Date: 1/5/2003


ARE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA AWARE that there is more to survival than kissing the foot of Sonia KHAN and ABDUL KALAM?

The Indian army is thoroughly BETRAYED by RASCALS, BANDITS, GANGSTERS, BOFORS CHORS and their ITALIAN MISTRESSES at the top.

There is nothing INDIAN about this army except the latrines they visit every morning.

Today the SUPREME COMMANDER of the INDIAN Army is ABDUL KALAM, a MUSLIM, who is a PAKISTANI by the Act of Partition of India, 1947, which no one has the guts to read again.

Bandit Nehru called it INDEPENDENCE and ordered all his nation of "monkeys" and "donkeys" to sing and dance. They are doing so till today to the joy of Defence Minister GEORGE FERNANDES who is keen to get more "Jawans" slaughtered than save the lives of Kashmiri Hindus.

Neglect of Army is deliberate in BROKEN Bharat and so is its betrayal. The Army was made to attack Golden Temple in Amritsar which India was supposed to beautify, embellish, extend and improve to show it to the world as a show piece of tolerance, and as a MAJOR GLOBAL TOURIST ATTRACTION.

instead of liberating North Kashmir. The Army DIED fighting in EAST Bengal to liberate the territory from the clutches of URDU and ISLAM, only to be given back to Mohammed.

The Hindu there now equals "DOG" once again. The so-called liberator of Bangladesh, General Aurora, looks a damn fool.

The Indian Army was meant to be a deterrent to dictator IDI AMIN of Uganda and later they were expected to sail for FIJI to capture and try Col Rabuka and George Speight who called the INDIANS "DOGS", kicking them in the ar**.

But the Indian army was kept back whenever an Indian was facing death, degradation or deportation. The INDIANS are like the pheasants and partridges for picking and shooting in the world at large.

The Army was misused in Sri Lanka and returned home to their mothers and wives after receiving a BLOODY NOSE and declaring a CEASE FIRE. By the way, the TAMILS whom they went out of their way to KILL, are people of INDIAN origin and their roots lie deep in the soil of Tamil Nadu.

The Indian Army is no deterrent to any terrorist and militant who explode grenades and bombs right under the nose of this army in towns and cities across India.

The Army has yet to recover its face from the original cease fire imposed on the ADVANCING jawans on January 1, 1948.

.........Does anyone know when and where that was?

The Indian army is world's most downgraded third class army and has DEGENERATED into Nehru Dynasty's MERCENARY FORCE.

Ex servicemen who left it in disgust regard it FAR WORSE than the original "BANUR SENA" (MONKEY ARMY) of Lord Rama which at least CONQUERED Sri Lanka, inflicting a crushing defeat on the rascal Ravana who abducted Sita.

The present Indian Army could not rescue even one Hindu or Sikh maiden being gang raped in South Kashmir or East Bengal these days.

In 1962 this Army was a cannon fodder on Eastern front. The "jawans" had no winter clothing and their fingers froze and got stuck to the triggers and hundreds of toe, foot and finger amputations took place. With their World War 2 vintage rifles they were USELESS for combat against the well equipped and highly motivated Chinese invaders in NEFA and AKSAI CHIN.

Indian memory cells are worse than those in a jackal's brain and so the nation forgets that the Army is not what it was supposed to be. To see REAL armies, one has to look at the last war against the "woman beating" Taliban and the next war against Saddam Hussain.

The same Indian Army was a force to reckon with when it was led by BRITISH officers through six long years of World War 2.

.....When did it cease fire or receive a bloody nose then?

Come on, defence minister George Fernandes, say it plainly to the jawans, "I want you DEAD OR CONVERTED, you Hindu/Sikh filth and dirt, the scum of mankind. Bend or bow before Sonia KHAN and ABDUL KALAM!"

Which Army has a supreme commander who does not enter its places of worship? Devious Musalman-Beiman ABDUL KALAM has stopped going to mosque for namaz in order to keep his job. But will he enter a mandir after retirement?

The sleepy ignorant INDIANS need to wake up to the fact that SECULARISM by Bandit Nehru is BOUGS, and a lethal trap.

O yes! Secularism to be worthy of respect in Srinagar, Amritsar and Delhi has, AT FIRST, to be imposed on Lahore.

And we have to ask the "bastards and bitches" misruling India, "What price did India charge for Lahore, and if Lahore, the city founded by Lord Rama's son LUV 3,000 years ago, and the place of Guru Arjan Dev Ji's martyrdom, was surrendered with the UTMOST EASE on one day, then WHY NOT SRINAGAR? And, why not KHALISTAN?"

Given the nuclear weapons, the Indian army can all be sent home. The Kashmir DISPUTE will be settled by MEN from across the frontier by a sudden NUCLEAR STRIKE ON NEW DELHI and the HINDUSTAN of the devious jackals and "hijda" Hindus knows who we are talking of.

Those MEN smashed AKHAND BHARAT in 1947 just as they smashed and sacked DELHI in 1192 AD and PUT TO SWORDE EVERYTHING THAT MOVED.

In long history a few things NEVER change. Those who are meant for slavery and servitude can NEVER become masters. That is why Lahore went INDEPENDENT of the cowardly niggardly despicable chaotic decomposing and disintegrating HINDUSTAN, while Sri Amritsar and Shree Srinagar remained stuck in mud in order to suffer further attacks, humiliation and bloodshed.

Let us spare a thought for the Indian Army and pray for their good luck to escape the final defeat and surrender.

The flag that was taken off by the British from Red Fort in 1857, cannot wait to get back.