Date: 1/15/2003


...................DIALOGUE WITH DOUBTER:

Please don't tell everyone the problems of Islam. Islam is this .....Islam is that .....

(A top class administrator who goes sailing, can drive his car well, can also recite poetry, attend to his family and sing and dance, falls ill and lies in bed. Everything else about him ceases. That is what ISLAM does to a society. Everything else about the whole country ceases or is stunted, thwarted or gets tense and insecure.

Remarkably, much more so to their own ISLAMIC republics than to countries with more non Muslims.

It is very significant to note that in India the MUSLIM MAJORITY areas became gangrene infested and FELL OFF.

The proof that Islam is a FAILURE there can be seen by mile long queues for emigration at the foreign embassies in ISLAMABAD and DHAKA.

Then look at a country that is 100 per cent Muslim. What did they do to Afghanistan? Life in Iran and Libya, too, is not that rosy. In India "factor" Islam has done two things and I am most surprised that the Indian INTELLIGENTSIA do not take this on board.

Firstly because of Islam, India lost ONE THIRD of her territory in 1947. All the minorities there, especially the Hindus and the Sikhs, hit OBLIVION within weeks.

Secondly, because of Islam she could not leap and race ahead like Japan and Germany did after suffering total destruction and devastation during World War 2. In contrast, we recovered all our institutions, universities and magnificent buildings and factories in tact from the British in 1947. We had every condition to leap ahead in economic prosperity. But immediately Islam created Kashmir which has used up BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars of our economic wealth. Does anyone know the cost of maintaining 100,000 troops in the far off mountainous State per day?

How much wealth would have gone to smoke in brief KARGIL battle alone? What about the cost of nuclear weaponry? Given peace from Islam, that money could provide every Indian with a motor car.)

So all of you have great amount of information on Islam . Now please let me know what are you going to do?

(There are two ways of doing things. One is Islamic, that is by gun culture. The other is by word of mouth, that is expression- oral and written.

I have taken to the latter, i.e., civilised way. Violent way achieves results very quickly. The THREAT of civil war and to wipe out the Hindu race from South Asia did wonders for Mr. Jinnah when Gandhi and Pandit Nehru readily agreed to appease him and accepted partition.

But the democratic and civilised way, which is NOW in full swing in Bharat takes a very long time. It depends on honest and patriotic politicians and it depends on raised level of awareness on the part of MASSES.

To get to the MASSES, we have the media and Internet. Media in India is either owned by government, e.g. broadcasting or controlled by unscrupulous politicians and intimidated. For an illiterate country Broadcasting in right hands would have worked wonders within 5 years of attaining Independence in 1947. But we know how Pandit Nehru, his daughter and grandson used it for nearly FIVE DECADES for propaganda.

Hence the people of India are still not at the level of awareness where they should be. The worst ministers in calibre or loyalty to the nation were in charge of Information and Broadcasting. Not one of them was like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose or Sardar Patel.

Finally, Internet is not spreading in independent India as it has spread in Singapore, Malaysia and even Nigeria, leave aside Japan and Germany. So there is someone who is inhibiting, restricting, thwarting and hindering this medium from getting across the landscape.)

If you are concerned about international affairs then you can go out and search for Usma Bin Laden and the others and bring them to justice.

(When it comes to catching Bin Laden, India is in poor tenth place. The admirers of Bin Laden in India can create hell in India in two days. Already a few of them could attack the Parliament and the Swaminarayan Temple in Gujerat with utmost audacity. That is why India appeases them by giving Hajj facilities and subsidised passage by air to Mecca.

That is why North Kashmir cannot be recovered, the Temple in Ayodhya cannot be constructed, the top female has to be an Italian born Sonia and both the Prime Minister and the President have to be bachelors so that NO native Hindu lady of great dignity may illuminate our two TOP houses in land.)

In Indian and South Asian context please try to convince Muslim people to reconvert them to their principle religion .

(They are ready to come back to their original religions. But there are two reasons for this not happening. One is, Would you enter a house UNINVITED? Unlike the powerful and forceful ISLAMIC institutions, the Hindu institutions and mandirs are extremely weak when it comes to COMMENDING our native religion to the foreigners.

They say that when the great Maharajah of Punjab, Ranjit Singh, went out of his way to construct a mosque, he signed the DEATH WARRANT of his Sikh community, Lahore and the whole of West Punjab in one go.

If one has been to EAST Bengal or West Punjab, no one there will hesitate even for a second to laugh in the face of a Hindu and make him feel inferior. Inaction by India when they destroyed the two grand and magnificent Buddhist statues in Afghanistan only "told" the Buddhists across the world as to how inferior they are who could not defend their ancient sacred heritage.

I know of two Muslims from Punjab who were fed up learning Arabic to do namaz at mosque while asking their sisters and mothers to stay OUSIDE while they went in for it.

So they went to a gurdwara on a Sunday and had a jolly good time, ogling and eying maidens, singing and eating free meal. They had never been so cheerful and free in a mosque.

Then one of them went to the Sikh priest and said, "Sir, we want to embrace the Sikh religion."

The priest was shocked. He couldn't believe his ears. He recalled how Aurangzeb and other Mogul emperors including Akbar had demolished temples and converted the Hindus by force and massacred and beheaded the Sikhs.

He thought the men were playing a trick on him and would soundly beat and thrash him if he said, "O yes, you can become Sikhs."

So he told them, "Brothers, our Guru Nanak Dev ji said, If you are a Muslim there is no need to become a Hindu or Sikh. Simply improve your thought and action and become a BETTER Muslim."

Needless to say the the men returned very disappointed at the Sikh priest's COWARDICE and LACK OF CONVICTION, wondering how can one become a "better" Muslim reading the poison of Koran day in and day out that incites them to go for the throat of the KAFIR at the first opportunity.

They have been wondering as to which salesman on earth will say, "Brother buy any car. They are all the same."

That is why the native INDIAN Muslims are not stepping forward to embrace Hinduism. They are not being invited.

To add to confusion, the Hindus themselves criticise everything about Hinduism bitterly in the earshot of the Muslims. Instead of stepping forward to reform and improve, we say, O we have infant marriages, O we have caste system, O we have the curse of suttee, O we treat our widows badly, O we have this or that rotten muck stuck to our brains and bottoms due to Hinduism. and so on.

We should step out to say, Hinduism is the best thing for you since you are on earth only once and for such a short time, and if there is any shortcoming, let us remove it.)

Above all please try to tell me if Islam as a religion is so bad, then WHY are Millions of people following it happily?

(Why are they still following it: A man will remain ignorant under three conditions:

One: if he were to acquire knowledge or question any tenet of Islam then he was to be assassinated.

Second, he must keep all the girls and women in family AWAY from education.

Thirdly, he must be constantly bombarded with brainwashing, e.g., your Koran was dictated by GOD. You dare disbelieve!! This is what GOD said, you fool. BELIEVE in it.

It is surprising how millions, even billions of people can be brainwashed and made to lead lives of low quality.

Muslims are not so clever, just think of a clever nation like the GERMANS and the JAPANESE. One was told that HITLER is infallible and the other was told the Emperor is your God.

It was not possible to introduce any reform or challenge to such a Belief FROM WITHIN.

So the Allied Forces gathered like a storm and broke their skulls.

Similarly when the Taliban had attained the climax of Islamic glory, the Americans and the British came to smash them.

There is a danger looming large for the MUSLIMS in the civilised, enlightened and secular BHARAT. If they do not reform from within, they will be SMASHED by external forces. God does not tolerate stupid fools or MORONS for a long time. This is called Evolution and none, not even MOHAMMED or ALLAH can stop it.

The whole world knows what is coming to Islam now. Their days of savage attacks and killing the Kafirs and abducting and raping their women, when they could walk down from Turkey, Arabia and Afghanistan and wrench the neck of Delhi, ARE OVER at last.

The tide has started turning BACKWARDS and it will end only when Mecca's ancient Temple, the Black Rock, once again echoes with the sounds to the glory of Lord Shiva and the singing of bhajans.

The Islamic tide has been STOPPED on earth in Israel, Kashmir and Iraq. Not one millimetre of earth will now go under Islam.

Pakistan will soon start UNWINDING and reverting to their ancient Vedic roots. The Vedas were composed there, NOT KORAN.

Bangladesh, too, will drown in sea or beg for unity eventually. That country was the Imperial MISCHIEF to act like a great impassable BARRIER between Hindu India and the Buddhist East. BD is a wedge that will be removed soon.

The Indian intelligentsia needs to understand as to why EAST Bengal was conquered in 1972 and still returned to Islam by a Prime Minister whom we thought to be a patriot and champion of Secularism.)

Tell me is everyone in Islam (Mind it, It has second largest following in the world) is a terrorist? The only reason why Islam and Christanity are so widely spread is that there is a provision for conversion in them.

(That is very true. For converting one needs guts and a religion that only knowa how to ADVANCE and CONQUER. But apart from that there is also the description of Paradise in the case of Muslims. It is like a red carrot to the Muslim donkey. It promises virgins and houries, not any other kind of reward.

Such sexual fantasies feed the fire of enthusiasm in the men. There is a promise of grapes and wine to the starving Jehadi.

In comparison there is nothing in our paradise except "anand" and that is NO substitute for a hundred virgins every night. Sadly there is nothing for Muslim women in Allah's paradise. Why don't they escape from such a macho world? To understand the reason, imagine a tiger who is fed daily in the cage. After TEN YEARS, if you open the cage, it will not run out but keep sitting, waiting for the next meal. In the case of Muslims such "cage" conditioning has gone on for CENTURIES.)

I agree that many conversion in Islam took place due to coercision and force. But there are a few people who were denied basic human rights in their own religion that motivated them to go to another religion. Still so many dalits are persecuted.

(Yes, Hinduism needs reform. But for that three things are needed.

One is state support. In India State treats the NATIVE religions with scorn.

Second, the native religions ought to find a mention in Constitution. India's Constitution encourages HINDU BASHING.

Finally the ruling establishment which now is ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN, who have to PROUDLY and VISIBLY embrace Hinduism. At present they take the Hindu servility, detachment and lack of pride for granted. Their action will make HINDUISM most popular in Bharat. But will they do it?)

Please tell me how many school and colleges of hindu origin are opened for them to teach them and make them doctors and engineers.

(This is due to neglect by State. Isn't it amazing that a Hindu will say, "I love my religion MORE than my life." But when ONE BILLION Hindus hold their hands together (VIDHAN) the Hindu religion becomes a bubble of stinking air.

Why is this so? It is legacy of NEHRU who consigned Karachi and Lahore to ISLAM but put DELHI under his secular boot. It was downright HIGH TREASON. He escaped because the Hindus were, and still are, ignorant.)