Date: 12/8/2002




The Hindu survival in India depends upon looking at and recognising PARTITION and not wipe it out from our memory cells. We need to look at countries that are not blighted by centuries of slavery or deteriorated genes. The attack of Sep 11 was perhaps one millionth in devastation of the attack on Akhand Bharat in 1947. Yet we can see how it is being commemorated while there is not a word about the partition in India.

If we call that DEFEAT "Independence", totally overlooking the unconditional surrender of FIVE provinces of our Motherland, then we will invite another, even worse defeat in the near future.

We Hindus have had NO experience of ruling or governing. Hence such fields of knowledge as dominating one's territory, Ideology, power struggles, power vacuum, land grab and converting, do not exist in our vocabulary. What we have in abundance, and rich measures, is "nishkam sewa" of Sonia Khan, admiration of the actors/loafers KHANS in Bollywood, and "boot polish" of Abdul Kalam, plus Gandhi and Granth. All these PUSH us towards "maaya" and tyaag" (Illusion and Renunciation). The former means "Don't bother," and the latter means "Surrender and FORGET."

Since 712 AD we have lived in grand ILLUSION, overlooking the killers, the destroyers, the rascals and the exploiters. The result is India MINUS Sindh and East Bengal, and still shrinking, while the enemies are expanding and increasing. The result is 130 MILLION "Pakistanis" in our midst instead of 30 million in 1947 who had to be shown the door via Constitution. The Constitution was written up under instructions and directions of a Bandit who was friend of the enemy and enemy of the Hindus. The much celebrated Dr. Ambedkar, a Dalit and a Buddhist to boot, who was commissioned to write up the Constitution of bleeding/partitioned India was Nehru's stooge and did His Master's Bidding to the letter.

He kept the mongrel tricolour flag of Nehru's Congress Party, simply replacing the "charkha" (spinning wheel) with the Buddhist (Ashoka) wheel, not the Hindu TRISHUL.

A better choice would have been the Sikh Khanda Chakra, a symbol that was most relevant and vital at that time, and is even now. It was created in dangerous times such as ours right now. It has not only the Trishul in it but also the double edged SWORD to deter Bharat's enemies.

Nehru's input in Hindusthan can be seen, in particular, from the much reduced maps of Kashmir, Punjab, Assam (with the district of Sylhet cut OUT due to Muslim GANGRENE) and Bengal.

In the same way he went along reducing the Hindus, bringing confusion and demoralisation in our ranks.

Result? Today's Hindu does not recall PARTITION and cannot find a more illustrious female at the top than the Italian import of BOFORS CHOR and none better in patriotism and intelligence than one ABDUL KALAM, the Bomb Maker of Bharat.

The concept of Dignity of Women is totally missing as seen from the scary vacuum in the President's and the Prime Minister's houses in New Delhi.

Hindu survival depends on the Constitution being REWRITTEN. PARTITIONED INDIA needs one that reflects Hindu ethos and incorporates Hindu GLORY and promises the recovery of guts and nerves. Hindus have to understand that if there is ISLAMIC Pakistan then there must be HINDU Bharat without any doubt and adulteration, or weakening of resolve and "gaurav".

Today's Hindus, under the whip of Sonia Khan and gun of Abdul Kalam, who are nurturing and strengthening an INVISIBLE anti Hindu Axis of Christians and Muslims, while Hindu is busy making money and feeding his family, are in dangerous signs for the future.

We can see how our enemies are perturbed over the retaliation in Gujarat after the train was set on fire while totally overlooking the ongoing MASSACRE of Hindus in South Kashmir for over half a century. What bigger proof do we need to realise that the ENEMY is in charge of our Hindusthan?

That government, in which a weakling, a stooge, Mr. Vajpayee is brandished as a deadly Hindu fundamentalist by the pro Islamic world media, is actually creating economic conditions in which the Hindu intelligentsia vote with their feet and serve every FOREIGN master while our conferences feel honoured to see the enemy addressing the plenary sessions in New Delhi.

The Hindu is starving his own institutions and foundations while donating to the one named after the BOFORS CHOR and the other named after his mother. These richly funded Foundations do not support Hindu cause or literacy but feed the Beast of Secularism that was suddenly born after PARTITION.

We need to realise that for Secularism to be valid in Delhi, it has to be IMPOSED in Karachi. We are finished if we cannot even entertain the thought. Our enemies right now are visualising Cross over Kolkutta and Crescent over Kanpur. It is Guts versus Collapse. What kind of promise of FUTURE is that for our children?

The new constitution has to be on the model of West Germany's. Anyone coming over from the filthy ISLAMIC territories (Pakistan and BOGUSdesh) are to be promptly granted the citizenship of India after making them take the Oath that puts Koran below Secularism or Secularism ABOVE Koran. Fed up with Urdu and Islam (like EAST Pakistan in 1971) they will come over in droves and take the oath most willingly. They have realised that Koran IMPOVERISHES and BRUTALISES and leads to death and devastation like Afghanistan under the Taliban.

In Parliament in New Delhi, seats have to be kept vacant for eventual representatives from constituencies at present under the boot of Islam in Pakistan and BOGUSdesh.

The eventual unity of Germany was due to the force given to it by those coming over from the other (demolished) side. We need to feel STRONG like the Germans and put our fears away. We are HINDU and NATIVE to the soil.

A country is not united by "chickens" but by the lionhearted. If we are not lions now, we ought to become ones very soon, just to survive in the human jungle infested with (Muslim) wolves and (Italian) hyenas.

The new Constitution must have a paragraph with the aspiration to see Akhand Bharat again. The map of pre Partition India needs to be India's OFFICIAL map. Any publisher or printer who prints a map showing EAST Bengal or NWFP out, ought to be sent to jail for 20 years for insult to India and High Treason.

The Hindus can survive ONLY if we take our TERRITORY seriously. It is no good chanting "dharti maata" and then kissing the map of BROKEN Bharat and looking a FOOL to the 130 million Muslims among us. In the new Constitution they ought to be shown as PERSONA NON GRATA or "GASTARBEITER" so long as the two wings of India (Pakistan and BOGUSdesh) remain severed from main body.

Since we are a clever and smart nation, there is no need to rape a Musalmani (what they did in Rawalpindi to Hindu girls) or KILL the "bastards" what they did in NOAKHALI to us) but to finish off the Devil by Constitution.

We can retire Abdul Kalam, masquerading as a Hindu, with his bombs to Mecca and send Sonia back to Italy. All this without firing a gun. That will please the ghost of Bapu who is burning in Hell for miserably FAILING his dear "Akhand Bharat" in 1947.

The present Constitution is simply a DEATH trap for the clueless, timid and trusting Hindus. No wonder we are seeing the HINDUS vanish in South Kashmir, diminish in EAST Bengal and badly BASHED in Ayodhya.

Aren't we smart (intelligent) enough to see this, and strong (numerous) enough to do something about it?

When do we begin?


............Definition of PAKISTAN.

A Pakistani was produced before the magistrate for overstaying his stay in a certain European country.

The judge gave his decision that the man must be deported to the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN from where he had come.

The PAKISTANI fell upon his knees and wailing loudly cried, "Your Worship, please don't send me back to HELL."

Thereby the man, a PAKISTANI passport holder, whose father had "fought" under the banner of MOHAMMED ALI JINN for the creation of ISLAMIC Pakistan on the soil of secular India, defined his Land most appropriately.