Date: 12/14/2002


.................DONKEYS, DOGS AND HINDUS

You can hit a donkey and make it move. You can chase away any dog. In the same way the MUSLIMS of FIVE provinces in India hit the Hindus hard, and CHASED THEM AWAY.

A people of HONOUR would have designated a day of MOURNING to mark the SURRENDER of one third of India on one day, protested at the term “MUSLIM India” being applied to Pakistan and then would have resolutely stood up for UNITY of India, or chased out all the MOHAMMEDANS still breathing into the faces of beaten Hindus left alive in PARTITIONED India.

But in TERROR of Islam the Hindus have buckled over, bent down and collapsed still further. To show the world how well they are suited to the description “DONKEYS and DOGS,” the Hindus have eliminated every contender for the highest post in the land and chosen a MOHAMMEDAN who is a PAKISTANI by the definition of “Act of Partition, 1947.”

Does a dog relate to TERRITRORY? Does a donkey have a sense of PATRIOTISM? Does a rat have SELFE-STEEM?

An esteemed patriot has sent the front page of a local newspaper, published in England, for perusal. We are grateful to the vigilant reader. He has asked us to put it on the web, for the information of any Hindu still telling his children, “Gaurav se kaho hum HINDU hain.”

Here is the HEADLINE on page 1 of the said paper, “A Star of India”.

In the large photo taken in a temple, the “Man of Dishonour” i sseen standing beside three other clueless IGNORANT Hindus.

The news item reads, "A DEDICATED community leader will receive a prestigious award for his contribution to Indian culture."

The gentleman concerned, 54, is said to be one of only 30 people in the world to receive the "Jewel of India" award- bestowed on its citizens abroad who serve Indian communities.

(Questons arise: Firstly, why only 30? The reason seems to be that out of some 12 MILLION non resident Indians (NRI’s) living abroad, only 30 behaved like “dogs & donkeys”, accepting such awards.

Secondly, what is the meaning of “prestigious award” if the INDIAN “COOLIE” still cannot have his DUAL NATIONALITY from the government of India.

The news item goes on, “He will receive the Award in the new year, at a ceremony in New Delhi attended by the Indian president, Dr Abdul Kalam and the British High Commissioner to India, Sir Rob Young.”

“The new year” means January 26th which is the anniversary of “Constitution of Coolies”, enacted in 1950, which neither mentions Lahore nor Reunification!

Who is ABDUL KALAM and what is he doing in the President’s office in New Delhi when the Pakistanis will not have a Hindu even as a peon for their president?

Dr. ABDUL KALAM is the “Father of Indian Nuclear Weapons”, a SLAP in the face of India’s Apostle of Peace, Mahatma Gandhi, and he is a MUSLIM.

For making nuclear bombs he should be flattened along with Saddam Hussein and for being a Muslim he should be “ennobled” by replacing his Koran by native Gita.

Hopefully, Sonia KHAN will also be invited to honour the humble Hindu who did not acquire self-esteem even after living for decades in the UNITED Kingdom.

55 years ago it was the INDIAN Muslims who realised that the Hindus were “dogs and donkeys.” Thus they immediately, and FEARLESSLY, chased out the Hindus from West Pakistan, degraded them thoroughly in East Pakistan and exterminated them to the last man and child in North Kashmir at the time of “independence”.

55 years on, TODAY, December 2002, the Hindu is still a dog and a donkey if one is travelling all the way from GREAT Britain to kiss the hand of a very small man, ABDUL KALAM, PERSONA NON GRATA in PARTITOINED India.

Look at PARTITON. Look at the Hindus calling it Independence. Look at the treatment meted out to Hindus, and their sacred statues, from Chittagong to Bamyan in Afghanistan, and prove the above wrong.

Back to the headline:

There is NO "star of India" among the COOLIES who do not even know that their MOTHER (India) was “gang raped & mutilated” in 1947 and hasn’t been stitched up yet nor have the FELLOW HINDUS of this “Star of India” been allowed back to Lahore or North Kashmir.

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The cafes and bars in Istambul are cheerful and festive. “What are the implications for Turkey after joining the EU?” asked one. “ONE HERE AND THEEE THERE.”

Don’f forget Mr.Averaged European, "one here and THREE there” also means TWENTY Abdullahs, Khans, Mohammeds and Alis across Europe, chasing EACH three more.