Date: 1/10/2003




It is a relic of Nehruvian Era that our great country failed to notice friendly countries and nations, while concentrating on the Arab and Islamic countries. This pleased Mr. Nehru, his Congress Party and their Muslim vote bank but it has been extremely detrimental to India’s own self interest. Today that policy is a relic of that despicable Era of Slavery under Dynasty.

As a result of that policy countless opportunities of healthy and lucrative mutual cooperation, of new discoveries for the people of India such as closer ties with the Buddhist world to the East and South and with HINDU Nepal to the North may have been wasted, even lost for ever. As a result of that policy our India has become a land that is impoverished in cultural enrichment from our friendly neighbours.

From the Arabs and the world of Islam we gained NOTHING except more funds that arrived for the construction of countless new mosques all over.

The other victims of that policyt are the countries under the Soviet occupation that Nehru missed or ignored since he was so enamoured of Marshal Stalin’s idea of ruthless centralised control.

These are not a few countries but more than a dozen, and some like KAZAKHASTAN and MONGOLIA, are larger than India itself and full of natural resources and bounties.

We have seen Germany, the UK and the USA sucked into the climate of investment prevailing over there and actively partaking of the bonanza on offer, but not a soul from India has turned up.

Is it the Will of (Nehru) Dynasty that India must pass every golden opportunity by, and remain impoverished?

One of these countries missed by India, specifically, is the Baltic Republic of LITHUANIA. Here the people are the biggest fans of India not only because their own language is the direct descendant of Sanskrit. They are also the last country in Europe to convert to Christianity under the threat of annihilation and are still proud of their Pagan Hindu spiritual roots.

To those who wish to visit Bharat, the land of their dreams, it is a shock and a big expense to travel to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, to obtain a visa. The cost of a trip from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to Minsk, the capital of White Russia, by bus, and the visa fee, amount to TWO WEEKS’ average wage in Lithuania.

But our own India, with “bandits, rascals and the nincompoops” on top, is no friend of the poor.

This “coolie” colony of India, with ABDUL KALAM in the President’s chair, has not yet granted the privilege of DUAL NATIONALITY to her own children living and toiling in wilderness abroad. Its “HINDU-KILLER and SIKH-BASHER” ruling establishment is keen to sell dual nationality to the highest bidder.

While the other countries, including ITALY and BANGLADESH, confer the RIGHT to dual nationality outright on birth, our India is forced to go the opposite way. This “NIGGER BHARAT” is quite satisfied with every deterrent to keep the NRI’s (and the Lithuanians) OUT.

Its “baboos” & “BABOONS” in high chairs are scheming day and night on how to “milk” the Indians living abroad in order to maximise the profit by classifying the NRI’s into various categories for the privilege of dual nationality.

A decent Hindu government in power in New Delhi would have granted dual nationality to all NRI’s on Day 1, and declared travel from Lithuania to India VISA FREE.

The one to gain, would have been the Indians! The four million Lithuanians could have been an example to the ONE BILLION Indians with regard to their love of Sanskrit language, Hindu Dharma and art and culture, including sports, music and dance. The Indians would also have seen the RATE OF ECONOMIC GROWTH and PROGRESS of Lithuania since her independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

What should this one billion WEAK India do now to look decent to the four million STRONG Lithuania?

Firstly, send ABDUL KALAM to PAKISTAN and SONIA KHAN to Italy. That will enable India to stand up STRAIGHT and upright, on her own legs.

Her ideological bearings will be corrected and thinking improved. She will head straight towards some destination instead of meandering about through the labyrinthine dark, and snake-infested, paths in the wilderness.

Secondly, close the Indian embassy in MINSK and open one in VILNIUS to represent the THREE Baltic States of LITHUANIA, LATVIA and ESTONIA.

The Indian embassy in Moscow can well cover the needs of Belarus, too.

One might ask, “Why did we not send this letter directly to Shri Jaswant SINGH?”

The answer is, “The SINGH in his name translates as BUCKREE, or goat.

He will look towards his prime minister for approval to establish an embassy in Vilnius where Japan and the China, even Turkey have embassies.

His prime minister in turn will either look towards SONIA KHAN or ABDUL KALAM; and thirdly, the letters suggesting any INITIATIVE or some BOLD NEW DIRECTION to any minister in India go straight into the waste-paper basket. He is there simply to pass time and to demand an increase in salary for doing as little as he can. Many are heavily into CORRUPTION, inspired by Mr. Clean, Rajiv Khan.

That is why this important communication is being put on INTERNET so that the whole world can see the fate of MILLIONS of such letters that the so-called “Government of India” receives from her own sad citizens at home and the crying NRI’s abroad.

By the way, there is a gathering of some two thousand NRI’s at this time in New Delhi. They are there to kiss the hem of Abdul Kalam’s “achkan”, or for PERSONAL gains. Not one has gone for AKHAND BHARAT. They listened to the speech by the Prime Minister and marvel at the high flown English written by his Baboos.

As expected of a government still under the Sword of Kalam and Pen of Nehru, both Gandhi and Nehru were duly mentioned by Mr. Vajpayee in his speech, to please the “Mother of our Hindu Nation” Sonia Khan.

A Prime Minister, independent of their TERROR would have mentioned Lord Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh ji, instead.

He could have mentioned a spiritually rejuvenating weekend in Ayodhya, but he didn’t.

Finally, Sir, if you do establish an embassy in VILNIUS, please do not send any MOHAMMEDAN to represent our HINDUSTAN that was given a new identity at PARTITION.

The people of the world are not Bandit Nehru’s loyal serfs or coolies. They are well informed about the ruthless and savage MUSLIM attack on secular “Akhand Bharat” in 1947 and about the one million HINDUS disembowelled like the sheep in that year alone.

If at all your country must send MUSLIMS as diplomatic staff abroad for the sake of PR, then please send them only to the ISLAMIC REPUBLICS where a Hindu is seen through the eyes of Mohammed and the TALIBAN.

Your PR will be perfect in those countries while it is a disaster elsewhere. How ludicrous to see a MUSLIM in the Indian Embassy in Bangkok, Tokyo or Beijing.

Even the NRI’s are badly put off seeing a Mohammedan working in the Indian diplomatic missions in LONDON, WASHINGTON, PARIS and BERLIN. A lump of disgust rises in their throats and they are reminded of the fact that to be an INDIAN is to be a smashed fellow all over, not only in Uganda, Fiji, Dhaka, Kabul and Islamabad.

The Indian ambassador to Vilnius ought to be a SIKH in order to defy the treacherous Will of “Bandit” Nehru, Sonia KHAN and ABDUL KALAM. In his office in embassy he should put up the pictures of Lord Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh, NOT of Rashtrapati Abdul Kalam, the scare-crow.

The honourable Lithuanians, and the people of the two other Baltic republics, will simply love it.


....................NRI FORCE-EUROPE

....................JANUARY 10, 2003