Date: 10/26/2002







The Hindus should treat this brief note on the record of relentless jehadi Muslim violence against the Hindus in the 20th century and explosion of Muslim population in India to overwhelm the Hindus should be treated as a DEATH WARRANT of Hindus.

The reader is requested to scrutinize the facts and figures carefully to realize how fast India is turning into an Islamic Country-thanks to secular Hindu collaborator of Islamic fundamentalism. It may be mentioned here that 90% Muslims are afflicted with jehadi mentality.

1.Consequences of unprecedented Jehadi Muslim violence against Hindus

a.Jehadi Muslims have destroyed Hinduism and Sikhism root and branch in Pakistan (area-801408

b.Jehadi Muslims have also decimated Hinduism in East Pakistan and Bangladesh (area-144000

c. Jehadi Muslims have also ethnically cleansed a miniscule minority of Hindus (only 3.96%) from the Kashmir valley (area-15, 000 Next target of Jehadi Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir is destruction of Hinduism and Buddhism in Jammu and Ladakh division respectively.

d. Thus, Jehadi Muslims have been eminently successful in destroying Hinduism and Sikhism in nearly 1/4th territory of India. And yet Muslims, shamelessly and unabashedly expect, assert and demand as a matter of right that Islam and Muslims must be allowed to flourish unhindered in India.

e. While Islam is flourishing by leaps and bounds in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hinduism has been driven inward and straitjacketed in India only where, too, it is under a terrible siege by the Jehadi Muslims.

f. Major milestones of Jehadi Muslim violence and massacre of Hindus in the 20th century are as such.

Moplah slaughter of thousands of Hindus (1921), Kohat carnage of Hindus and Sikhs (1924), murder of Swami Shardanand (1926), murder of Rajpal (1928), Muslim League's Direct Action in Calcutta (Aug.1946) killing more than 5000 Hindus, unprecedented genocide of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan (1947) and their total ethnic cleansing, continuous genocide of Hindus in East Pakistan and Bangladesh (1946 till date), Pakistan's proxy war (1989 onward) claiming thousands of Hindu and Sikh lives. Serial blasts in Mumbai and Kolkata (1993), series of bomb blasts in south India from 1993-98 culminating in Coimbatore blasts (1998), their latest outrage at Godhra and Akshardham (2002). In between these years there were countless Hindu-Muslim riots over many petty things. Just one example of Muslim initiative in starting communal riots. Writing on the riots which occurred in Merrut in 1987 M.J.Akbar (his grandfather was Hindu) says-There is truth in the charge that it was Muslims who first provoked the riots inspired by the Bukhari and Shahabudin loyalists, they began the trouble on 18May(pg157,Riot after m.j.akbar) And this is true of 99.9% communal riots in India.

2.. A pertinent question to Muslims on Muslim violence against Muslims. Why are Muslims killing Muslims in Pakistan where no Hindu factor is operating which might be held responsible, though wrongly, for riots in India.

The fact, reality and truth is that a Jehadi Muslim is a born murderer and rapist, and committing crimes against non-believers is his second nature. Sunnis in Pakistan target Shias in thousands and vice versa, both target Ahmadias, and will such wielders of knife and gun spare the Hindu kafirs anywhere? And the crowning glory of west Pakistani Muslims was when they massacred 3.5 million East Pakistani/Bangla Muslims and Bangla Hindus.

3.. Sectarian Violence in Pakistan. " In 1947 a section of Indian muslims won a homeland and called it Pakistan. From its very inception Pakistan turned Jehad into an instrument of state policy" (pg258, The shades of swords-M.J.Akbar) and India has been its biggest victim. Inside Pakistan," sectarian violence has been going on for years; everyone is fed up of it. It is becoming unbearable. Everyone is sick of it.mosques are being misused for propagating and inciting hatred." bemoaned General Musharaf of Pakistan in speech delivered on 12th Jan 2002.This is precisely what the Jehadi Muslims have been doing in India since ages.

4. Community wise growth of population in India during the decade 1981-1991

It may be noted that the rate of growth of Muslim population during the decade 1981-91 was 8.97 percentage points above the national average and 9.98% points above the Hindus.

(b) There are 40 million Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh which raises the actual population of Muslims in India to 166 millions. Muslims themselves claim their population in India to be between 180 to 200 million.

6.Indian sub-continental population in millions in 2001.


Hindu Muslim

India 825 166

Pakistan nil 140

Bangladesh 10 130

Total 835 436

Thus in the entire Indian sub- continent there are 436 million muslims (more than one third of the entire Muslim population in the world) as against 835 million Hindus. Hindu/Muslim ratio is 9.1:1 i.e. there is 1 Muslim for every 1.9 Hindus. How long will Hindus be able to maintain this very slender demographic lead ? Not for very long .It is this Hindu/Muslim population ratio which makes the Muslims so confident ultimately converting India into an Islamic country. In just 20/25 years from now (year 2002) demographic balance will begin to tilt in favour of the Muslims, and Hindus should be prepared to be wiped out as surely as in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir valley.

Muslim Agenda:

Muslim's one and only one aim is to attain parity of population with the Hindus and ultimately become supreme power in India. The following Hindu/Muslim ratio should be a cause for concern for every Hindu.

Dear Hindus, is this ratio comfortable? Not at all. Treat it then as your Death Warrant.

Madrasas: Hundred of Madrasas (training centers of Jehad and subversion) are coming up all over India. One such Madrasa has been given a palatial building costing rs.7 crore in the forests of East Champaran district of Bihar. At any time there are 1000 jehadi Muslims under training here. About the subversive nature of the Madrasas,this is what the Chief Minister of West Bangal, Mr. Buddhdev Bhattacharya has to say," Illegal Muslim seminaries are being used to provide sanctuary to terrorists at the behest of Pakistan Inter Service Intelligence(ISI).Some illegal seminaries (Madrasas)are receiving huge Donations from overseas organization. All seminaries should join the mainstream by getting affiliated to the State Madrasa Board. Some of these are deliberately refusing to do so and are teaching only Arabic and theology. Some anti national elements are operating from these Madrasas.This must stop"(Organiser-4th to 10th Feb, 2002).

Let there be no doubt that Jehadis (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) are determined to overwhelm the Hindus numerically (beware of the pious and poisonous pronouncements of the secular bridge in India) and bring the country to a grinding halt from time to time through well planned acts of violence. This has been the pattern throughout the 20th century and will continue to be so till India falls into the lap of Islam as surely as 1/4th of her territory already having gone under the crescent .How demonic the role of the Jehadi Muslims has been? Through his unprecedented viciousness he wrecked the unity of India in 1947,he also destroyed the unity of his own Islamic Pakistan in 1971 and now he is out to crush India with the help of secular Hindu collaborators. If the Hindus want to survive they will have to take care of the both. Otherwise doomsday for the Hindus is just round the corner. Today, the Hindu has no option. Either he should saffronise India or it will go green i.e. Islamic. There is no third option available to him except DEATH. Pl.splash it on every Hindu website,newspaper,magazine, and secular politician of the world.