Date: 1/13/2003


Dual Nationally for the INDIANS- dirty, devious, despicable DIVISIVE "nigger" style

Yes, it wasn't the dual nationality as the Pakistanis and the Bangladeshis got or as the Italians, that was granted TO ALL, either

(a) by Constitution, or

(b) on birth, or,

(c) due to their common nationality.

But since the Hindus are DIVIDED, the enemy takes full advantage of the situation. There is NO dearth of "donkeys, monkeys, dogs and STOOGES" among the HINDUS who will oblige.

Then it was BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, the popular idol of all hearts, today it was LM SINGHVI, the so-called "brain of India" and "a great constitutional expert" whose deformed brainchild we see in the form of this Act of Dual Nationality.

The Indians then were stunned into calling Partition "Independence." The same brainwashed breed of Indians are mesmerised by "Hindu Charmer" Vajpayee into hailing this kind of dual nationality as a break-through, as the culmination of a brave and great "STRUGGLE" by patriots. Yes, GREAT STRUGGLE. Against whom?

It was the great struggle against the Government of India that had KICKED OUT these Indians as the unwanted trouble making filth, the "seditious" lot, the "unwelcome lovers of freedom from the strangulating bureaucracy, corruption, and Gandhian nepotism," and told them, "GET LOST. DON'T BE SEEN AGAIN."

Yes, as long as the Bandit DYNASTY had India under their foot, there was NO question of any joy to the Indians living abroad. The treacherous Gandhis. like the Moguls, even congratulated those who beat up the Indians or kicked them out, e.g. Gen. Idi Amin of Uganda and Col. Rabuka of Fiji.

The sight of a crying Indian was fun to NEHRU and his "HARAAMI AULAAD." Hence North Kashmir was never recovered, East Bengal returned to Islam after its capture and the Hindus in South Kashmir still offer such a pathetic picture to the world.

So, there was NO dual nationality as long as NEHRU, INDIRA and the BOFORS CHOR held BHARAT in shackles and handcuffs.

Today the climate has changed a bit for the better. Hence the NRI's are rejoicing over this TRUNCATED version of dual nationality. A full version is still a dream.

Now to understand the EVIL WILL of those who control the strings on the puppet called Vajpayee, we invite the readers to ask these questiones to gain some knowledge about the state of India which has been compared by some to "monkey circus" where NO actor can utter the lines,

"Ayodhya Temple must be made,"

"Frontier must go back to Khyber,"

"Hindus fleeing Sindh and East Bengal ought to be granted Indian citizenship on the spot (like the East Germans fleeing to West Germany in those days),"

"Those from South Kashmir ought to be noticed by the Indian Coolie Media," and

"The NRI's must get dual nationality."

..............QUESTIONS we need to ask:

Who are the NRI's;

why did they leave India;

why did they have to WAIT, STRUGGLE and even DIE for more than HALF A CENTURY for this dual nationality;

Why is it not the full version; and finally,


This announcement of grant of dual nationality is devious, despicable DIVISIVE and "stunted Hindu" in manner and style.

It is granted to some and DENIED to the others. The whole nation, not only the NRI'S, ought to SLAP the "timid fellow" Vajpayee and the "despicable devious agent of Dynasty" LM SINGHVI, in the face and not stand up to give a five-minute applause over this announcement.

Which other country on earth has two kinds of expatriates, SOME WITH AND SOME WITHOUT?

Just think, the Indians living in UGANDA and FIJI have been EXCLUDED.

The Government knows the ruined HINDU CHARACTER well.

When the whole of South Kashmir was evacuated by Hindus, those in Karnataka and Orissa did not notice their tragedy.

When all of them got slaughtered in EAST Bengal, New Delhi did not lift a finger.

When Lahore went out of India's map, there was rejoicing in Delhi. Bandit Nehru declared, "Everybody's Independence today."

The Indians live in the same tradition of dogs. They are BRAINWASHED morons to admire the RULERS whom they perceive to be bloodthirsty AURANGZEB with sword in hand who will behead anyone, Guru Tegh Bahadur style, if he raised his head.

Thus in that tradition of perennial SUBMISSION and "nishkam sewa" the Indians will welcome this TRUNCATED version of dual nationality and not notice the tears in the eyes of those who had the misfortune to be shipped off to Uganda, Fiji and South Africa by their colonial masters. Like the country, the INDIANS ABROAD, too, stand PARTITIONED.

The earlier wave of gypsies, who fled in all directions due to the savagery of Mahmud of Ghazni were shunned by the others. Today's gypsies who left when Mohammed Ali Jinnah and his Muslim League had the license to slaughter one million Hindus in Pakistan, are being shunned by none else but their own Government (of India) back home, if they happen to be in Sri Lanka, Nepal or Myanmar because they are NOT as affluent as those lucky ones who went to Germany or England.

Which mother loves the rich son and hates the one who did not aquire much wealth? So what kind of "mother" is this Bharatvarsha of ours?

Let us erect the statue of PANDIT VISHNU DUTT SHARMA of the UNITED Kingdom, who campaigned for this concession for decades, struggled valiantly against the Dynasty and their devil LM SINGHVI and then passed away in despair.

He was like the Hindus of Lahore who followed Mahatma Gandhi and made immense sacrifices for freedom, offering many a son like BHAGAT SINGH to be hanged, yet got slaughtered days and weeks before Independence that came only to Delhi while Lahore descended into slavery and Dark Ages once again.

They never made it to freedom. The nation has never spared a thought for their tragedy. We forgot them, being damn COWARDS, being Indian.

Let the brave NRI's of the UNITED Kingdom now erect a memorial to Pandit Sharma right in front of India House where LM Singhvi used to have his office, scheming to collect funds for the bogus Rajiv Gandhi Foundation while keeping a close watch over anyone who criticised the autocratic Diry Dynasty.

High Commissioner SINGHVI promised us dual nationaliy TEN YEARS AGO. In the meantime hundreds, even thousands, of NRI's have DIED without dual nationality, each one departing from earth with a CURSE in mouth for the Stooge, “Dog” SINGHVI.

He had several extended tenures as India's high commissioner and we knew he was an "enemy agent," managing Dynasty’s finances in London.

LM Singhvi vanished from London a long time ago, but HIS version of dual nationality now has divided the wretched Indians living abroad into two categories, the "haves" and the "havenots."

It was exactly as Mohammed Ali Jinnah wanted to see the grant of Independence to his land of birth- cut up like the "SCHNITZEL," that is, one clean and clear Pakistan, the other a secular MUDDY QUAGMIRE called India, where the Muslims of Kashmir will find themselves out of place and call the Indians "DOGS," those in the rest of India will start sharpening their daggers for the coming civil war, and the Sikhs of Lahore will be separated from those of Amritsar and will go for the throats of the innocent Hindus, crying “Khalistan”.

All this to the delight of Nehru, Indira, the BOFORS CHOR and Sonia KHAN.

1,500 Non Resident Indians, the cream of their country's genius & Intelligentsia, sat in one grand hall in New Delhi last week (January 2003) and welcomed the announcement of the grant of much cherished and LONG FOUGHT FOR, and DENIED, dual nationality with a thunderous applause.

Now look back. The Indians of Delhi were seeing the glow of freedom while the Indians of Lahore and Karachi were DELIVERED TO THE BUTCHERS.

The NRI's in London are celebrating their dual nationality while those in Fiji are in gloom and despair.

Once they saw a mother in sadness, sitting beside her sick child in high fever due to malaria. She had tears in her eyes.

When one pointed out to the other three children of hers who were playing, laughing and enjoying themselves, eating the Christmas cake, she said, "When one out of my four is ill, I cannot laugh but only cry. I am the mother."

"What kind of a "ROTTEN CHILD HATER damn" mother do YOU have, dear NRI's, all of you, who went to Delhi to have a "darshan" of ABDUL KALAM, VAJPAYEE, and LM SINGHVI?"

SHAME on your gutless mothers and DOUBLE SHAME on YOU, the sons and daughters of "sheep and goats," if none of you, YES, NONE OF YOU, cried out, "Don't neglect those living in UGANDA, FIJI and EAST BENGAL. They are our BRETHREN."

..................... ============

One Hindu wrote: “Do not accept it unless there is BHAGWA over Red Fort.”

The Hindu is swimming up the river in fast currents like the salmon with bears lashing out with paws to catch it.



A very well written argument (above) for the NRI's of affluent countries NOT to accept this concession of Dual Nationality unless all NRI's are given equal right of having Dual Nationality.

The style of writing and the language is appropriate for those cunning and devious people who have their own hidden agendas.

I for one, as an ex-Secretary NRI UK will reject this offer on the following grounds:

1. This offer discriminates the NRIs living in different countries, though those NRIs or their elders fought equally well for the freedom of India.

2. More often than not, the corrupt officials accuse the NRIs to be in their terrorist lists and those with foreign passports have the help of their Governments for fair trials.

However with Dual Nationality if one is arrested in the country of his Dual Nationality the foreign Government of Second Nationality cannot help much. This is a risk which one must consider.

NRIs have better opportunities for business and investments in Europe, Canada and USA, where they can have easy access to their assets than in India.

The Government of India is long on the rhetoric but very short on delivery.

They have to fulfil their commitments first to establish trust among their subjects at home and abroad, e.g. settle Kashmiri refugees back in their homes in Kashmir, build Ram Janam Bhoomy Mandir at Ayodhya, catch outlaw Virapan, settle the Kashmir issue first, and so on.