Date: 1/15/2003



...........(A STRONG case for a WEAK minister?)

TO: Honorable L.K. Advani

Deputy Prime Minister Of India

Honorable Dy Prime Minister:

1. I have been approached by the Baltic People of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. They have asked me to draw up a request to you, to bring into existence an Indian Embassy in the Baltic Area.

2. Amongst the Europeans, the Pagans (the Non-Christians) of Europe are the most sympathetic and warm-hearted towards India, especially towards the Hindus of India. And amongst the Pagans of Europe, the Pagans of the three Baltic-Republics (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) are the most well-disposed towards India and its Hindus. Besides sharing a commonality with us of Indo-European languages (the group to which European languages and most of Indian languages belong), the Baltic Languages of Latvia and Lithuania, possess a particular closeness with our Sanskrit language. Among all the European Languages, the languages of Latvia and Lithuania, are the closest to Sanskrit.

Additionally, the Baltic People engage us in the commonality of their Pagan-Mythology, which is very similar to our Hindu-Mythology. Because of this pack of commonalities, the Baltic-People sustain an uncommon spirit of warm-heartedness towards India and Hindus, and they have an esteemed desire to travel to India.

3. Further, even though the Balts have been oppressed for centuries, and influenced by other cultures in the past, their ties are still predominantly Indo-European. Amongst the Indo-Europeans of Europe, the Balts are the most exceptional in that, they have maintained their language, folklore, pagan beliefs, and customs, in a remarkably pure state for such a long time.

Because of their emotions of commonality with Hinduism, they derive a lot of reassurance and a great feeling of security from Hinduism, as the largest and successfully-surviving Pagan-Religion of the world. To them, Hinduism represents Pagan-Power, and they intensely desire to visit the sacred places of Hinduism in India. They also want to acquire knowledge of the forms and depths of our traditions, of our past, our ethics and our sense of righteousness (Dharma). But they are unable to accomplish all this, because of the barriers that they confront, when they try to secure an Indian Visa, they have to expend laborious efforts, too much time and expense.

4. At the present time, the Baltic People have to go through several hoops of a round-about procedure. They first have to secure a Belarussian Visa, in order to enable them to travel to Minsk (capital of the Republic of Belarussia), then after arriving in Minsk, they apply for an India Visa, and wait until they secure the Indian Visa. This involves expenses of travel to Minsk, heavy Belarussian visa fees, and expense of additional time and money for Indian-Visa.

Weighed down by these labored-procedures, they feel disheartened and dismayed, and desire an easier-alternative.

5. The Balts find it very distressing that, China has an embassy in Lithuania, in the city of Vilnius, but India has none, neither in Lithuania, nor in any other Baltic-Republic. This makes no sense to them, because India has much in common with the Balts, but China has none, they are wondering why India is under-reckoning and neglecting the Balts.

Why is there an Indian-Embassy in Minsk (Belarussia), but none in the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia), when the Baltic People are much closer ethnically, linguistically, and mytholgically to India, than the Belarussians are? Because of little or no traffic between Belarussia and India, the existence of an Indian Embassy in Minsk, but none in Vilnius incredibly surprises them. Why does Belarussia enjoy priority over the Baltic-Republics, they ask?

6. Amongst the three Baltic Republics (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia), Lithuania is the largest. One place that is logical for an Indian Embassy in the Baltics Region, is the city of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. This Vilnius-based Indian Embassy can take care of all three Baltic-Republics (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia).

7. Honorable L.K. Advani Jee: Because of the dire reasons enumerated above, I have the honor to put in a request to you, to establish an Indian Embassy in Lithuania, in the city of Vilnius, as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Surinder Paul Attri (USA) 15.1.03


............How is it NO ONE in Government of India has a clue as to where Lithuania is?