Date: 1/13/2003


Indian manufacturing is not what it used to be. The hard times of the last five or six years have clearly tested the mettle of a lot of Indian companies.


Let us not overlook even for a second that India has risen like the phoenix only, and only, because CONGRESS is out of power.

They were the rascals and thugs, Italy & Islam, who suppressed every native initiative, and were more concerned with HINDU BASHING, keeping the Hindu Head down and the Hindu family divided, demoralised and confused, at each other's throats, and giving a "BLOODY NOSE" to the Tamils and the Sikhs, than with country's progess.

In order to keep going upwards we have to consign Congress to the graveyard. No tears in eyes. No soft heart towards the ENEMY of the nation. They are a SERIOUS handicap to India's progress and call the High Treason of Partition simply "independence" to fool the nation.

God forbid IF Congress devils do snatch power from the pro Hindu Party again. Then we shall be back to square 1. The system of quotas, licenses, restrictions, favouritism, NEPOTISM and prohibitions will return with a vengeance. There will be Sonia KHAN as prime minister, Shabana Azmi as India's ambassador to UNO and Pope's third visit in as many decades. Anyone mentioning BOFORS CHOR will be in for a 10 years' term. More money will be spent on government brainwashing propaganda and weapons of destruction than on books in schools and colleges.

So the Hindus, and INDIA, need to be ON GUARD. Let us not undersestimate the enemiy not overlook the reason of India's present pace of progress.