Date: 1/15/2003


.................A PATRIOT WRITES:

.....Two items attracted my attention today.

1. The once bloodthirsty, belligerent and separatist "All Muslim" TURKISH Cypriots are holding big demonstrations these days in favour of UNITING their partitioned island. They are ATTRACTED by the "SHAKTI" (WEALTH) of the European Union.

In our own case, the WEAKNESS of "Hindu" India repelled the Muslims who demanded Partition in despair.

2. WAR AGAINST IRAQ. It was Tony Blair's FINEST HOUR in Parliament today.

Justifying British support to America in war against Iraq, he declared,

"It is a difficult time, and I understand the concerns of the people, but sometimes it is the job of the prime minister to go to the people, to say to the people, I believe it is necessary to say to the people, "because the threat is real and if we don't deal with it then the consequence of our weakness will haunt future generations."

He received a thunderous applause from the House and earned a place for himself in history.

My mind recalls the threat of Partition and Mr. Jinnah's ultimatum of civil war.

There was NO such heroic declaration on the part of ANY Indian leader then. Partition went ahead smoothly and resulted in great bloodshed, human tragedy, misery & suffering, and the Kashmir dispute. The future generations were blighted for ever.

Now at last, we need to see a leader rise in our midst, who repudiates Partition unilaterally, or serves a notice on the "Indian" Muslims to QUIT INDIA, in order to redeem the honour of India.

...................January 15, 2003