Date: 10/13/2002


why the muslims have not had any reforms worth mentioning ?

"Pluralism, democracy and freedom" are directly against what is in KORAN and to what the Muslims think and to what they are taught based on KORAN.


(1) freedom

freedom. This is a concept unknown to islam. Islam forbids freedom in several ways one of the most simplest freedom for any person is to be an atheist and to become an atheist when this person is not satisfied with the religion thrusted by birth in the family.

Islam is like a quagmire with no escape route except death. Once u become a muslim, u must defend everything about islam all the time. Once u become a non-muslim, u become an apostate of islam and apostasy in islam is still punishable by death

If u do not become a muslim, u r a kafir, and/or an idolater and all kafirs belong to dar-ul-harb and as per KORAN, jihad ends only when the whole world is converted from dar-ul-harb to dar-ul-islam.

As per shariat law, the muslim must convert a non-muslim spouse before marriage and so many restrictions are in place as per shariat laws even now.

Go and debate/talk with any educated muslim and you will find most of them will support shariat laws. Mullahs, moulvis, imams fully support shariat laws.

freedom of what ?

freedom of speech ?

freedom of dress ?

freedom of food to eat ?

freedom of education ?

freedom of marriage, religion, press ?

What freedom is one talking about in islamic societies ?

The utter lack of freedom in islamic nations is because the muslim mindset is controlled by what they can do and what they cannot do as per Koran and the shariat laws.

How many well educated muslims ( forget non-muslims ) have spoken against shariat laws and the need for reforms and freedom **while living inside and within a islamic nation** and **have continued to live there after they have said so** ??


(2) pluralism

This would mean respecting different cultures + traditions + religions + religious practices + languages + customs.

All of which is impossible in islamic nations for non-muslim minorities.

If u have doubts, please talk to non-muslims who have lived in islamic nations or in "islamic democracies"

If islam is to be pluralistic, then this would mean respecting other gods and goddesses other than allah

If so it will shake the very foundation of islam

Then there would be no islam, because if there can be many gods and goddesses, where is the need for only allah ?

Many islamic nations have not completely ethnic cleansed their non-muslim minorities for fear of attacks from other non-islamic nations

Except the 1971 war, india has not punished pak and bdesh for their routine torture and harrasment and ethnic cleansing of hindus

( hindus = hindus, sikhs, jains, buddhists, atheists born to hindu parents etc )


(3) democracy

Democracy, in its classical definition, from abraham lincoln's speech is "by the people, for the people, of the people"

Now, laws in a democracy are enacted by people

In all islamic nations, shariat laws form the basis for all the laws

shariat laws come from KORAN.

( quran, hadiths, sunnah )

Allah's word in Koran is more powerful for muslims than the laws enacted via democracy.

So islam is simply incompatible with democracy