Date: 1/2/2003


All the world beauties were being paraded one after the other and then the camera fell on Miss India.

Normally, given such love of India, the viewers would have paid high compliments to her, but one who knows Bharatvaarshaa of today well and the PREDATOR KHANS there, spoke rather loudly,

......"The bitch will fall prey to some Khan very soon."

He explained to a shocked company, The Muslims are predators of the most beautiful in Hindustan. Some MUSALMAN-BEIMAN-KHAN will fall madly in love with her and then move heaven and earth to get her in bed under him. There is NO Hindu MANHOOD left in Bharat to show him the way to Pakistan.

The Hindus, being minus self-esteem and disunited, will find it normal, quite normal. They will theorise, moralise and philosophise on the subject.

Some will concede, "It is HER busness, not everybody else's."

That mentality prevails in other fields, too. When ten, twenty or a hundred Hindus are slaughered in one night in South Kashmir there is NO reaction in U.P. It was THEIR business to fight back, die or escape.

When the train was set alight in Gujarat and the Hindu pilgrims burnt to death inside, there was NO reaction in Karnataka.

When Lahore was burning, they did not set fire to every mosque and Koran in Bombay and Baroda.

That was, AND IS, Hindustan where once we had great acting talent like Prithvi Raj Kapoor and Raj Kapoor but now the "bastard" KHANS prevail unchallenged.

Their pictures on big posters adorn the Hindu maidens' bedrooms.

When will the Hindus unite to SNATCH their self-esteem from Sonia KHAN and Abdul Kalaam, anad take it in their own hands? Once they did have stalwarts like Prithvi Raj and Shivaji.


It was the year 1947, two years after the end of World War 2 that had put the separatism of the NAZIS to rest for ever that the SEPARIST DEMAND for PAKISTAN by Indian Muslims was fully respected by the British MASTERS in their Indian COOLIE COLONY.

The counterpart of the NAZIS in India were the MOHAMMEDANS who had their FIRE SPITTING KORAN instead of Hitler's HATE FILLED Mein Kaampf.

Pakistan was conceded on the soil of India. But when one Sikh asked for "Khalistan BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN!", he was shouted down by every follower of Mahatma Gandhi.

Nobody in Hindustan was alert enough to realise that after conceding Pakistan the Hindus would still remain crushed under the HINDU BASHING BANDIT Dynasty that would pass on the "thone" from Nehru to Indira, then down to Rajiv, the BOFORS CHOR, and then ultimately put an ABDUL KALAM and Sonia KHAN on everyon's head to terrify the Hindus in Ayodhya, slaughter the Sikhs in Amritsar and the Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka, surrender EAST Bengal twice to the "bastards", facilitate their degradation in, and expulsion from, Uganda and Fiji, and see them being wiped out in South Kashmir, too, while helping to destroy the only Hindu Constitition of the world in Nepal.

...The Sikh, like the Hindu, belongs to the ENDANGERED SPECIE.