Date: 12/11/2002



Europe faces the imminent threat of ENTRY of Islamic Turkey in EU.

Today the military there has put a clamp down on Islam. We also need to realise that MILITARY CANNOT RULE the Turks for ever. Then what?

Then Islam will return with vengeance.

There is the parallel with the Soviet Union. Until 1989 its churches and mosques were being used as warehouses, art galleries, even demolished. Anyone seen entering one was regarded enemy of the State.

But then came the overthrow of Communist regime and the churches and mosques have sprung back to their original glory, only REDOUBLED this time.

Now churches and mosques are full and we see seething troubles in some Southern Islamic republics of Russia.

Many sane Europeans are afraid THAT will be the fate of Southern Europe after the Turks overthrow their military and revert to ISLAM.

Out of SEVENTY MILLION of them right now, which will make Turkey the second most populous country in E.U. after Germany, at least TWO MILLION will come to the cherished land of all asylum seekers, the British Isles.

They will be single young men whom Britain will receive on a red carpet not realising that in ten years' time there will be TEN MILLION new mouths called Ali, Akbar, Akhtar, Mohammed and Khan. They will be going for native (British) girls, dumping the "dumb Islamic cows in chador" back home.

We can be sure of one thing. The last Pakistani constituency in Britain will welcome the Turks and kiss the foot of each and every one on arrival. They will derive great inspiration from history when the Turks sacked Delhi in 1192 and, later, laid siege to Vienna in 1683.

About 20% of Pakistani URDU is Turkish in vocabulary. But sadly the manly Turks will get NO access to the Pakistani Muslim girls. They are all well guarded, kept indoors away from social clubs and discos, and meant to bring in their spouses from Pakistan.

The forlorn love sick Turks will turn on to softer targets for seducing, "impregnating", and dumping.

Facts about zealous Muslim grooms of non Muslim wives, girl friends and concubines, do bear this out clearly though not reported by the "politically correct" media in the West. The British government of the day, too, is very "politically correct" and seems to be opening the doors widely to Islam, unmindful of the consequences later.

They are unable to make the distinction that these "workers" are also wedded eternally to Islam and the Islamic compulsion of LAND GRAB and JEHAD.

Very slowly the (inter - communal) Balance of Power in the United Kingdom, too, will tilt just as Mr. Blair's dream of tilting the (inter - national) balance of power in the EU.

In the mirror of old european power struggles of the past centuries, he sees "pitching 70 million Turks against 80 million Germans" a fascinating idea. But he totally overlooks the enormous social upheaval, especially in the game of fair sex in his own land, brought in by the over amorous Turks combined with much encouraged and reinforced "Jehadi" Arabs and their Pakistani serfs & stooges.

Does Mr. Tony Blair want to raise the genetic quality of his I(native) human stock in the United Kingdom? He may get Partition, instead, Indian style, in the end.


.......................11 Dec 02