Date: 1/14/2003


There appeared a good question on a Discussion List hosted by Indian INTELLIGENTSIA. A question popped up-

. . . . .How many of you really approve of your relative being married to a person from the other community ??



In a free society, one's marriage is one's own personal affair. But when you mention OTHER community, then it becomes a sweeping statement. We need to look at the "other" community very closely if we love our relative.

Although in India PARTITION and the bloodshed in KASHMIR have hardened attitudes of one community against the other, let us look at America and the UK.

America first: To this land of opportunity came all from everywhere. All, including the Irish, the Poles, the Germans, the Jews, the Japanese and the Indians, swore ultimate loyalty to the land.

Yet on ONE day the whole scenario changed. What linked those TWENTY young men, was the fact that they were ALL Muslim.

Not one had a personal grudge against the US. They discharged the grudge brought from Palestine and dropped it like a ball of fire on the innocent in the WTC towers and the Pentagon.

America has made such a HUE AND CRY over its two towers (culminating in the invasion of Afghanistan and the impending invasion of Iraq) while our dear India did not even squeak over its own ONE BILLION TOWSERS destroyed, similarly, on ONE day (August 15, 1947).

Now to the UK: Here, as in the rest of Europe, the RIGHT is gaining ground, not due to prejudice against Islam but on the basis of objective and factual observations, almost on daily basis. Some of these are-

1. Muslim immigrants, ALL MALE and mostly ILLEGAL asylum seekers from other MUSLIM countries (i.e., ISLAMIC republics), leave their females behind and go for the native girls. Then they CONVERT them, and their offspring, to Islam.

2. Muslim rate of reproduction is alarmingly high. Their numbers are increasing more rapidly than of any other community.

3. Although they come to a CHRISTIAN world, they start CONVERTING with great vigour and devotion while scheming and planning to destroy these societies.

Most of you would have read the sentece, "Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe and America." You can imagine the DEMORALISING impact on good Christians and even the Hindus. They know who is vanishing at the same rate.

4. Muslim youths deliberatgely TARGET Hindu and Sikh girls. But not on individual basis but as an organised campaign.

Several youth organisations, namely HIZB UTAHRIR, have actively encouraged the Muslim youth to seduce and impregnate the Hindu girls. Some have gone on to suggest, "Take one, produce children and then discarfd her and go for another, to serve Islam." Their leaders and elders are aware of this but condone such activities.

In some cities like Birmingham the Hindus have raised their own self defence groups. There have been fights and bloodshed.

5. The Muslim act of prayer in mosques is an ALL MALE affair.

In churches, mandirs and gurdwaras, families go together and even girls and women on their own will feel safe. NOT IN A MOSQUE.

The host communities who have eyes to see this and the media who broadcast the scene without fear of state, don't like this.

This is the free and seclular West, not a repressive Islamic republic or a pseudo-state like India.

6. The preaching at mosques is highly charged politically. It is not like what the preachers say in churches and mandirs in the presence of women and children where the word "JEHAD" does not exist. Sikh gurdwaras even serve free food to all on Sundays.

7. Muslims gang up on causes as remote to them individually as the moon is from the earth. You will find the Indonesians mighty upset over Palestine, the Pakistanis fighting in Chechniya and the Bangladeshis fighting in Afghanistan. We don't know of any Hindu exploding a bomb in New York to express solidarity with the persecuted Hindus of East Bengal. Do we?

8. Muslim FATWA is a terrible weapon that threatens to "behead" free thinkers and writers like Tasleema Nasreen and Salman Rushdie. This is bad publicity for Islam.

9. The compulsion to pray in the language of Arab beduines. Why does the Muslim Allah understand no other language? A proud Gujarati or Tamil father, who considers his own language AS DIVINE AS ARABIC, will not like his daughter marrying a KHAN and then having to learn Arabic to read the KORAN. There will also be some very distasteful dietary practices that she will have to follow.

10. In general the Muslims keep their girls indoors and only males go to discos, pubs and other places of entertainment.

What they do there, led to PAKI BASHING in the UK. Muslim males were the universal target of this bashing.

11. Bad publicity. Why is it bad only or mostly for the Muslims? They invariably appear in black with regard to DRUGS, FRAUD, TERROR, prostitution, sex trade, and violence.

Nearly every day the public is fed on the diet of NEGATIVE publicity on Islam. To prove the point about EVEY DAY, I shall take the news of TODAY straightaway.

You may have access to British papers. But here is the news from "The Daily Telegraph," London, of Tuesday, January 14, 2003.

The headline on page 9 reads: "ASIAN (read MUSLIM) BRIDE WHO CHOSE LOVE, KNIFED TO DEATH."

We are told that the bride was stabbed to death on her wedding day after she refused to go through with an arranged marriage to another man.

(Quote) Sahda Bibi, 21, was stabbed 14 times in the head and neck with a kitchen knife in a bedroom at her home in Birmingham.

The bridegroom, Zafar Hussein, was also knifed several times as he tried to prevent the killer from getting away. Yesterday the police issued an all ports alert and said they wanted to question Rafaquat Hussain, a father of three and a cousing of the victim.

Hussain, 37, had asked Miss Bibi to marry one of his relatives but she refused and pressed ahead with her relationship with Mr. Hussein.

The murder happened a few minutes before the wedding ceremony was due to start on Saturday .

Miss Bibi, a dressmaker, had gathered with other relatives at her home when she was taken into a bedroom by Hussain on the premise of having her photograph taken.

Seconds later, members of her family heard screaming and ran upstairs to find that she had been murdered. . . .

Police raided Hussain's home in Camberley, Surrey, but they fear he may have fled to Pakistan.

A neighbour of Miss Bibi said she was extremely excited about marrying Mr. Hussein whom she had described as her "first real love" . They had been seeing each other for about three months.

A family friend said, "Before the attack she had been getting ready for the wedding. She had put on a beautiful gold dress, she was dripping with jewellery and traditional Muslim markings were painted down her arms.

This should have been one of her parents' proudest days, to see their only daughter getting married, but it turned into their worst nightmare." (unquote)

Dear List, this is not just one off, but ongoing type of publicity on Islam and the Muslims in the West where nearly EVERYONE is kept well informed by the media.

I could not be more topical or FACTUAL. Could I?

There are other SERIOUS differences, but then this mail will get very long.

Some INDIAN parents in the West have told their daughters, "NO MUSLIM."

They may be wrong but that is the way life ACTUALLY is, over here.