTITION yet, are such damn fools on earth.

After India surrendered her five provinces to the indigenous Muslims she turned the Muslims, who stayed back in Hindustan, into her "most favoured minority".

At the same time the ruling Congress Party of Bandit Nehru exposed its hand when the Muslims started moving up into key decision making positions and the Hindus and Sikhs kept down and warned against fundamentalism.

According to the new strategic plan, the Hindus were not to be helped, saved or assisted wherever they came under fire. This has started a pattern of life whereby the Hindu is always going to be the crying and suffering FOOL (victim) while the Muslims and the Christians will be allowed, even encouraged, to kill, abduct, convert and degrade the majority community with impunity. The Hindus are expected to go on chanting "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai."

Who does this present rump of a land mass called India really belong to?

The year of Partition was an eye opener and provided the answer. The Muslims promptly stood up to attack, the Hindus retreated everywhere and were soon on the run and the Christians were neutral.

While the mandirs from Karachi to Gilgit were torched and set ablaze, the mosques were seen in a festive mood, and not one church congregation expressed dismay over India's territorial losses and the number of Hindus being killed, raped, and robbed of everything. The Indian Christians clearly showed hatred of the Hindus while the British masters showed CONTEMPT.

It was expected that this PARTITIONED India would from then onwards belong to the HIDNUS. But to claim their rightful due, the Hindus had to be manly and aware.

A man holding a diamond in his hand, who is mortally wounded by the robbers, who then run away hearing the police sirens, is not in a position to pick up the diamond from the ground and take it home.

That was the state of the HINDUS in 1947. They were given such a stunning blow on the head by the Muslims and watched by the Christians, that they were not able to stand up after the departure of the British to claim their RIGHTFUL DUE.

Had the Hindus managed to STAND UP, they would have surveyed the devastation all round and then declared their country HINDU RASHTRA.

In the same Constitution the Muslims would have gone down as "NON RESIDEDNT PAKISTANIS" or simply "ENEMIES" and the Christians would have been put under surveillance.

If the Hindus could not do so when the TIME WAS RIGHT, it will take a lot of more BEATING, THRASHING and KILLING before they get united and mobilised, to grab what is theirs.

The confused and downtrodden Hindus finds too many Muslims and Christians advising sanity to them. Their brains are so small and feeble that they cannot even wonder, "Why don't they object to the ISLAMIC constitutions on either side of India?"

The Hindu need not wonder or worry. The world deliberately finds ISLAM on either side of INDIA sweet for the sole reason that the Muslims eventually are expected to rise from WITHIN, and also INVADE and INFILTRATE from East and West.

It will be a lightening strike, a surgical operation to wipe out the Hindu intelligentsia, the elite at the top. The rabble at bottom will be queuing up to shower flowers at the victors and will join up in the chorus of Allah Hu Akbar.

It will be too late for all the brave and "Mighty Men of Pen" on all the Hindu Discussion Lists on Internet to turn the tide. The plight of the simpleton Sikhs, who are specialising in "nishkam sewa" beggars imagination.

Their plight in AMRITSAR will be as in NANKANA SAHIB and in the Jalandhar of tomorrow as it was in RAWALPINDI yesterday. Serving a million free food ("langar") every Sunday they do not register even one NON Sikh coming forward to embrace the Sikh religion. The morons regard that as victory.

But the real victory belongs to the two at the very top of the collective body in the well starched white Hindu cap and the colourful Sikh turban: ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN.

At that level there is neither DULL THINKING, nor NISHKAM SEWA. The Wolf and the Tiger have all muscles and sharp canine teeth, NO flabby FAT, hollow "puja" drums and fruitless "nishkam langar sewa".

If the deadly ISLAMIC constitutions on either side of DECOMPOSING Hindustan cannot be dissolved or BLASTED out of existence, then it is high time for the HINDUS in BROKEN Bharat to unite and declare their part of India as HINDU REPUBLIC, or "HINDU RASHTRA