Date: 1/14/2003



It was BANDIT Nehru. Now it is SONIA Khan the direct political descendent of Nehru, who still denies the Indians Education, Information and Freedoms. Nehru’s Congress Party benefits enormously by people’s ignorance, servility and fears.

The Indian was content to be put on a waiting list of 32 years to buy a scooter from a shop while the “Gandhis” went about in limousines and even had telephones down to their children. The world had NO idea of the haves and the have-nots going their SEPARATE ways in India so soon after PARTITION.

In order to keep a Muslim in the ideological cage, the punishment for escaping is death. That is the ISLAMIC Law. That’s why we don’t hear anyone say, “I have shed the leprosy of Mohammed.”

The punishment for being disloyal to Dynasty is exile into wilderness of life. The chief of the army staff who dreaded receiving order from Sonia KHAN (aka Gandhi), died of heart attack. The man who stood against Sonia for election as Presidnet of all India Congress Party, too, died of heart attack. So did the Vice Presidnet last year who opposed Sonia’s choice for the post of President. Do we get some idea of the female version of HITLER in limbless partitioned India “at her best”?

The result of this political stagnation? More terrorists.

The Indians, who were forced out of their homes in Sindh and Sylhet and cheated out of their civic rights in Fiji, also added to the list of potential terrorists. Then there were the TAMILS, not only in Northern Sri Lanka who bore a grudge against the Hindu BASHING Dynasty.

Even the present “Hindu” prime minister has to be loyal to the corrupt dynasty, compromising his principles, to stay in office. Sonia and her lackeys watch his every movement with a stern gaze. The world at large couldn’t be bothered about the internal politics, ignorance, misery or even slavery, of the people of India.

When Mrs. Indira KHAN (a.k.a. Mrs. Gandhi), the arrogant hot headed political “WITCH”,, declared her Emergency, and her sycophants declared, “INDIRA IS INDIA,” they issued a warning to their countrymen- disloyalty to Indira would be considered treason against India.

That is what makes terrorists in the first place. Denied free discussion and clean politics, they turn to guns.

Obscurity, Deception, Corruption and Betrayal are the root causes of terrorism. Education, free Broadcasting and clean politics are the remedies. These remedies are NOT on hand in India.

Education is neglected. It is so bad in India that none of the “Gandhis” had it in India.

Nehru, Indira and Rajiv all went to England. Rajiv’s children went to Moscow and the son is now in America. Like his father, he doesn’t think any Indian university or female to be good enough. Only Priyenka, being a girl and in her father’s shoes, has had to be content with an inferior Indian “ coolie” as far as the Dynasty is concerned. Many think, had she not been wearing the POLITICAL mantle of her father, she, too, would have married an Italian.

India on the march today is not in sunshine but under the dark clouds of Dynasty and their Muslim allies. They believe tomorrow belongs to them. They can set fire to the PROSPERITY and AFFLUENCE of the country on ONE day and see it all go up in flames like the prosperous cities of Karachi, Multan, Lahore and Rawalpindi. The catalytic agents, Kashmir and Ayodhya, are smouldering, and on hand to explode the ultimate bomb.

As in the case of Islam, so in the case of India. ‘Education for the Masses’ is the worst scenario for both.

Unethical politics. The Kashmiri Muslims cannot understand why Lahore could go out of India so easily but not Srinagar. The Sikhs, too, want KHALISTAN because there is PAKISTAN. Getting nowhere with such a government, many Kashmiri Muslims and some (East) Punjabi Sikhs have no other way except going for the gun. Many Hindus in truncated West Bengal, seeing the plight of those trapped by Indira Khanum in EAST Bengal, would very much wish the British to come back to unite the province.

What makes the INDIAN terrorists is also the nature of rulers themselves. They are unique. The Indians at home are made to love their enemies and the traitors.

The euphoria over Nehru’s Independence, boosted by all guns of his propaganda machine, vanished gradually when people saw he wanted only his daughter to succeed him at all costs. But due to people’s illiteracy it took a long time to comprehend that he and his Party “cannot fool all the people for all time.”

The Dynasty “crafted & moulded” a perfect slave, a typical Sita Ram Kesri, for whom Sonia was Sita, the BOFORS CHOR was his Lord Ram, and the mongrel tricolour of Congress, his “Kesri”.

We believe Sita Ram Kesri, the “dog of dynasty”, died looking for a KHAN to wed his daughter in order to prove his secularism to Empress Sonia.

Though Congress began to stink, their system of “license, quota, permit and nepotism” kept them going much longer than in any other civilised country. In the end it began to decompose and our BHARAT (India) began to disintegrate.

The suppressed Indians at home became vocal where they could- in FREE societies abroad. The result? Denial of dual nationality to the sons and daughters of Lord Krishna, who were all perceived to be terrorists.

A cause of terrorism is the lack of clear identity of India despite Partition. Which Muslim can relate to a KAFIR as his Prime Minister? Which Hindu to a CATHOLIC as his Defence Minister? And which Sikh to the MOHAMMEDAN in the chair of President? Where else does the NATIVE get so bashed and betrayed when it comes to TOP posts and positions?

Each Indian terrorist is thus a man betrayed, a man denied fair deal, denied dignity, denied clean politics, denied education, and denied opportunity.

Some have gone so mad as to attack India instead of the rascals abusing, exploiting and plundering India for their own sake.

The devious legal experts at the disposal of Dynasty have recommended the grant of dual nationality ONLY to the Indians in those FREE and DEMOCRATIC countries where the NRI has tasted freedom and would wish to see it at home. They are the ones who risk arrest and elimination on turning up in India on their dual passport.

If arrested, Government of India will “deal” with them as they deal with those under their own suffocating foot at home.

The NRI’s in these FREE and genuinely DEMOCRATIC countries, had they any decency or sense, would have insisted on the grant of dual nationalites FIRST to the expatriates in Fiji, Uganda and EAST Bengal. But the jubilant ones in the UK and the USA relate to those in FIJI and EAST BENGAL as one sheep to another. That is how BANDIT Nehru and his Dynasty have “mouled & crafted” the entire lot.



"India is secular." What a BOGUS assertion!


Let us DARE to look at the root cause of India's ongoing disintegration. We need not remain brainwashed or timid any more.

The UNCONDITIONAL surrender of secularism by Nehru in WEST Punjab and NORTH Kashmir, and by his daughter in EAST BENGAL is the root cause of all evil in (what is left of) India.