Date: 1/11/2003



It is extremely easy to know what the word "brainwashing" means.

The West may have understood the meaning after the Korean War in 1953 but we Indians know it from 712 AD when the Muslim "BROTHERS" first entered our land with SWORD in one hand and KORAN in the other.

All the Hindus were immediately brainwashed into believing, and we Hindus still do, that the Muslims are our brethren.

Go to any temple or gurdwara and within five minutes someone will be saying, "All mankind is one family. There is no difference between a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Sikh and a Christian."

Of course, you would hear something entirely different if you entered a mosque ANYWHERE on earth and listened to those inside for five minutes.

The same goes for a church in Germany, England and America, even in India.

If you had the power to interrogate all the "congregation" in that temple, or "sadhu-sangat" in any gurdwara on the spot, you would come to know those people better- a Hindu displaced from Srinagar, a Sikh from Kahuta who lost all his family and property to the barbarians, another Hindu from Multan still seeing the city on fire with the families inside crying and dying, and yet another from North Kashmir, the only one who survived when Baramula fell to the Muslim raiders.

Luckily they are still among us. You can still see them in all the congregations and "sangats" around us, though silent, neglected, vanishing and invisible, unlike those who saw the "brothers" in Sindh in 712 AD, and in Delhi in 1192 AD, and in Ayodhya in 1526 AD, in Noakhali in 1946t AD and again, in North Kashmir in 1947 AD, and so on. Every time all these TENS OF MILLIONS OF HINDUS saw them approaching with eyes red in anger and contempt with weapons of all sorts in hands, from swords, guns and pistols to clubs and sticks, kerosene and matches. ( I am not making it up!! The real culprit is our collective AMNESIA.)

So you might realise that the poor Hindu, suffering since "independence," under the rule of treacherous pseudo-secular thugs, has never had any chance to DE-brainwash himself.

If you observe the landscape a bit longer, you will hear the non stop cacophony, chants and advice being meted out to him round the clock from countless sadhus, sangats, satsangs, granthis, pandits and priests and the holiest of holies including Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The poor Hindu, that is you and me, like a tiny insect, has NO chance to swim against the fast flowing current of a mighty river.

Reflecting on our entire history, we ought to have noticed that whenever the Hindu dived into the holy river or holy "sarowar" (tank) of "sad-bhavana towards all," he drowned and DIED.

Is it really impossible to reverse the process, seeing that one third of India is gone, thousands of Hindus have had to flee Kashmir Valley to seek shelter in Bharat, North Kashmir is gone, and still they threaten to bleed us on daily basis if we don't vacate South Kashmir, too.

We don't see the Muslim "Millat" or "Qaum" (so prominent, and in the fore, in the "TWO NATION THEORY" of JINNAH and his MUSLIM LEAGUE then) in Hindustan, stirring in favour of Secularism in East Bengal or "sadbhavana towards all" in West Punjab.

So, what is going on, that the whole Hindu nation is riding the cart without the brakes like morons?

Could we get a film projector to see the last 57 years in 57 minutes? What will we see?

We will see the HINDU on the run, being chased, knocked down, stabbed, shot, abducted and raped, and being chased out of his domicile from Chittagong to Sylhet, and from Karachi to Khyber.

One would be shocked. But since it is on "daily" basis even our Abdul Kalam cannot see it. For him DECREASE in Hindu body is like the GROWTH of a child- IMPERCEPTIBLE and INVISIBLE from day to day, but come back after 15 years, and you will see!!!

...................O yes, YOU WILL SEE.

Since the future of India is in the YOUTH in colleges and universities, our enemies are most concerned to ensure that the young Hindus remain brainwashed, and NEVER get the kind of knowledge, and skills, to fight the battles of survival that lie ahead.

That is where they perceive the biggest danger to their own expanding Imperialism- from the spread of KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS, especially at the places of study and research.

To this powerful anti Hindu establishment, our India in three fragments is all right, absolutely normal, but any mention of "Akhand Bharat", HINDUTVA, or PARTITION, is seditious and blasphemous.

Would they be SCARED of Computers and Information (Knowledge) if they were patriots?