Date: 1/2/2003


..........The year 2002 was a disaster for Britan.


If a man is sknown by the company he keeps then we can well understand the level of morality in Prime Miniter's own home due to Mrs. Blair's dishonest friend.

We heard of the "fastest growing religion" but the British public was also entitled to know who has eeen decreasing at the same rate.

The faastest growing reigion has also been allowed to estabish mosques, Arabic classes, and create militant and angry Islamic youth organisations that have been seen in Afghanistaan taking on the British army in combat there.

Can the trend be reversed? How are the British people expected to react to the loss of status on their own soil?

Muslim women proudly wear hijab and thus believe they are safe from advances by other men. But what about their own men? Should they also not wear hijab so that the non Muslim girls, too, may keep away from them?

The piety in Islam seems to be enforced or enjoined only on their females. This needs to be looked into with concern if Muslim men are to take their own females in marriage, and not desert them in favour of non Muslim females.

The result is a growing number of Musim females forced to go "back hme" to bring spouses while in Europ[e and America the Muslim boys prefer the non Muslim females.

One community that feels itself a target are the Sikhs and this needs to be realised by the mainstream that while the British LABOUR Party of 1947 conceded the indigenous Indian MUSLIMS their fundamentalist ISLAMIC republic, the Sikh demands for political autonomy of some sort were ignored and they were left in wilderness after the departure of the british from India in that year.

Many now feel some kind of state protection is needed in Britain if the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis are blessed with their own sovereign governments in South Asia that are Islamic.

Although Britain is a multi-religeous society there is no denying the facat that the Musims there get great support from the Islamic republics and the countless ISLAMIC institutins abroad.

The result is that while the Muslims can easily gather a crowd or launch a collective onslaught anywhere, the non Muslims must respond on individual basis which is often ineffective. We have yet to see a church official alarmed over the news that a certain religion is spreading fast like jungle fire, if the media is to be believed.

The government needs to broadcast figures regularly, at least twice a year, to show the increase in Muslim numbers in the UK and the US.

Why we need to single out the Muslims is due to the fact that only their MEN are allowed up to four spousess, not their women,

Congregatinos in mosques are all-male show, not mixed as in churches and temples. Sermons are heavily loaded with political messages while Christian sermons are for tolerance and universal love. There is also the compulsion to learn and pray in the Arabic language which is not spoken in the country.

They quickly GANG UP and get agitated over Islamic causes abroad that have little to do with life in britain and the USA. Money has been going to terrorists abroad instead of being used for local civic well-being.

They believe themselves to be part of global islam, and, finally, they call their book of prayer, "dictated by God", or "the Word of God" that would thus be above all secular loyalties.

Since the advent of Islam on earth everyone has been praying and hoping for their integration in secular societies but they have always insisted on separate and special privileges and rights, including application of Sharia law and thus kept away from integration.

While all the rest march in step, the Muslim will be out of step and suffer from his mental siege mentality, ever perceiving himself to be threatened.