Date: 1/2/2003


"I am an INDIAN Muslim. I am secular to survive and thrive. I am waiting for my chance to STRIKE and SLAUGHTER a million HINDUS once again."

"In the meantime though I profess Secularism, I will NOT let the Hindus reconstruct their Grand Temple in Ayodhya. I know the strategic implications. The Hindu will feel he is a stalwart. Now he knows he is CRUSHED and afraid of me."

"My Abdul Kalam is secular like Emperor AKBAR. The Emperor killed the Hindus and destroyed their temples left, right and centre. But when the Rajput rulers started sending their virgin daughters to his harem, he softened his attitude thwards the Hindu slaves."

"Thereafter he stopped degrading the Hindus but invited them to engage in dialogues."

"The dialogues always ended proving the superiority of ISLAM over the native Hindu religion. But for merely having such discussions the Hindus adored him immensely and called him tolerant and secular and named a road after him in New Delhi."

"So is this fellow Abdul Kalam, the present President of Hindustan."

"He is somehow convinced that Islam will be victorious in the end. In that eventuality he will be respected for holding the fort and for neutralising the Hindus. He could not say, "I am proud to be a Hindu," since he would seem a DAMN FOOL when the Muslims hoodlums. murderers and gangsters subjugate the Hindus once again."

"The Italian born SONIA KHAN, too, shares my Abdul Kalam's pessimism about the survival of Hinduism in Hindustan. She is determined to fly the flag of her POPE on the soil of Lords Krishna and Rama, as long as it takes."

"Her embracing the Hindu Faith will at once show that native Hinduism is as good as the FOREIGN Christianity and ISLAM."

"She couldn't let her own side down. Could she?"

"She, too, will hold the fort and fly the flag as long as it takes to KILL or CONVERT the last surviving Hindu on earth."

"It is amazing and unbelievable that no Hindu scholar or Maharishi has seen through the designs of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan. They are merely watching while Nepal is falling, South Kashmir is going and EAST Bengal has gone."


The Indian Muslim is secular once again just as he was prior to 1947. But then, as soon as he saw his chance, he STRUCK and ATTACKED the land of his own birth.

The Indian Muslim is waiting for his chance ONCE AGAIN. There is only ONE thing the Hindus must do now. INSIST ON CARRYING OUT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THAT "ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947," to the letter.

According to it ALL THE INDIAN MUSLIMS BELONG TO PAKISTAN. They are still in the REST OF INDIA taking full advantage of Hindus' COWARDICE and IGNORANCE.

So long as the word "Kafir" remains in the KORAN, no Muslim can be regarded secular. He has no objection if the Hindus behave stupidly. The Indian Muslims can only be secular if they disown such a divisive, dangerous and mischievous book as the KORAN which led to Partition of India, the birth of Taliban of Afghanistan and the Al Qaida in Arabia.

The list of bestialities and atrocities, rape, murder, arson and plunder committed by the Mohammedans in Hindustan can fill countless thick volumes.

It is amazing the West wants so eagerly to introduce democracy in MYANMAR while totally overlooking the murder of democracy in neighbouring BANGLADESH. even in Pakistan and North Kashmir.