Date: 1/13/2003


....................A PATRIOT WROTE:

I believe the original cause of all Hindu-Muslim animosity, not only in South Kashmir, is due to that BOGUS Partition.

It was IMPOSED without referendum, challenge of FIGHT and the heavy-handed autocratic, dictatorial CONGRESS officialdom banned the very word "PARTITION."

They declared, "All is to be forgotten. Let us begin from new." But they were overlooking a lot, to suppress their High Treason. They thought the people of India were illiterate, ignorant, subservient, cowardly and timid- . . . -and will never know.

Countries do not surrender ONE THIRD of their territory JUST LIKE THAT on one day, and UNCONDITIONALLY. Do they?

Well that is what our dear INDIA did, under the leadership of MK Gandhi and Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

For a city like Lahore or KARACHI, not even ONE RUPEE was charged in price.

Not one Muslim was expelled from (what was left of) India while fifteen million Hindus were massacred or EXPELLED FORCIBLY (like those from South Kashmir sleeping in refugee camps right now).

Governmemnts and politicians can "play the swine", but Almighty LOGIC and GOD will NOT. It is for the Indian INTELLIGENTSIA to wake up to reality and warn and inform their people.

...........There is a new Group now (see below):

...Reason for the Discussion Group on Partition of India.

As we all know, India, the land of many cultures, races and religions, was partitioned, posthaste, by a few unscrupulous people meeting under duress at a table in New Delhi, without going through the due process of ascertaing the wishes of the people of India through a referendum.

The aim of this Discussion Group is to act as the Referendum that never took place.

We believe that if Partition is to be imposed on the illiterate and ignorant people of the sub continent, then there must be a total exchange of population, preferably under the auspices of the United Nations, in order to avoid ongoing animosity, antagonism, hostilities and the future wars.

The Hindus ought to be on one side, the Muslims on the other.


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