Date: 1/3/2003


The REJECTED & EJECTED (INSULTED & KICKED OUT) Mohammedans will come back home

In 1947 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah were both INDIAN by nationality and had COMMON roots, history, language, mentality, heritage and RELIGION.

Yet one of them was about to be DEGRADED, ALIENATED and THROWN OUT like a “dog”. He was MOHAMMED ali Jinnah, the leader of the INDIAN Muslims.

He became a JINN (Djinn or DEVIL) while the other was to remain “Azad” (free).

The Indian Muslims, too, were separated like the twins who share ONE head, by the SWORD of ISLAM.

The expert and divine surgeon, called upon to do the operation to save one of the twins while killing the other, was MOHAMMED, born in Saudi Arabia.

India’s very own illustrious patriot and unchallenged top leader, “Son of a Bitch” Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, called it “tryst with destiny” and “glow of freedom”.

In that year fate tore the INDIAN Muslims apart thus wounding their soul and psyche invisibly and permanently.

Instead of rushing to partition India, argument and discussion ought to have been the order of the day and RECONCILIATION the end goal.

But what actually happened was to pick up MA Jinnah by the ear like a little puppy and throw him out of the window.

Psychological hurt of the INDIAN Muslims can well be imagined.

But as in the case of a schizophrenic, this grievous hurt did not come to the surface but remained, and still remains, in the subconscious.

Unknown to the Hindus, the Muslim soul in South Asia is badly hurt at this alienation from its “mother”, and rejection.

Ever since 1947, the year of separation and partition, the two ISLAMIC wings, on either side of India, have been angrily gnawing, pecking, poking and biting the main, central, body of Hindustan. It is like angry children who wish to come back home to see and meet, even freely live among the FELLOW MUSLIMS in Lucknow, Delhi and Hyderabad. If throne out of home by angry parents, they hurl stones at the windows to draw attention.

General Musharraf’s soul is as much attached to Delhi as Shaikh Mujiburrahman’s was to Kolkutta (Calcutta). The savage “Arabic Mohammedan” solution to the gentle soul of INDIAN Muslims and their one common motherland was horrendous and fraught with dangers.

How can anyone, UN included, accept the legitimacy of Lahore being rejected by India but Srinagar embraced firmly? Obviously Pandit Nehru was a “mader-chod haraami” (“BASTARD”) who took over bleeding PARTITIONED fragment of India without any qualm whatsoever, and Mahatma Gandhi was a “cuckoo” in politics.

That both were barristers at law from London shows their attachment to the territory and INTERESTS of their own country and commitment to Secularism. That High Treason was CONFIRMED once again by Nehru's daughter who captured EAST Bengal in 1972, ONLY TO RETURN THAT INDIAN TERRITORY TO ISLAM.

The Muslim soul on the sub continent is restless. It is divided and ANGRY, too. So is the Hindu soul still held hostage by All-India Congress Party of “bandits and bastards” and trapped under the foot of the former "Maid from Italy".

While KASHMIR dispute is the ongoing expression of their anger, eventually all the Muslims, now artificially separated into three blocks, will UNITE to attack Hindustan from within and without, from EAST and WEST.

Hindustan is programmed to perish due to Partition that overlooked the Hindus and insulted the Muslims.

The soul of MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH, that was lifted by the ears like a small dog and VIOLENTLY thrown out of the window, is angry, too, and wants to get back to Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai to merge in the main soul of the Indian Muslims.

BANBDIT Jawaharlal Nehru wrote somewhere to justify rehabilitation of the Muslims in India after PARTITION, “The British were alien. So they had to be kicked out. The Muslim, on the other hand is INDIGENOUS and very much Hindustani like you and me."

"We have to enshrine his status in Constitution as being equal to the Hindu and superior to the Sikh.”

The question none has asked so far in India, despite her genius and clever scholars and pundits, is this: “Then how could Pandit Nehru let MA JINNAH and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy go while saying to Maulana Abul Kalam, "YOU belong to India. STAY HERE."?


The High Treason of Pandit Nehru and his ALL INDIA CONGRESS PARTY is still ticking away like a huge time bomb under the “bum” of Hindustan.

Lucky Indians that includes the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis, who have ESCAPED to London and New York, will see the glow in the sky when it EXPLODES.